Nextiva’s Next Step: NextOS, a Total Platform Transformation

Last Updated:Thursday, February 8, 2024

Business communications tool, Nextiva, has always been about growth, both for their product, as well as for their customers. The one-time telephony tool has been leveraging AI and automation to become a multichannel comms kit which also includes video conferencing, sales and service features, and analytics.


Nextiva in the news

Now, Nextiva has just announced the next phase of their business solution evolution: NextOS. This marks the shift from being a great set of individual tools to becoming an all-in-one holistic business platform.

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Nextiva users will get the opportunity to integrate Nextiva’s communication tools, and other 3rd party apps, with their business process software within a single platform. It will streamline a company’s internal communication, external outreach, and business workflows for marketing, sales and service, all wrapped up in Nextiva’s powerful AI analytics.

Showcasing Nextiva’s core


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It begins with Nextiva’s legendary VoIP. That’s a telephony system which goes well beyond the standard landline. You get a toll-free number, virtual voicemail and auto-attendant. And going beyond the phone, Nextiva lets you communicate via SMS, email, chat, and even social media messaging.

This syncs up with Nextiva’s video conferencing tools. You can hold video and audio meetings, and do screen sharing or file sharing. There’s also a meeting data tracker. It also does live streams and webinars.

When you unify all your communication, this lets Nextiva’s communication analytics go to work. You get both live call and historical data. It identifies trends like busy hours. A dashboard does real-time call tracking and data updates. 

For internal communication with your team, you get other tools like group and private chats. And managers and team leaders get team task tracking. 

Finally, the Nextiva mobile apps help teams stay in touch with each other, as well as handle all external outreach for customers and clients.

Business apps

nextiva business apps

Sales reps are already getting a boost from Nextiva’s communication software. But they get more tools too. 

Nextiva makes it easy to create sales pipelines. You can customize the stages and set up triggers at each stage for automatic workflows. These include emails with personalized messages to your leads, or notifications sent to reps.

All interactions with a lead from any channel get tracked and stored along with the deal. Data from all your leads feeds into the analytics machine.

When it comes to customer service, there are a lot of nice features. First among them is the ability for customers to reach out using any phone, email, chat, or messaging. Nextiva will display important or relevant caller details. Reps can respond to any channel all from their Nextiva app, even with mobile.

You get service ticket management that keeps things organized. It comes with priority assignment, sorting and filtering too.

The ticketing works along with automated workflows. It can route tickets to specific reps or departments, as well as send out emails or reminders. Macros can be set up to suggest responses to common problems in chats. 

There’s even a survey tool which can go out after each service issue has been addressed.


nextiva analytics

Nextiva’s analytics are way more than simple stacking up of stats like volumes and metadata like dates and times. It’s a full business intelligence kit that digs out insights to help you make decisions. Nextiva’s analytics uses AI to go through past data to give you future forecasting.

Another cool part of Nextiva’s analytics stack is sentiment analysis. It scans customer interactions for key words and other signs to determine satisfaction or frustration levels. It can flag customers who might be at risk of churning. 

There is predictive analysis which tracks all activity in your pipeline. It gives you tools to look for trends, make comparisons and streamline ‘nest issue analysis.’

What’s more, now you get monitoring tools. These help you catch any problems in real time, and react to solve them faster.

Finally, you can create custom reports. Choose your preferred KPIs and watch a dashboard update in real-time as your business activities chug forth.

On to the business of NextOS


NextOS is like the central force around which communication and productivity circulate. 

On one hand, it unifies voice, chat, social media messaging, SMS, email and video; on the other hand, there’s CRM, marketing campaigns, pipeline management and team collaboration. And at the heart of NextOS is the customer journey, automations, and analytics. 

With NextOS, users can use all of Nextiva’s native apps all in one platform. On top of that, you can integrate many of your existing other tools into NextOS. Among these are MailChimp, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

NextOS is scalable as much as it is flexible. It’s great for small businesses who have their sights set on growth. Whether that means more customers and sales, or more business integrations.

With NextOS, users can really accomplish all their tasks with one platform. Everything from internal communication, to client outreach, to business analysis and planning. This is the one platform to bring together both the back-end IT people with the front-facing sales and service staff.

The launch

The NextOS launch has several facets. For the first time, now there’s simple self sign-up and self-configuration for Nextiva users. It’ll make implementation even smoother.

With the launch of NextOS as its own platform, Nextiva will be able to create even more tools and apps at a faster rate. This keeps up the pace of innovation and lets Nextiva remain agile as new trends or business tech emerges. 

Finally, there are four pricing packages now. This lets users choose the amount of tools they need at their preferred budgets. They start at $18.95 per user per month, which gets you unlimited calling and peer-to-peer video calls, among other things. NextOS pricing plans are $22.95, $32.95 and $57.95 per user per month. 

In conclusion

As the name implies, Nextiva is always looking forward to what’s next. As Tomas Gorny, CEO and co-founder of Nextiva, puts it: “With the new release of NextOS, we are taking big steps toward what we envision for the future of customer and team communication.” 

Gorny himself knows all about big steps, as he made one over the Atlantic from Poland to the USA at age 20 without knowing the language. Perhaps that’s one reason his company takes communication so seriously. 

Nextiva, the company, got off the ground in 2006 with a narrow focus on VoIP tech. Today, it’s used by over 150,000 companies and employs over 700 people. The software has garnered multiple awards, including a Stevie award for NextOS as a collaboration platform. 

As Gorny went from ambitious immigrant to tech visionary, so too has Nextiva gone from solid phone tool, to a complete enterprising business solution.