What Is the Best VPN Service 2024? 25 Service Provider Reviews

Last Updated:Thursday, January 11, 2024

Let’s be real. There are loads of amazing VPN providers in the online security market today. If you want to surf more privately and securely, you're going to have to ask, what is the best VPN service? You wish someone did the heavy lifting searching for the best virtual private network. We did.

In this massive review article of the top VPNs, we’ll crack into 25 leading providers, breaking them down by what they’re best for, their pros and cons and pricing. You’ll see VPNs based on devices like iOS, Android, Mac or PC, as well as some specialty apps like VPNs for Netflix, open-source VPNs, free VPNs and personal VPNs.

Are you ready to never browse the web naked and exposed and censored ever again? All right.


VPN service comparison chart (top 10 best VPN service providers rated)

Before we get into the mega list of VPN ratings, have a gander at this neat table with our 10 best VPN provider brands. These are the crown jewels, the best VPNs 2024 has to offer. We’ll start with this fine collection of top 10 VPN services compared to one another and the rest of our top VPNs shortly after this table.


Best for




Best VPN services overall

$12.95 per month 



Top VPN services for high-speed browsing

$11.99 per month



Best personal VPN

$12.95 per month



Best VPN for gaming

$12.99 per month



Best VPN for the money

$10.99 per month



Best free VPN

$9.99 per month


Hotspot Shield

Best VPN for streaming

$7.99 per month



Most popular VPN service for online privacy

$10.95 per month



Cheapest VPN service

$3.33 per month


Okay, now that you know at a glance what are the best VPN services, lets dig deeper into best VPN reviews 2024.


What is the best VPN service 2024? Here are our VPN reviews for the top 25 providers:

It is finally time to put on your reading specs and let's get to this breakdown of the best VPN reviews 2024 has delivered upon us. From the most trusted to the cheapest to the best customer support, there’s a VPN on this list for every personal and business need.

1. ExpressVPN (Best VPN services overall)

When it comes to the top rated VPN service, many users will say that ExpressVPN truly is the world’s best VPN company. You will likely find many articles titled Best VPN 2024 are placing ExpressVPN at the top or damn well near it.


Super easy to get online with ExpressVPN, all it takes is one click, and you can access the internet from high-speed servers and IP addresses placed in over 90 countries.

You can download ExpressVPN for Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, with a Router VPN, or via a Chrome VPN extension, as well as use it with game consoles and smart TVs for those of you who love to Netflix and chill in privacy.

Advanced ExpressVPN features include VPN split tunneling, network lock kill switches, top-grade AES-256 security that can stand up to any hacker brute force attack, and on top of all that, ExpressVPN will never log your online activity or web traffic.

ExpressVPN is a favorite among gamers due to its unlimited bandwidth, and you can also use simultaneous connections on up to 5 devices.

Finally, ExpressVPN has many payment options, like credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, and more, and you can take advantage of promotions if you subscribe for more than one month at a time.


Since ExpressVPN wins this list of the best VPN services overall, it earns the honor of not having any drawbacks listed against it in this article.


  • ExpressVPN is $12.95 per month

  • $6.67 per month billed annually with 3 free months

  • $9.99 per month billed every 6 months

Visit ExpressVPN


2. NordVPN (Top VPN services for high-speed browsing)

Coming in at the number 2 spot for the best VPN is NordVPN. This is among the fastest VPN out there for those looking for speedy private internet access. Many VPN server enthusiasts will also argue that NordVPN could be better than ExpressVPN, but that’s a subjective matter.


Get a safe and secure internet connection for up to 6 devices at once using NordVPN. You can access your internet service from IP addresses in almost 60 countries too.

NordVPN, or just Nord to its fans, has some amazing fast speeds which is why it is such a popular VPN connection service. 

You can browse and download content without worrying about malware, hackers and trackers, intrusive ads, or accidentally landing on a malicious URL. Feel free torrenting or accessing streaming services without geo-location blocking, so you can get your Netflix, Disney+ streaming or Hulu entertainment from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN works with all the main operating systems like iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and it has a Firefox extension, a Chrome extension, an Edge extension and Linux functionality.

Choose between a month plan, an annual plan or a 2-year plan with increasing discounts.


Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN is a paid VPN, and some users might want to look for a free VPN before committing. 


  • NordVPN Standard costs $11.99 per month or $4.49 per month billed annually 

  • NordVPN Plus costs $12.99 per month or $5.49 per month billed annually 

  • NordVPN Complete costs $14.29 per month or $6.79 per month billed annually 

NordVPN review

Visit NordVPN


3. Surfshark (Best personal VPN)

Aside from having a super cool brand name, Surfshark is also making mega waves for being a top VPN for personal use. However, this does not mean Surfshark doesn’t have other uses that are more professional, just like NordVPN. In fact, if you want to compare these two giants, we have a great Surfshark vs NordVPN comparison you can check out.


There is no limit on the number of computers or mobile devices you can simultaneously run your Surfshark secure VPN on. You also get to choose from over 3,000 servers in over 100 countries.

Surfshark does not collect an ounce of personal information, there is a strict no-logs policy, and you can bet your data will surf safely and privately no matter what sites you visit, even on public wi-fi. Say goodbye to meddling ISPs.

As for security protocols, Surfshark VPN offers WireGuard IKEv2/IPsec openVPN UDP / TCP protocols with military-grade AES 256 GCM encryption. That may sound fancy, and it works. There is also great private DNS leak protection.

Overall, Surfshark knows how to turn connection speeds to your advantage even while respecting the highest standard of VPN protocols and no-logs policy for securing your user data.


Again, there are no free VPN options with Surfshark, aside from that complaint, it is hard to find fault with this amazing VPN.


  • Surfshark costs $12.95 per month

  • $3.99 per month billed annually 

  • $2.05 per month billed every 2 years 

Surfshark review

Visit Surfshark


4. CyberGhost (Best VPN for gaming)

CyberGhost is another super cool name for a VPN service. It is also among the best VPNs for gaming, whether you are an Xbox fan or a Playstation stan, it’s all good with CyberGhost.


CyberGhost has an impressive number of servers, topping out at over 7,000 VPN server locations from over 90 countries. There are browser extensions for Chrome VPN and Firefox VPN.

It covers all the operating systems from Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV and more.

CyberGhost has a guarantee, and it’s more than your typical 30-day money-back guarantee, but is good for 45 days in total.

This VPN is also optimized for streaming services. You can expect no data throttling, and minimal buffering for the best viewing experience. This works on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC and more.

CyberGhost also scores points for having awesome 24/7 customer support.


If you are looking for the best free VPN, look elsewhere, as this one has a price tag similar to many of its competitors.


  • CyberGhost is $12.99 per month

  • $6.99 per month billed every 6 months

  • $2.03 per month billed every 2 years

Visit CyberGhost 


5. IPVanish (Best VPN for the money)

IPVanish is a leading VPN provider and is very popular among all sorts of users, whether for online shopping, gaming, streaming and other more private internet uses. It’s slightly cheaper than the above VPNs, making it a good VPN for the money.


First off, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is sweet, though you probably won’t need it.

Great IPVanish privacy tools include an IP checker, a password manager, and a free password generator as an add-on.

If unblocking websites is your thing, especially when wanting to access websites that are geo-location specific, then IPVanish can mask your IP to make it appear that you are getting online from over 75 different global VPN locations.

As far as most major VPNs work, IPVanish can hold its own with the leading number one VPNs on almost any review comparison list. 

End-to-end data encryption works just as well as any antivirus with IPVanish, so that you can browse without worrying about picking up some nasty bugs or hacks.


As far as virtual private networks go, IPVanish doesn’t get a lot of criticism, except maybe some users would love a free trial or a longer guarantee.


  • IPVanish costs $10.99 per month

  • $10 per month billed quarterly

  • $3.19 per month billed annually

Visiti IPVanish


6. ProtonVPN (Best free VPN)

ProtonVPN is no small name in the wide world of private internet access and secure browsing, streaming, shopping and more. What makes ProtonVPN great is that this VPN offers a free plan.


Here’s what you need to know about the free VPN with proton. You get 100 servers or ISPs from which you can slide right into the internet, and these are to be found only in the US, the Netherlands and Japan.

The speed with the free VPN is only a medium speed, but it still is not that slow. You also only get 1 single VPN connection at a time, but at least there is a strict no-logs policy.

The paid VPNs from ProtonVPN, however, get you speeds of up to 10 GB per second, which is lightning fast.

You get full AES-256 encryption along with OpenVPN, IKEv2 and WireGuard protocols. On top of all that, this is a Swiss-based company, and you know you can trust the Swiss with privacy and secrecy.


Well, as much as we love the idea of a free VPN, the free ProtonVPN version will feel like a bit of a cheap version in comparison to the paid VPNs that have heavy-duty high-speed tech with loads of ISPs all over the world.


  • ProtonVPN offers a free version

  • $9.99 per month

  • $5.99 per month for a year plan 

  • $4.99 per month for a 2 year plan

Visit ProtonVPN 


7. Hotspot Shield (Best VPN for streaming)

Hotspot Shield is a welcome addition to our top ten list of the best VPN apps out there. This one happens to be a leading VPN for streaming TV and movies and whatever else people want to stream in private.


Compatible OS devices with Hotspot Shield include the usuals like Routers, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TVs and Chrome.

There are over 125 virtual locations from where you can mask your IP to enter the web anonymously. You get unlimited bandwidth too.

If gaming is your thing, then Hotspot Shield is a great choice, as it is optimized for platforms like Roblox and Fortnite.

As for streaming, which is Hotspot Shield’s strong point, Hotspot Shield is a top go-to for Netflix, sporting events, Hulu, Youtube, Facebook, Prime, Twitch, Disney+ and more. It’ll also work well with torrenting.

Advanced protocols include IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, DNS filtering and traffic obfuscation.


Pricing can feel a bit confusing when navigating Hotspot Shield’s website. For example, on the main pricing page you get different amounts than when you look at niche pages like VPN for Netflix. This is likely, however, due to promotions and poor website upkeep. 


  • Hotspot Shield has a free VPN version

  • Premium costs $7.99 per month billed annually 

  • Family costs $11.99 per month billed annually 

Visit Hotspot Shield


8. PureVPN (Most popular VPN service for online privacy)

Purity is great, especially when it comes to your surfing habits being pure of snooping eyes. PureVPN gets you that sweet secure feeling when you are looking for a private IP address to get online.


PureVPN advertises itself as among the best VPNs that money can buy, and they even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to prove it. Actually, it’s 31 days, but who's counting.

Use PureVPN for unblocking locations you want to access which might normally use geo-restrictions. Meanwhile, keep your real IP hidden from all those prying public wi-fi ISPs that try and track your online habits.

You got your standard device and operating system coverage, like Apple iPhone, iPad, or Windows and Android.

There is also solid customer support with PureVPN that includes 24/7 live chat support. You can also make payments with credit cards, cryptocurrencies, Paypal or Google Pay.

If you want some premium add-ons, PureVPN offers a dedicated IP address and private network port forwarding.


PureVPN is part of a larger suite of apps by Pure, including PureKeep, PurePrivacy and PureEncrypt, and this might make you feel like PureVPN is not the whole package.


  • PureVPN is $10.95 per month

  • $3.25 per month billed annually 

  • $1.41 per month billed every 5 years

Visit PureVPN


9. TunnelBear (Cheapest VPN service)

TunnelBear is no small name when it comes to the market for virtual private networks. It is also famous for being one of the best and cheapest VPN services out there, with great functionality, speed and privacy to boot.


There is a free version of TunnelBear and that gets you 500 MBs of super safe internet surfing. Meanwhile, the main plan has unlimited browsing, you can use it on an unlimited number of devices, and you also get special customer support.

The list of countries from which you can mask your IP is almost 50, running from Argentina to the USA. There is also standard AES 256-bit encryption.

There is a vigilant mode which keeps everything hidden by the VPN even when the connection drops for some time, TunnelBear also does not log any activity, and there is a closet tunnel and a fastest tunnel mode for more VPN browsing options.

If you are a team looking for a group VPN, TunnelBear has an option for that.


While you get apps for many operating systems, you are lacking some others as well as some smart TV apps, for example, Amazon Fire or Apple TV.


  • TunnelBear has a free VPN plan

  • Unlimited plan is $3.33 per month

  • Teams plan is $5.75 per month

Visit TunnelBear


10. OpenVPN (Best open-source VPN)

Open-source is a pretty big deal when it comes to apps, and if you want the best open-source VPN, look no further than OpenVPN, with a very user-friendly administrative web UI.


Downloading, setting up, and getting yourself online securely with OpenVPN is an incredibly easy and breezy process. Not a lot of work to do at all.

If you need a VPN that works inside a larger network ecosystem, this is a good choice, letting you function along with AWS, or Amazon Web Services, as well as GCP, or Google Cloud Platform, Azure and more.

Super advanced IP routing, high-speed core network, and more come with complete control and visibility from a simple dashboard.

OpenVPN can take on the toughest malware, ransomware, phishing scams, crypto-jacking, adware and other hacker attempts to mess with your data.

You can run this self-hosted or from the cloud.


As far as VPN providers go, most people are interested in the idea of open-source, but others might not like the sound of it, especially for something like a VPN.


  • OpenVPN is $9 per month

  • $7 per month billed annually 

Visit OpenVPN


11. TopVPN (Top VPN providers for customer support)

TopVPN implores you to choose freedom, because that’s what this VPN promises for your online life. On top of that, TopVPN has some of the best VPN customer support.


With TopVPN, you no longer have to worry about blocked content, because TopVPN makes it easy to unblock whatever you want to watch or read.

Your real IP address remains hidden with TopVPN, they don’t track any of your activity or data.

Getting started with TopVPN is a cinch with three easy steps, and after that, it’s just 1 click to hop from location to location.

TopVPN has great customer support. It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they promise a response within 4 hours.

No hacker, government agency, or corporate spy will be able to hassle you online again when you run TopVPN.


TopVPN looks like it was designed back in the 90s and has not changed since. That should not be too big of a deal though, as the tech still works fine.


  • TopVPN is $7.99 per month

  • $7.49 per month billed every 3 months 

  • $6.49 per month billed every 6 months

  • $4.99 per month billed annually 

Visit TopVPN


12. Turbo VPN (Best VPN for Android) 

Turbo VPN is one of the best Android VPNs you can get, but that does not mean it is not also good for iOS, because it sure is too.


You got about 4 Turbo VPN plans to choose from, so lots of pricing variety, which is good, with the cheapest being only $4.17 per month if you pay for 2 years up front.

TurboVPN has ISPs in over 45 countries, which is plenty, and they have over 21,000 servers to log on with.

Streaming video with Turbo VPN is so fast you hardly know you are using a VPN. Same goes with gaming, there are minimal lag times, hardly any buffering, and reduced ping times.

A kill switch option is available which will shut down your device’s connection in case the VPN ever stops working, and you also get an ISP throttling detector so you know when your data is being purposefully put in the slow lane.

There are also great split tunneling features that allow you to divide your incoming and outgoing traffic data over more than one network for faster processing.


As is the case with a lot of VPNs, Turbo VPN’s most affordable prices require you to sign up and pay for more than one year up front.


  • Turbo VPN is $11.99 per month

  • $6.67 per month billed every 6 months 

  • $5 per month billed annually

  • $4.17 per month billed biennially 

Visit TurboVPN


13. Atlas VPN (Best VPN for iphone) 

Just as Turbo VPN is the best Android VPN but still works great on other operating systems, so too is Atlas VPN the best iPhone VPN and the best for other iOS devices, while still being pretty decent for Android.


Atlas VPN has a free version and it works pretty smoothly on all devices, though it works amazingly with iPhones. Other OS systems which work with Atlas include Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

With the premium version, you get unlimited use on any and all devices.

There is military-grade encryption, no-logs policy and incredible speeds for HD streaming and gaming.

For more security, there is split tunneling, third-party tracker blocking, multiple rotating VPN locations, malware blockers and WireGuard protocols.

You can also use Atlas VPN for secure file sharing that is P2P and without any restrictions. That’s good for all kinds of downloading, like with torrents or similar protocols.


The free Atlas VPN has a limited number of countries which you can use to access the internet, but hey, it’s free, and you get what you pay for.


  • Atlas VPN has a free version

  • Month plan costs $10.99

  • $3.29 per month billed annually 

  • $1.83 per month billed every 3 years

Visit Atlas VPN


14. PIA or Private Internet Access (Most reliable VPN)

What’s in a name? Well, for VPN company PIA, the name simply spells out exactly what their product promises to give you: private internet access. This is some of the most reliable VPN service you can get.


PIA is an open-source VPN, allowing anyone to freely inspect their code in case you might want to do a little development tweaking yourself.

The PIA no-logs policy means they do not collect data on your IP address, browsing history, session timestamps, bandwidth consumption, DNS queries and connection logs. There is also the latest antivirus software.

If you have got the need for speed, then PIA has 10 GB per second connection, which is warp-speed fast. Buckle up.

There is the option to get a secure VPN router for your entire network too. This is ideal for gaming consoles, smart TVs and IoT devices, or the internet of things.


While most VPN interfaces are similar, PIA does not win over hearts and minds with its design and layout.


  • PIA is $11.95 per month

  • $3.33 per month billed annually 

  • $2.03 per month billed every 3 years

Visit PIA (Private Internet Access)


15. VPNhub (Best mobile VPN)

VPNhub is brought to you by the same fine people who bring you PornHub, so you know they appreciate the privacy of their users and bring that dedication to their VPN game.


VPNhub has great virtual private network functionality for mobile devices, like iOS and Android, though it works well with desktop too, as well as Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

The mobile version interface is incredibly sleek and intuitive.

VPNhub also has some of the best and most researched VPN resources and information about what VPNs are and how they work, and most importantly, why they are a benefit to all users.

You got your pick between thousands of servers from hundreds of countries, and you can be sure you won’t be bothered by annoying advertisements and pop-ups again.


The fact that this product is made by the same parent company that makes adult entertainment might not sit so well with everyone, although we’re sure it is a strong selling point for others. It takes all kinds.


  • VPNhub is $13.99 per month

  • $6.99 per month billed annually 

  • $4.99 per month billed every 2 years

  • $3.49 per month billed every 3 years

Visit VPNhub


16. BulletVPN (Best USA VPN)

Time to talk a little about the best VPNs for specific countries, and in this case, BulletVPN wins the best VPN for the US category. Not that any of these following VPNs are specifically designed for just one country.


If you are a VPN user in America, and by that we mean the USA, consider BulletVPN for its high-grade encryption, secure VPN tunnels, and nimble ability to relocate your IP address with the click of a mouse. And the name suits the country too.

The rest of the world’s nations from which you can launch BulletVPN includes a list of over 55 countries. 

BulletVPN has an incredibly robust list of compatible devices, including the usual stuff as well as Roku, Chromecast, Xbox and Playstation.

There’s unlimited streaming, strict no-logs policy, P2P friendly file sharing, leak protection and more.


There are only about 150 servers with BulletVPN, which realistically is plenty, however, when you compare it to some alternatives with thousands of servers, it feels cheap.


  • BulletVPN is $10.98 per month

  • $9.16 per month billed every 6 months

  • $2.49 per month billed every 36 months

Visit BulletVPN


17. Astrill VPN (Best China VPN) 

Next up is Astrill VPN, and according to our calculations, if you had to pick the best Chinese VPN provider, it’d be Astrill. Many reviewers located inside China use Astrill and like it.


You can use Astrill VPN to connect unlimited devices, get as much bandwidth as your heart desires, and switch servers as often as you like in an instant.

Astrill has some pretty impressive data traffic speeds, and their servers use 1 GB or 10 GB connections with dedicated bandwidth.

You leave no digital footprint, data fingerprint, or any other identifying trail while you surf wherever you like. 

For payment you can use crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash or PIVX and others. They also offer 24/7 customer support.


Not many complaints have been made so far about Astrill VPN, except maybe the price tag on this is a bit higher than most of the others in the bunch.


  • Astrill VPN costs $30 per month

  • $15 per month billed annually 

  • $12.50 per month billed biennially   

Visit Astrill VPN


18. VyprVPN (Best Russian VPN) 

Perhaps TunnelBear should have been the best Russian VPN, but then again, bears are popular everywhere. VyprVPN is the best VPN for Russia for the sake of this article. It certainly has its fans there.


VyprVPN is built without the help of any other third parties, guaranteeing you even more security and protection. Their landing page even compares it to other VPNs who do, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark.

Using the famous protocol WireGuard, you get lightning-speed connections and surfing, as well as location hopping.

Great VPN for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney Plus, ESPN+, BBC, NFL Gamepass, and more.

Works on the major desktop and mobile devices but others too like Kodi and QNAP.


So to be clear, this is not a Russian-made VPN, just one that is popular with users in Russia, many of whom are likely expats and foreigners. This isn’t a disadvantage either, just saying.


  • VyprVPN costs $10 per month

  • $5 per month billed annually 

Visit VyprVPN


19. SecureVPN (Most trusted VPN for online security)

If wi-fi security is your big deal, then look to the name of SecureVPN, saying it all, because this one is regularly touted as one of the most secure VPN apps.


No websites will be blocked to you, as you can unblock any site with this trusted VPN. And while you do so, no website will be able to see you coming and track what you click on and stare at. You got that marine-grade encryption, that navy-seal-encryption, best of the best. Firewalls be damned.

If you’ve got a problem, yo they’ll solve it, check out their 24/7 support, though it’s unclear if that is telephone, chat or email.


As far as compatible devices go, SecureVPN has quite the modest list. It only works on Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad. But for most of us, that’ll do just fine, it’s only those Linux people and the like who won’t be able to enjoy SecureVPN’s most trusted online security.


  • SecureVPN costs $9.99 per month

  • $4.99 per month every 6 months

  • $3.79 per month billed annually 

Visit SecureVPN


20. Mullvad VPN (Best VPN for torrenting) 

What is a Mullvad? We do not know. But Mullvad VPN is a great open-source VPN system. It comes from Sweden, which is a safe jurisdiction, and nothing bad comes from there.


Mullvad VPN is a great VPN to use if you like torrenting and all things torrent related. Of course it’s not explicit anywhere on their site, but that’s just politics.

Mullvad is highly secure especially when you are using public wifis, like at school or in a cafe or restaurant or airport. There’s no logging, and they even do independent audits to test their security.

Ease of use is another benefit for using Mullvad VPN. It is highly user friendly and has a lovely aesthetic to its user interfaces.

You can use cryptocurrencies to pay for your Mullvad VPN, which is super hip.


So, the one little snag here is that downloading and installing this and getting started using the VPN is not as simple and easy as most of the other VPN alternatives in this review. You have to undergo a few tiny steps, like generating an account number. But we swear it’s really no big deal.


  • Mullvad VPN costs $5.50 per month

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Mullvad VPN


21. Opera (Best VPN for browsing)

A lot of online reviews consider Opera to be the best VPN browser. Opera is actually a personal browser and so much more, with many VPN functionalities.


Opera has a free VPN for desktop and Android devices. This acts like a no-log VPN, giving you a virtual IP that makes it impossible to track down your real IP.

You get the best of both worlds with a great browser built around data integrity and security with a built-in VPN that does all the tunneling and hiding and securing on top of private browsing.

The VPN is free with Opera. There are no plans and no subscriptions. That’s a big part of the entire Opera ethos. This is a system for the people. 


So, obviously the main con is that there is no Opera browser with the free VPN for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.


  • Opera is free

Visit Opera


22. hide.me VPN (Best VPN for Mac)

If you want the best Mac VPN, how about giving hide.me VPN a test? Although obviously it still works with other operating systems like Windows, it seems to gel nicely with that Mac mentality.


First off, hide.me VPN has a really fun landing page. But overall, the look and feel of the hide.me VPN interface is pretty slick and well thought-out for intuitiveness.

If you are not a big fan of censorship, hide.me VPN is a great tool to see the stuff that the powers that be are trying to keep from you. Viva.

hide.me VPN can also boast of some of the highest record-breaking velocities of data movement, using their powerful in-house made Bolt technology paired with WireGuard support.

They also have native functionality if you are an IPv6 user, which is the latest of the internet protocols. 

Finally, you can use this with up to 10 devices. That’s not unlimited, but it sure is plenty. And it’s a very cheap VPN too, pricewise that is.


There is a free app, which is not a drawback, but it’s hard to stay with it when you see how good the premium version is.


  • hide.me VPN has a free plan

  • Premium costs $2.88 per month

Visit hide.me VPN


23. Windscribe (Best VPN for Windows)

Windows is still incredibly popular with gamers and streamers and unfortunately also hackers. The best Windows VPN in our list today happens to be Windscribe, which is a great VPN choice all around too.


Windscribe has got a massive network. You’re looking at servers in over 110 cities in over 60 countries. And wherever you enter the net from, it’s a no-logs policy all the way.

Talk about encryption? Windscribe is getting you that steely-stealthy 4096-bit RSA key with an AES-256 cipher.

If you want tools like split tunneling and port forwarding, Windscribe has got your back there too.

There is a very good free VPN with Windascribe. However, that’s only really for people who are struggling on a tight budget, because they care.


As this is the best VPN for Windows this time around, Mac users may feel a little apprehensive about giving it a go since of course there is a Mac version too. Really, they oughtn't be. They also have good apps for Huawei and Routers, which shouldn’t really be mentioned under cons.


  • Windscribe costs $9 per month

  • $5.75 per month billed annually 

  • There are also options to build a plan starting at $0

Visit Windscribe


24. Wachee (Best Netflix VPN)

Hands down, Wachee is probably the very best VPN for Netflix. Overall, for streaming shows and movies that are only available in other countries' Netflix collections, Wachee is superb.


Wachee promises one hundred percent reliability with their 24/7 Netflix streaming functionality, no matter where you are or where your show is streaming from. Aside from Netflix, Wachee is great for Hulu and BBC iPlayer as well. 

Wachee doesn’t track or store or save or share or sell your personal data. It’s no-logs all the way down. 

There is intelligent ISP roaming so that if there’s a problem with your server they’ll switch it automatically so that you experience zero disturbance in your viewing. 

Wachee has a Chrome extension, Android, iOS apps, and even a YouTube unblocker that’s also an extension for Google Chrome.


As amazing as Wachee is for streaming and viewing, it’s a dedicated tool designed to do just that. So as far as a bland vanilla general VPN that sort of does it all, this ain’t it. But again, for Netflix, yes.


  • Wachee starts at $4.99 per month

  • $2.99 per month billed annually 

Visit Wachee


25. Browsec (Best VPN for chrome) 

Browsec is usually a very serious and secure VPN system, no frills, no fanciness. And it’s good. But it’s also in many ways a great VPN Chrome extension.


The business-as-usual Browsec works on Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, you know, the usual suspects. Works great on a mobile app, simple clean interface.

The speed connections are at 100 MBs per second, and they have all the usual data encryption features too.

The Browsec Chrome extension gets you tons of free locations, a secure IP changer, and access to any site your surfing may lead you to. And in total privacy.

Watch as much as you like of Netflix or Hulu, or jam out to Spotify and Pandora. No limits. No rules. No mercy.


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Which VPN is the best for me? Our key takeaways before you buy a VPN service

We sincerely hope you are still not asking yourself, why should I use a VPN? And now you are fully focused on the question, what VPN should I use?

Well the answer is probably somewhere in here. The truth is, the best VPNs to buy are numerous, and many of them cover exactly the same ground. The differences are sometimes in the nuances, so that’s why we’ve done the work of teasing those differences out for you. 

If you’re still unsure about VPNs in general and would like a crash course, we got you covered! We prepared a few articles from you that cover the basics, such as VPN meaning to more advanced ones such as types of VPN and how to set up a VPN.



What are the best VPN apps?

The best VPN apps are usually considered to be ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark and IPVanish. You can also check out apps for specific VPNs, like the best VPN for Mac, the best VPN for Windows, the best Netflix VPN, the best VPN for iPhone, and the best VPN for Android.

Who has the best VPN in the world?

If you are looking for the strongest VPN in the world, you will probably be perfectly satisfied with many of the most trusted VPN providers out there. Some of the most secure VPNs include CyberGhost, ProtonVPN, SecureVPN and PureVPN. Many other VPNs are equally strong.

Which VPN should I use if I am visiting a foreign country?

If you are going to a foreign country, you can use most of the popular VPNs, like NordVPN, Atlas VPN, Turbo VPN, and TunnelBear. You can look into specific countries, like the best USA VPN, the best Japan VPN, and the best UK VPN services for 2024.