Slidebean: A Deck of Tools to Sell Your Ideas

Last Updated:Saturday, February 17, 2024

What’s the Slidebean pitch?

Slidebean is a smart and streamlined SaaS for creating pitch decks and slides. It takes your everyday slide-making beyond big names like Microsoft Powerpoint, Founderhub, or Prezi.

The presentation tool (at uses AI technology. This optimizes each slide for clarity, beauty, and effectiveness. What’s more, Slidebean offers a slew of human-creative services. These will give your pitch decks that professional edge.

The need for amazing pitch decks today is at an all-time high. There are many amazing business ideas floating around seeking funding, hype, and accolades. Investors don’t have the time to wade through lengthy business proposals. The pitch deck is the perfect medium for selling your idea or getting them to hear more.


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Pitch decks tell a story. What gap in the market did you find, what problem do you hope to solve, and how is your business idea the best solution. You need to balance your own time and energy creating the perfect mix of written and visual content. You need to consider layout and page flow. Anything that will grab attention, educate your audience, and sell your message.

To meet these business needs, consider Slidebean. Its mix of AI and creative services makes for a perfect presentation toolkit.

Slide through some features

sidebean features

Slidebean has two major features. The first uses it’s AI. The second comes from professional writing and design teams.


Slidebean’s original idea is to separate the content process from the design process. It lets you add all your content without having to stop with each new element to decide how it should fit on the page.

You add what you need one thing at a time with no time wasted. There is text, images, videos, tables, charts, and more. With each new element per page, Slidebean’s AI will automatically position it on the slide. How does it know where to put it? The AI has analyzed countless slides to determine the optimal page design.

Once you’ve added your elements, you check out the look. If you don’t love it, the AI can generate many alternative layout configurations. Of course, you can also edit the size and position of your elements.

The benefits are clear. You waste little time with format so you can focus on creating the best content.

Pitch Deck Design

This part of Slidebean is where we bring in the human experts. They can be helpful in optimizing what the AI has already done. Or they can help your presentation project from scratch.

Every content creator and pitch deck designer work under the guidance of the CEO. His name is Caya. He takes an active interest in his customers’ business needs.

The process is simple. You communicate with Slidebean’s team to discuss your presentation. Their content team will begin working and get you a draft shortly after. You give feedback and ask for changes and get as many iterations as you need until you approve the content.

Then the same process happens for design. You discuss a brief with the designers. They get you drafts, you give feedback, and keep iterating until you are satisfied.

The whole process should take 2-3 weeks.

Collaboration and sharing

Your Slidebean presentations and pitch deck templates are in the cloud. Team members can collaborate on the same decks. Changes and updates get synced for the whole team across all devices in real-time. Even on mobile, the slides are responsive to screen size.

To share an online presentation, you email a link. The receiver doesn’t download anything. You can also export it to pdf, ppt, html, Google Slides, and Keynote.

Slidebean has great tracking. It shows you how many views a presentation has, for how long, which pages, and even the time and location.

Templates and pitch decks

slidebean templates pitch desks

Working with Slidebean’s design templates gives you tons of options. A lot of presentation templates come from huge brands using Slidebean. There are some big names.

There’s a category of slide designs for startups and small businesses. You can use a startup pitch deck created for companies like Buzzfeed, Tinder, Yelp, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, or Snapchat.

For example, Slidbean offers the original Airbnb pitch deck template. This won AirBnB their first round of funding. It’s a 14-pager which Caya, the CEO, breaks down for you.

Another example is their YouTube presentation template. It’s a straightforward ten-page deck you can manage with real ease of use.  

You can also choose templates for specific purposes. Sales templates include sales pitches, sales reports, sales projections and sales plans. Marketing templates get you brand books, marketing proposals, social media strategies, market research templates, and more. 

You can always change the themes to your slides. Themes are the broad color palette schemes. They also change things like the font. At any point in the process, you can toggle between their many themes. You can edit or tweak the themes as you like.

What’s more, you can create your own themes to match your companies look and branding.

Slide on some more services

Slidebean offers a variety of other services and SaaS. 

slidebean services and saas

Design agency

The Slidebean design agency is like a light version of their pitch deck design service. There is not content writing on offer—only graphic designer work. You start by telling them your basic format, page length, and design preferences. They give you instant quotes, and the whole job is often completed within 48 hours.

Startup consulting

This is Slidebean’s Investor Deck Consulting service. It’s like the premium version of their pitch deck design. Every project here starts with Caya. He takes your pitch and finds the narrative to sell it. Then it goes to their writing teams. Also included in startup consulting is financial modeling. Finally, when you approve the content and the stats, it goes to their expert graphic designers. This is the ultimate front-to-back service. 


Slidebean keeps up a great Youtube channel. There are many useful tutorials about their design tools on there. Caya makes many appearances with all sorts of interesting and entertaining content.

He gives general and specific advice for startups on subjects familiar to his product. For example, how to pitch an idea or present your company. Caya also does these “startup forensics.” In these, he analyzes trends, success, and failures in the startup scene.

What’s more important are the awesome visuals and backgrounds. They create these with Slidebean too. It’s called Slidebean Labs. This is available as a service to video producers or editors.

slidebean labs

Expense tracking

Slidebean has a separately-named SaaS called Monthly. It’s a business tool designed for CEOs and COOs.

It helps you manage all your SaaS subscriptions. You can make payments for many apps in a unified dashboard. There is reporting on how much time you or your team spend on each SaaS. It de-dupes similar apps and locates orphans. You even get recommendations on new apps that you might need or would save you money.

Slidebean then and now

Caya was a co-founder when they launched Slidebean back in 2014 in New York.

At first, there were only templates and the AI editor. Still, it made many beautiful presentations for many satisfied customers. Major Slidebean reviews we’re great right out of the gate. Techcrunch said it was going to give Prezi some real competition.

Over the years, a lot of CEOs were asking Caya for further expert advice. So Caya began personally overseeing some projects. 

Then, in 2019, they launched their pitch deck and design services. Now Slidebean has everything on offer. Fast, easy, and smart AI tools on one hand—the creative touch of content writers and graphic designers on the other.

What’s great is this. If you’re a startup or a small business on a budget, Slidebean offers a free version. You get to choose from loads of free templates. There’s full access to the media gallery, and full use of the AI-powered editor.

So why read any more when you can try it for free. And if you’re in the business of making a statement, a proper Slidebean experience is a good investment.