Nextiva Business Suites for an Integrated Seamless New World

Last Updated:Tuesday, March 5, 2024

In 2018, the communications tech purveyors at Nextiva introduced their powerful NextOS platform, folding CRM, chat, telephony, analytics, and surveys into one tidy package.

NextOS was used to power a mix-and-match menu of apps like Service CRM, Voice Analytics, and many more sold à la carte or as part of bundled packages.

Now Nextiva has radically simplified their product lineup down to just three business suites: a Customer Relationship Suite, a Team Collaboration Suite (in Beta), and a Business Communication Suite that rolls the features of the former two into one holistic platform.

The move not only makes it easier for users to get the tools they need, it makes everything about business communications better, simpler, and nicer. Offering an integrative view of customers, the Business Suites gesture towards a new real-time, future-facing ethos for growing and sustaining your business.

nextiva business suites

From Phone Service to NextOS to Suites: Nextiva gets ahead of the times

“Customers’ expectations are rising and today’s communication problems cannot be solved with siloed technologies.”

—Tomas Gorny, Nextiva CEO  

Founded in 2008, Nextiva customers run the gamut from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise-level companies. According to the company’s internal figures, 94% say they’re pleased with Nextiva’s platforms and 90% say Nextiva has emphatically helped them scale, collaborate, and manage their work. Not too shabby.

Meanwhile, the company’s revenues grew a whopping 1,548% from 2009 to 2013, and they’ve been growing steadily ever since. Key to this exponential embiggening has been the ability of the company to deliver products ahead of the curve.

That initial growth came on the heels of Nextiva Office, a cloud-based VoIP business phone tool that took sales and support reps out of the dark ages. Then came NextOS, designed to streamline all business operations from voice calls to sales tracking, as well as empower you to think about streamlining further.

Now they’re taking the next logical great leap forward, consolidating all their tools into simplified platforms designed for the way people work now, and the way customers expect to be treated now.

nextiva office

Business Communication Suite

The Business Communication Suite is Nextiva’s mega all-in-one communications bundle. Everything you need to stay on top of your business runs on a single screen in the NextOS modular dashboard.

The Suite allows you to unify your business operations and data collection in one place, and avoid all that wasted time installing and abandoning new apps to meet this-and-that business need.

nextiva business communication suite

When a customer calls, all their information appears on-screen instantly—allowing you to personalize interactions and build rapport—saving them the need to rehash their story every time they talk to an agent. Automated surveys and advanced analytics enrich your data, and like a fine wine, improve your business operations on NextOS over time.

The overall effect is that interactions are personalized, customers are remembered, and your team is empowered to do their best work. All those good things spur growth for your business—the sustainable kind.

The Business Communication Suite is offered at three levels: Basic ($20/user per month), Pro ($25/user per month), and Enterprise ($30/user per month).

nextiva business communication suite pricing

Customer Relationship Suite

Nextiva’s Customer Relationship Suite is CRM with the last letter shaved off—a tool for making sure the customer gets what they want every time, and your team gets great results with less heavy lifting. View and analyze your sales pipeline, track the customer journey from lead to sale and every interaction in between.

Nextiva’s Customer Relationship suite enables you to do your good old fashioned upselling to get revenues up, but in a smart way that targets happy customers rather than pressuring those on the fence. At the same time, make your business better at personalizing and enriching customer experiences. Give the customer precisely what they need when they need it, without adding to your workload.

When a lead becomes a customer, a record for them is generated on the NextOS platform, which allows you to access their information anytime. Real-time customer sentiment allows you to address issues and turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones, knocking down your churn rate.

Part and parcel to this are scoring metrics like the Customer Experience Score, which catalogs their experiences with your business in a complete infographic, and Sentiment Score, which measures their satisfaction.

SmartTopics back you up with real-time help on customer interactions from a helpful bot. The Rules Engine (NextSTEP) lets you create automatic sequences of actions for repetitive tasks.

The Customer Relationship Suite is available in three tiered levels: Basic ($10/month per user), Pro ($20/month per user), and Enterprise ($30/month per user).

nextiva customer relationship suite

Team Collaboration Suite (currently in beta)

The Team Collaboration Suite, meanwhile, is designed to facilitate personal productivity and teamwork across any device or time zone.

The actual collaboration app is called Cospace, which is maybe, just maybe slightly confusing. Nevertheless, the suite is a useful collaboration tool, offering group chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management all in one place. You can organize conversations based on specific projects, teams, and topics, and also assign, track, and manage tasks in real-time.

Overall, it’s an excellent Slack alternative, offering easy access to files, chat history, and other team members with a nice, clean user interface. In particular, it offers a lot of help with driving productivity and seeing tasks through when your team(s) are remotely distributed.

The suite is in beta right now, but you can sign up and give it a whirl and say you were one of the first. Basic is $5/month per user and Pro is $10/month per user.

nextiva team collaboration suite

Nextiva and the changing face of business communications

Nextiva Business Suites signify a dramatic simplification of the company’s product offering, and a push towards putting the human element front and center.

This may seem a tad ironic given their product is designed largely for automation. But the new era of CRM is all about using machine learning to eliminate tasks superfluous to the act of delivering quality interactions, leaving time for building human relationships.

Nextiva’s shift in product offering reflects the passing of an era for legacy CRM and the brave new world of integrated, seamless digital tools that improve user and customer experience.

Pleasant to use and practically speaking, very effective, Nextiva’s Business Suites streamline relationships, removing the guesswork from customer interactions—so everyone gets what they need.