Buffini Referral Maker CRM Review 2022: Pricing, Pros & Cons

Thursday, August 4, 2022
Toby Grey

The Buffini and Company Referral Maker CRM is regarded by many realtors, real estate agents, and real estate professionals as one of the best real estate CRMs around. Is this reputation warranted?

In this detailed Referral Maker CRM review, we’ll find out. Below you’ll find an app overview and list of features. We also get into pros and cons and aggregate user reviews to see how the app is being received out there in the real world. 


Buffini & Company Referral Maker CRM review 2022: Is Referral Maker any good?

The Buffini and Company Referral Maker CRM does a great job of organizing, automating and tracking a lot of business processes. With its sophisticated algorithm, it also automates decision-making processes, allowing you to prioritize your goals and use data-driven activities to achieve them.  

Although Referral Maker CRM is considered a top-notch app, it faces stiff competition. You can take a look at our top real estate CRM article to get a sense of said competition (and, of course, to do that all-important comparison shopping).


Buffini Referral Maker CRM pricing plans

First of all, how much does the Buffini and Company Referral Maker CRM cost? Let’s take a look at Referral Maker CRM prices:


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing










Video Messaging*




Teams Module*

$39 /seat



*Add-on plan, requires subscription


Are there any Buffini Referral Maker promo codes or discount coupons?

There are sometimes Referral Maker CRM coupons and promo codes online, but the situation changes all the time. We recommend checking Referal Maker’s pricing page and social media for updates on any discounts they might have running. 


Referral Maker overview: What is Referral Maker CRM?

With its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, Buffini and Company is a real estate school that is known for its coaching classes, and its management tools that are specifically tailored towards realtors and other real estate professionals. They have a big imprint as North America's largest real estate coaching and training company.

Referral Maker is their foray into the world of CRM. The app is positioned as a high-quality yet user-friendly real estate customer relationship management system that can meet all your needs.

This platform, as noted, is among the top CRM software for realtors. It’s available on both Windows and Mac, and provides the necessary tools for generating a steady stream of referrals, leads, and ultimately customers in the real estate space. 

It also has a host of functions all of which are geared towards lead conversion and lead management. Referral Maker CRM also has a mobile app version that’s available for Android devices, and iPhones albeit it is significantly limited when compared to its desktop variants.


Referral Maker Real Estate CRM features list

The main features of Referral Maker CRM are

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Priority Action Center

  • Relationship Management

  • Customizable Reports

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Management

  • Analytics

  • Goal Setting

1. Activity Dashboard

At a glance, the activity dashboard allows users or teams to view the most important tasks for the day, week or month, and it's the first thing that a user sees when they log in. It presents the tasks for the day in three sections; phone calls, notes and pop bys or visits. The dashboard has multiple sections and also features daily and weekly goals and a meter measuring progress. 

The activity dashboard also has a To-Do list that shows important tasks, customer birthdays and routine follow-up reminders. The database section of the dashboard allows users to visualize the ranking of relationships that have been added to the database. 

2. Priority Action Center

This is where the follow-up happens. Based on how you rank your relationships, the Referral Maker CRM automatically prioritizes follow-up calls, notes or visits for each client. Clients with a higher ranking will be scheduled more frequently at 30 to 60-day intervals versus lower-ranked clients set at 90 to 120-day intervals. The activity dashboard and priority action center are both updated in real-time to reflect completed tasks.

3. Relationship Management

The relationship management feature of Referral Maker CRM allows you to upload contacts to the CRM using a simple CSV file, Google contacts or Outlook contacts. You can create detailed relationship profiles for each contact which can capture more than just their name, phone number and address.

Referral Maker allows you to add birthdays, information on their careers and business, favourite sports and activities, property preferences, and history of communications with each contact. 

Relationships imported into the CRM can be ranked and qualified based on how often they use your service, how often they refer and whether or not they are willing to refer or use your service. The ranks are simple grades from an A+ to a D. 

Relationships can also be classified based on customizable metrics. This can help plan campaigns or follow-ups. 

4. Customizable Reports

Referral Maker CRM allows you to create and customize reports on referrals, leads, activities, emails or birthdays. It also generates up to six different statistical reports that can be used to measure your progress towards your goals and track the efficiency of your operations. 

Each report is generated within minutes with the option to instantly share among team members. 

Referral Maker CRM also automatically generates a monthly report to track your transactions and monitor your referral ratios on the business dashboard. This will show your progress against your goals and how effective you are at receiving and closing referrals. 

5. Marketing

Referral Maker CRM has email marketing capabilities, and It also has features for physical letters with custom letterheads, labels and handwritten notes. It can help you plan marketing campaigns weeks or months ahead with customizable emails and groups. You can also create outbound email campaigns from your company email or  Gmail and track the bounce and open rates of the emails you send

6. Lead Management

Referral Maker integrates with a few other CRMs and lead generation software to collect campaign data. Although most leads have to be entered manually, it allows you to classify leads based on different metrics.

You can save time and energy on converting hundreds or thousands of leads through the automation of marketing campaigns. You can also improve your workflow by assigning prospecting leads to team members to be nurtured. This is especially helpful for leads that are at the final stage of your marketing funnel.

7. Analytics

Referral Maker CRM allows you to view your analytics, daily, weekly or monthly based on easy-to-understand graphs and charts.  

8. Goal Setting

A very key feature of the Referral Maker CRM is the business and income goals. With this feature, you can enter your target annual income after tax and the tax percentage deductible and a gross income goal is calculated for you.

Based on this income goal and the activity of other businesses within the Buffini Referral Maker network that have hit this goal, an action plan is set up for you with daily, weekly and monthly activity goals. 

Although activity goals are customizable, if you are stuck on how many calls to schedule daily or weekly, you can have their algorithm run the numbers for you until you get more comfortable with setting your own goals.


Referral Maker CRM pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of referral maker CRM

Referral Maker CRM advantages

With Referral Maker CRM, you can develop and nurture relationships with your customers easily. Relationships can also be easily ranked from grades A+ to D to help you prioritize follow-up calls and visits. 

The app also allows you to create and automate email marketing campaigns, and provides all the necessary analytics to measure their effectiveness.

Referral Maker CRM disadvantages

Leads, contacts and relationships have to be added and updated manually because Referral Maker CRM may not integrate with social media or leads generated on your website. Also, if you truly want to take advantage of its features, you’ll need to have a large customer base already.


Referral Maker CRM complaints & praise (info from real Referral Maker CRM customer reviews)

Looking across many Referral Maker CRM reviews, it’s clear that users generally find the app easy to use, as well as helpful in tracking daily activities and goals. Some deem it the perfect tool for automating some basic client management tasks, and everyone seems to appreciate its customer support. 

Praise for the app tends to center on certain features. For example, its ability to help businesses keep tabs on clients, set daily or weekly achievable and measurable milestones, and build solid relationships with clients.

Some users complain that if you’re new to the business, and your client database isn’t large enough, you can’t fully take advantage of the app’s features.

Review of Referral Maker support

Referral Maker CRM provides phone, email and live chat support. Customer service is well reviewed by users, getting props for sorting out fixes for commonplace and obscure problems alike, and for generally being quick to respond and solid on solutions. 


Is Referral Maker CRM worth it? Our conclusion

In the end, the answer to whether the Referral Maker CRM is worth it depends on the size of your customer base, and the time you’re willing to dedicate to getting familiar with the software.

Referral Maker CRM is definitely worth your time if you’re a medium or large real estate business with a large customer base. The app makes it easy to reach out to all your customers and work on maintaining good relationships.  

On the other hand, if you’re relatively new to real estate, or your business is still small scale, you might find the system pricey and some of its features overwhelming. 

Your mileage will vary, of course, but that’s the general situation. The good news is there’s a free version, so you can always give that a whirl and come to an enlightened decision.