Customer Service

Customer experience is make-or-break for any business. Customer service apps centralize service and support, making it more informed and more effective.

Customer service CRM app Kustomer has just added Instagram Messaging to its platform, now letting brands, customers, and influencers stay closer than ever.

More conversations shift online with each passing day. Every day, roughly 175 million people already get in touch with a business via WhatsApp to ask questions and get helpful information.

Feedback platform Nolt makes it easy to set up public or private boards to get suggestions, vote on past products, and boost company value.  

Lightspeed combines software, analytics, and hardware to streamline the customer experience for SMEs, both online and off.

Up-n-coming customer support platform Kustomer adds WhatsApp integration and a European data center.

Project management software beynd keeps you on point with customers as they task through implementation.

Help desk software, Kayako has a customer-first approach to problem-solving.

If you’re like most modern humans, you’re very into buying stuff online. A lot of said stuff is probably purchased via Amazon.