Best Automotive CRM Software: Auto Dealer CRM System Companies

Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Michael Scheiner

If you think car dealerships could not benefit from customer relationship management, then think again. This article is all about the very best automotive CRM software solutions. 

We’ll look at the top 10 vendors first, then explore many more CRMs for car dealers down below. Our article describes in detail the best 21 automotive CRM software currently available, with all the features, pros, and cons.

So, let’s get started!



Auto dealer CRM solutions comparison chart (top 10 highest rated providers)

First off, here's a quick table with our leading automotive CRM providers. You might notice that most of these names in automotive CRM solutions do not have publicly displayed prices. It’s just not that common for contact management platforms in the automotive dealership world.



Best for

Pricing starts at


LivePerson Automotive

Best automotive CRM software overall

Contact vendor



Top car salesman software

Contact vendor


Dominion Dealer Solutions 

Great car dealership CRM software for DMS

$99 per month


Selly Automotive

Best independent dealership car sales CRM

Contact vendor



Top automotive industry CRM for sales reps

Contact vendor



Good car dealership management software for contact management

Contact vendor


Datacar CRM 

Great CRM for car dealers for marketing and sales

Contact vendor



Top automobile CRM software for lead management

Contact vendor



Best mobile social media CRM for auto dealers

Contact vendor



Best social media CRM for auto dealers

$70 per month



What is the best automotive CRM software for car dealers? Here’s our top 21 list:

You’ve seen the top ten tools on the market, now get ready for even more. We bring you the top 21 of the best automotive CRM companies. We’ll check out the various functionalities of each CRM in our quest to determine the very best automotive CRM for car dealers. 

Are you buckled up? Let’s roll.

1. Liveperson Automotive (Best automotive CRM software overall)

Liveperson Automotive is a messaging platform for dealerships for customer outreach, and it is also the best CRM for automotive overall.


  • Multichannel messaging with social media or WhatsApp

  • AI manages, analyzes and responds to emails

  • Helps use Facebook Marketplace as a virtual showroom

  • Sales funnel tools to close more deals


  • This platform can be a bit hard to learn for non-tech people

  • It is a communication tool, so not ideal for marketing campaigns 


Liveperson Automotive has separate packages for sales and services. For exact plans and pricings, contact them through their website.

Visit Liveperson Automotive  

2. DealerSocket (Top car salesman software)

DealerSocket is a great dedicated CRM system for the automotive dealership industry, and a great CRM for car salespeople.


  • Analyzes customer data for follow-ups and reminders

  • Connects OEM systems with other showroom tools

  • Helps with lead management and streamlines sales process

  • Top pricing and inventory management


  • Lots of solutions and packages, so it can be hard to find the right one

  • Sales teams with little tech knowledge will have to learn about CRM platforms


DealerSocket does not show its prices and packages on their website. Contact its sales team for more information.

Visit Dealersocket

3. Dominion Dealer Solutions (Great car dealership CRM software for DMS)

If you want a very secure document management system (DMS) for automotive dealers, then Dominion Dealer Solutions is a top choice.


  • Marketing campaign platform with AI data science technology

  • Car dealership inventory management

  • Auto dealership lot management including photography and video tours

  • Smart listing tools to help stay visible on Craigslist 


  • Not much to help with customer support

  • Could be more user friendly


Dominion Dealer Solutions starts at $99, $199, or $349 per month. There are also additional set-up fees.  

Visit Dominion Dealer Solution

4. Selly Automotive (Best independent dealership car sales CRM)

Selly Automotive is a specialized dealership CRM for independent auto dealerships.


  • Fully integrated CRM solution with ILM (internet lead management)

  • Helps with appointments, tasks, follow-ups and reminders

  • Automated messaging for better customer experience

  • Call recording and SMS texting management


  • Limited to small and medium car dealerships


There is no detailed pricing information on the Selly Automotive website. Contact their sales department for more information.

Visit Selly Automotive 

5. ProMax (Top automotive industry CRM for sales reps)

For an all-in-one automotive CRM software for dealerships and sales reps, look into ProMax.


  • Desking tools help with front-end sales management

  • Lead generation features including ILM tools

  • Website services with tools for financing, credit and inventory management

  • Project management, analytics and dealership reporting


  • The look and feel of this platform is a bit outdated

  • Lots of tools so there is a long learning curve


Like most specialty CRM software solutions for the automotive industry, you’ll have to contact ProMax directly for a quote.

Visit Promax

6. VinSolutions (Good car dealership management software for contact management)

VinSolutions is a total customer management and dealership automobile sales platform.


  • Multichannel communication including great mobile apps

  • Sales funnel analytics and reporting

  • Marketing campaign tools

  • Full DMS, desking, vehicle valuation and inventory management


  • Some users have made comments on review sites that the price tag is a bit high


VinSolutions does not advertise prices on its site. For more information visit their homepage.

Visit VinSolutions

7. Datacar CRM (Great CRM for car dealers for marketing and sales)

Datacar CRM focuses on helping deliver great customer satisfaction, and is one of the best marketing and sales CRM platforms for automotive.


  • Full marketing platform for lead capture

  • Sales process assistance functions to convert more leads

  • Good for managing distributed sales teams across multiple locations

  • Integrates with Datacar DMS


  • As a European software it might have different certification standards from the USA


You can visit Datacar CRM on the parent website of Motorsoft to request a quote.

Visit Datacar CRM

8. AutoRaptor (Top automobile CRM software for lead management)

AutoRaptor specializes in independent and BHPH (buy here, pay here) auto dealerships, but can also support franchise dealerships.. This is a leading lead management CRM in the automobile industry.


  • Communicate with email and texting, and store all communication histories

  • Lead management and sales process automation tools

  • Mobile apps scan licenses and VIN data (vehicle ID numbers)

  • Daily work plans and task management for sales reps


  • No website builder or marketing campaign tools


Pricing for AutoRaptor starts at $299/mo. All of their plans include every feature the CRM has to offer.

Visit AutoRaptor

9. Izmocars (Best mobile social media CRM for auto dealers)  

Izmocars helps create websites which are responsive to devices, making it the best CRM for automobile dealerships who use mobile social media.


  • Connects OEMs among thousands of dealers

  • Marketing strategies and social media management for dealerships

  • Customer experience management at every touchpoint in the sales funnel

  • Full operational platform in English as well as Spanish


  • Lots of products and packages, so perhaps difficult to pick the one right for you

  • Tools like inventory management do not seem to be part of the platform


Izmocars does not display its prices on the website. To learn about prices and plans, contact them directly.

Visit Izmocars 

10. AutoXplorer (Best social media CRM for auto dealers)

If you want solid inventory management, then AutoXplorer is a fine CRM. 


  • There are sales features, like for outside financing or BHPH deals

  • Lets you create websites that are mobile friendly and SEO ready

  • Create car window stickers advertising information and prices

  • You can run credit checks 


  • The best features, like credit checks, only come with the more expensive packages

  • The interface has an unappealing aesthetic


There are 3 pricing plans for AutoXplorer. They start at $79, $139 and $199 per month. If you are curious there is a 30-day free trial for AutoXplorer.

Visit AutoXplorer

11. Auto Dealer Plus (Good lead capture workflows for auto dealers)

Auto Dealer Plus is a CRM that does appointments, text and email reminders, and also has some good workflows.


  • Lead capture directly from your website

  • Mobile app has a driver’s license scanner

  • Includes DMS, banking and balance sheet management tools

  • Has electronic signatures for contract management


  • The look and feel of this platform leaves little to be desired to modern eyes


Auto Dealer plus does not advertise prices. To get a quote, contact them through their website.

Visit Auto Dealer Plus

12. Autosoft (Top auto dealer CRM with accounting tools) 

For great real-time inventory data management, Autosoft is a solid CRM for the auto industry. It also has some great CRM accounting tools for automobile dealers.


  • DMS for managing digital marketing and merchandising

  • Accounting tools linking OEMs, vendors and customers

  • Sales pipeline management for dealerships

  • Very detailed analytics and reporting 


  • Not much in the way of marketing features


For Autosoft’s exact plans and pricings, contact them through their website.

Visit Autosoft

13. Dealer Car Search (Good CRM with car dealer website templates)

Dealer Car Search helps you create great-looking dealer websites to advertise your showroom, and has the best dealer website templates.


  • Integrated lead management tracks deals and measures the ROI of marketing

  • Gives you connections to many classified websites to integrate with your ads

  • Tools to create professional window stickers for cars on display

  • Inventory strategy tools help you shop for best price, space and turnover


  • Lots of tools spread out among many different products mean the whole package could be pricey


Dealer Car Search does not show off its prices on the website. You can contact them for a demo through their site and find out more about plans from their team.

Visit Dealer Car Search

14. Affinitiv XRM (Top CRM for boosting car sales opportunities)

Affinitiv XRM is a powerful dedicated CRM system for automotive dealers, and has some excellent features for winning sales opportunities.


  • Real-time showroom activity monitoring both the showroom real floor or online

  • Integrates with third-party lead generators to help boost sales prospects

  • Direct desk tools help with payment options and credit history checks

  • Call center features for sales and service departments


  • Has a real old school look and feel

  • Dashboards are cluttered and can be confusing


To request information about Affinitiv XRM’s plans and prices, visit their website and contact their sales department.

Visit Affinitiv XRM

15. Reynolds & Reynolds (Good automotive CRM for sales forecasting)

Reynolds & Reynolds’ FOCUS CRM identifies customers most likely to buy, making it the best sales forecasting CRM for automobile dealerships.


  • Leverages data to coach sales reps to help them close more deals

  • Pipeline features include real-time tracking and automated alerts

  • Inventory management helps plan more efficient turnovers

  • Employee management tools help keep the best sales reps on board


  • Very robust software but requires lengthy onboarding and learning

  • Some may consider this to be a bit expensive


For prices and plans, visit the Reynolds & Reynolds website where you can contact them for more information.

Visit Reynolds & Reynolds

16. Salesforce Automotive CRM (Best automobile CRM for small business)

Salesforce is an award-winning CRM with an automotive CRM solution, and has always been a number one choice for small businesses in the auto sales industry and other industries.


  • Full sales lifecycle management from lead capture to conversion

  • Great dashboard to showcase a virtual showroom and match buyers to cars

  • Multichannel communication and ad management including mobile and social media


  • Salesforce has many products and packages which can be overwhelming when first subscribing


There are many plans and pricings with Salesforce. The best way to find out more is to go to their website and contact their sales department.

Visit Salesforce Automotive CRM

17. DealerPeak (Top mobile CRM for auto dealers who use SMS)

DealerPeak specializes in great mobile CRM for auto dealerships, which gives car sales reps great SMS outreach capabilities.


  • The dashboards are very neat and also customizable

  • Has tools to design websites, capture leads and do funnel management

  • Can help coordinate inventories across multiple showrooms and storage

  • Has three pricing packages which are good for independent dealers looking to scale up


  • The basic plan is a bit lacking in some of the better marketing and sales tools

  • The best plans are a bit expensive for some more independent dealers


Contact DealerPeak for pricing information.

Visit DealerPeak

18. EASI’R (Good car dealer CRM to streamline the customer journey)

EASI’R works well across desktop versions, mobile and within Microsoft Outlook, and is a great CRM for car salespeople who want to create a better customer journey from marketing to sales.


  • Helps build OEM and dealer websites

  • It’s got a range of sophisticated marketing tools

  • Can do virtual appointments and vehicle demonstrations

  • Has a digital assistant to automate easy tasks away from human reps


  • It’s a European platform so there may be some compliance issues

  • There are many plans and extra extensions which can add up to a high price tag


Visit the EASI’R website to request a demo and find out about pricing.

Visit EASI’R

19. DealerMine CRM (Great car sales rep CRM to increase profitability)

DealerMine CRM is a sales CRM that has multichannel outreach and lead generation. It is considered among the best CRM for car dealers looking to boost sales and increase profits.


  • Sales predictors go through your database and make smart prospect suggestions

  • There are tools for service CRM which also does maintenance recommendations

  • You get standard automation features to take over repeat tasks

  • There are appointment scheduling and dispatching tools


  • The user experience can be a bit disorientating for a while at first


DealerMine CRM does not display its prices on its homepage. You can contact them through their website to request more information.

Visit DealerMine CRM

20. Vital Software (Top car dealership management CRM for franchise operations)

For specialized CRM for automobile dealerships which leverages lots of data, Vital Software is a leading set of CRM tools for dealership management, especially for franchise operations.


  • Has advanced corporate CRM options for OEMs

  • Offers special packages for whole dealer groups or dealer franchise operations

  • Strong focus on prospecting, lead management and ROI boosting

  • It’s got sales, service and car parts reporting and benchmarking


  • While they do not advertise prices, some users have commented that this is an expensive platform


To find out more about Vital Software, its plans and price structures, go visit their website and contact them there.

Visit Vital Software

21. Elead (Good CRM for automotive dealers for analytics and reporting)

Elead is very good for ease of use and quick onboarding. It also offers great car dealership analytics and reporting.


  • Has business development center (BDC) tools to help dealers be online

  • There are standard inventory management features

  • Helps sync all your data among DMS and data providers

  • Nice automated email marketing suite of tools and analytics


  • Not really any strong drawbacks or objections to this one


Elead does not provide pricing information. If you are interested in knowing more, visit their website where you can submit a request.

Visit Elead


What is CRM in automotive industry circles & what does it do?

There are many benefits and features for automotive industry CRM systems. Of course, picking the right one means you should know a bit about what is CRM first. Once you are clear on that point, you are better equipped to test drive some CRM for automotive industry options.

The benefits of using a car dealer CRM software

The benefits of CRM for the automobile industry are similar to other industries. It allows dealerships to market their showroom and capture new leads. It helps car sales reps nurture those leads down the lifecycle of the funnel. CRM software for car dealerships can also help with customer service.

Some features are specific to automobile dealerships. These include inventory management and car maintenance tracking. Desking tools let sales reps and customers streamline auto financing or lease terms. OEM features are for original equipment manufacturing management. It connects manufacturers to third-party dealers. Other dealer management system (DMS) tools include credit checks, document management and paper doc scanners.

Dealerships should use a dedicated CRM. No matter if they are an official dealer of a car brand, or a used car dealership. Car selling, maybe more than other commodities, rely on trust and repeat customers. Automobile CRM helps dealerships forge long-lasting loyal relationships with customers. 

Personalize Your Sales Experience     

Buying a car is a big commitment. Buyers expect a great customer experience. That begins with personalization. CRMs give dealers customer information. This includes purchase histories and other engagements. It lets dealers send customers personalized marketing content. It also helps with follow-ups after a purchase to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Get Accurate & Deep Customer Understanding 

Knowing your customers is a big part of car selling. CRMs can help dealers understand trends in the automobile market. It can analyze large amounts of customer data and create useful segments. Individual customers get rich contact profiles in CRMs. Most CRMs update these profiles with public information from social media.

Identify Missed Deals 

CRMs were first used by sales departments. Automobile CRMs have useful sales lifecycle management tools. These show you all the deals in progress updated in real time. You can see where in the funnel people drop out and change their minds. Pinpointing these areas can let dealers focus their efforts in the right places to miss fewer deals going forward.

Collect Client's Feedback 

Automobile dealers rely a lot on customer loyalty. It’s important to make sure customers are satisfied after their dealer experience. Automobile CRMs have many tools to help with this. These can include survey tools. Some surveys can be anonymous as well. This reveals wider trends. Customers can also use a portal to communicate with dealers. 

Automate Manual Task 

Working as a car salesperson is not easy. There can be a lot of paperwork. Much of that work is simple and repetitive. CRMs include automation tools which can take over these dull tasks. Automations should be easy to set up and run. This allows reps to focus on engaging with customers. Some automated tasks include notifications, reminders and follow-ups.

Features to expect from good automotive CRM systems

The list of features and tools offered by an automotive CRM system is not so extensive. But still, it is a good idea to go over them again when considering which of the best CRM software to buy for your automobile business.

Financing Section 

Cars are expensive. It’s not a simple transaction. There are all sorts of special considerations. These include credit checks, lease terms and financing plans. You also need tools to calculate trade-ins or upgrades. Automobile dealership CRM has special features for these purposes. It’s a must for sales and accounting departments. 

Reporting & Analytics 

The activity inside a dealership creates useful data. Then there’s more data generated on dealer websites. CRM for automotive captures that data for analytics. It lets you create custom reports that can be automatically updated in real time. These reports include sales reports and inventory reports. It can also show analytics tying your marketing strategies to ROI.

Mobile App 

Having mobile apps is a key feature of automobile CRM software. The best CRMs have responsive apps for mobile and tablets. It can be a sales rep’s personal organizer and address book. It can serve as a virtual showroom for customers to browse. It’s also a great communication tool where leads stay connected to sales as they move down the pipeline.

Contact & Sales Management 

CRMs make it easy for sales reps to have a good understanding of their leads and customers. Profiles have important info like emails and addresses. The best CRMs auto update profiles when contacts change their online information. They maintain unified timelines of all customer interactions across all channels.  

Email Integration 

Most business communication begins with emails. Great CRMs have email integrations and the auto dealer platforms are no exception. CRMs import all email contacts and archives. It unifies this data with other comms channels. It also lets you collaborate on emails. There’s also email marketing. This is useful for agencies running email campaigns for the automobile industry.


Shopping for cars online

People shopping for cars today are most likely to begin their customer journeys online. A study by eBay interviewed 1,000 people who bought a car. 87% said they used the internet to check out cars, prices and reviews. 

Dealers who use a CRM get the advantage here. They can use CRM’s marketing and sales tools to boost their online presence.


What is the best CRM auto sales software for me? Our conclusion

Who knew there were so many great auto CRMs for the auto industry. This list may seem long but we’re sure it will keep growing all the time. If you work at an auto dealership and still don't use a CRM, we hope you found one here worth a test drive.

It’s been a lot of hard work to pick apart so many vendors, and we know we’re not the only ones to do so. Just type in “best automobile CRM” on Google and the results explode. Still, we’re proud of our rundown here and think we’ve got the best advice for buying CRM for car dealers.

What’s important to take away is this: On one hand a car dealership is like any other business. CRMs help you market your goods, find new leads and get more car sales.

But cars are special. They are a long-term investment. They are both utility and luxury, status and convenience. When a customer shops for a car, they are making a huge decision that will be a part of their lives for a number of years. 

That’s why customer experience is so important. And customer relationship management is how you deliver the best CX. Auto sales CRM software for the automotive industry will not only help you make more sales, but will increase the customer lifetime value through satisfaction and loyalty. 

If you haven’t tried a CRM before and these options seem a bit pricy to you, then make sure to check out open source CRM and free CRM options, as they are an excellent starting point!