Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas List: 157 Habit Examples

Last Updated:Friday, June 16, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive bullet journal habit tracker ideas list!

It's no secret that the bullet journaling community has exploded in popularity in recent years. More and more people are discovering the benefits of tracking their daily habits, routines, and goals, and the bullet journal habit tracker has become an essential tool for doing just that.

In this blog post, we'll delve into an extensive list of 150 habit examples to help you create the perfect bullet journal habit tracker for your needs. 

So grab your favorite pen and notebook, and let's begin exploring bullet journal habit tracker ideas!


The benefits of bullet journal habit tracking

Bullet journal habit tracking can help you in numerous different ways, which makes it an invaluable tool for personal growth and self-improvement. By incorporating good daily habits to track in your bullet journal planner, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Improved self-awareness: When you use a habit tracker in your bullet journal, you gain a better understanding of your behavior patterns and daily routines. This increased self-awareness enables you to identify areas that require improvement and make informed decisions for positive change.

  • Enhanced goal-setting: By selecting good daily habits to track, you can set specific, measurable, and attainable goals for yourself. 

  • Increased accountability: Regularly updating your habit tracker encourages personal responsibility for your actions. When you see the results of your daily efforts, it becomes easier to hold yourself accountable and maintain discipline in sticking to your goals.

  • Encouragement of positive habits: As you become more conscious of your habits and routines, you'll naturally gravitate toward healthier, more productive behaviors. 

  • Better time management: Habit tracking can be a great way to identify how you spend your time and whether it aligns with your goals and priorities. This awareness can lead to better time management, increased efficiency, and more effective use of your resources.

  • Strengthened self-discipline: Sticking to your habit tracker and regularly updating it requires a certain level of discipline. Over time, a habit tracker can help build self-discipline, which can be applied to other areas of your life.

  • Visual progress tracking: One of the most satisfying aspects of bullet journal habit tracking is the ability to see your progress visually. This tangible representation of your achievements can be incredibly motivating and propel you forward toward your goals.


What to track in a bullet journal: habit tracker example topics

A bullet journal habit tracker can be customized to encompass a wide range of topics, making it an adaptable and versatile tool for personal growth. In this section, we'll touch upon high-level categories to give you a general idea of what you can track in your bullet journal. As we proceed, you'll find a more extensive list of bujo tracker ideas and habit tracker examples to inspire your own unique tracker.

  1. Daily tasks

  2. Weekly tasks

  3. Monthly tasks

  4. Yearly tasks

  5. Finances

  6. Health

  7. Relationships and social activities

  8. Hobbies and pastime

  9. Personal growth

  10. Environment and sustainability

  11. Travel

  12. Home organization

Let’s get started with the list of habit tracker ideas:

12 bullet journal habit tracker ideas list

As we dive into the world of bullet journaling, it's time to dive into the list of things to track in bullet journal that includes 12 different categories. Each category offers unique and practical suggestions for habits and activities you can track in your habit bullet journal. 

With these tracker ideas for your bullet journal or planner, you'll have a comprehensive list of things to track in your bullet journal, so that you can create a habit tracker that perfectly aligns with your unique goals, priorities, and lifestyle.

Our goal is to inspire and equip you with a diverse range of bujo tracker ideas that will transform your bullet journaling experience.

So, without further ado, let's begin exploring the 12 bullet journal habit tracker ideas list and unlock the full potential of your bullet journal.

Daily tasks ideas

Let's kick off the list with the Daily tasks ideas, a category that is centered around daily habit tracker ideas to help you stay productive and focused throughout the day. By tracking these tasks, you'll create a routine that promotes a well-balanced life and healthy personal habits. Here are 10 daily task ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Journaling

  2. Morning or evening walk

  3. Meditation

  4. Drinking water

  5. Cooking a healthy meal

  6. Reading

  7. Stretching or yoga

  8. Reviewing your to-do list

  9. Practicing gratitude

  10. Completing a quick cleaning task

Weekly tasks ideas

The Weekly Tasks category is where you can focus on habits to track in your bullet journal for maintaining a well-organized and efficient weekly routine. By keeping tabs on your most important weekly tasks, you'll ensure a smooth flow throughout your week. Here are some weekly task ideas you may want to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Meal planning and prep

  2. Weekly grocery shopping

  3. Laundry day

  4. Family meeting or check-in

  5. Garbage and recycling day

  6. Personal finance review

  7. Fitness class or workout schedule

  8. Social events and appointments

  9. Self-care and relaxation time

  10. Work or school project deadlines

  11. House cleaning tasks

  12. Phone or video calls with friends and family

  13. Reviewing and updating personal goals

  14. Planning the next week's schedule

  15. Reflecting on the past week's accomplishments

Monthly tasks ideas

This category includes bullet journal monthly tracker ideas to help you stay organized and in control of your most important monthly tasks. By monitoring these tasks, you'll maintain a balanced and efficient month. Here are 10-15 monthly task ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Monthly budget review

  2. Bill payment deadlines

  3. Savings and investment progress

  4. Health check-ups and appointments

  5. Deep cleaning tasks

  6. Personal and professional goal setting

  7. Seasonal home maintenance

  8. Birthdays and anniversaries

  9. Subscriptions and memberships renewals

  10. Networking and professional development events

  11. Monthly challenges or habit streaks

  12. Reviewing and updating your vision board

  13. Planning special occasions and events

  14. Reflecting on the past month's achievements

  15. Setting intentions for the upcoming month

Yearly tasks ideas

In the Yearly Tasks category, you'll find bullet journal yearly tracker ideas to help you stay on top of your most important annual tasks. By keeping track of these tasks, you'll ensure a well-rounded and productive year. Here are some yearly task ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Annual goal-setting and review

  2. Tax preparation and filing

  3. Health and dental check-ups

  4. Vehicle maintenance and registration

  5. Home insurance and property tax deadlines

  6. Vacation planning and booking

  7. Yearly personal and professional achievements

  8. Personal growth milestones

  9. Updating emergency contacts and information

  10. Seasonal wardrobe rotation

  11. Major home improvement projects

  12. Charitable giving and volunteering

  13. Reflection on the past year's experiences

  14. Updating wills and legal documents

  15. Planning for the upcoming year


Our next category, Finance, focuses on bullet journal habits that assist in maintaining a solid financial foundation. Add this category to your journal to keep an eye on your expenses, savings, and financial goals to improve your money management skills and work towards financial stability. Here are 10 finance-related ideas for your habit tracker:

  1. Track income

  2. Track expenses

  3. Monitor savings

  4. Set a monthly budget

  5. Track subscription costs

  6. Review investment performance

  7. Monitor debt repayment progress

  8. Track financial goals

  9. Log charitable donations

  10. Record tax-related expenses


Next up is Health, a category focused on habits ideas that promote physical and mental well-being. You can keep a habit tracker to stay on top of your overall health by monitoring exercise, nutrition, sleep, and self-care practices. Here are 15 health-related ideas to track in your health habit tracker:

  1. Exercise routines

  2. Caffeine intake

  3. Water intake

  4. Sugar intake

  5. Daily steps count

  6. Hours of sleep

  7. Meal planning

  8. Daily fruit and vegetable servings

  9. Yoga or meditation practice

  10. Vitamins and supplements intake

  11. Weight and body measurements

  12. Mental health check-ins

  13. Self-care activities

  14. Rest days

  15. Instagram tracker

  16. Twitter tracker

  17. Tik Tok tracker

  18. Facebook tracker

  19. Pinterest tracker

  20. Period tracker

  21. Ovulation tracker

  22. Migraine tracker

Relationships and social activities ideas

Moving on to our next category, Relationships. Here, we focus on aspects of our lives that nurture our connections with others. By tracking communication, time spent with loved ones, and acts of kindness towards friends and family, you can foster stronger bonds and more meaningful interactions. Here are 10 habit tracker bullet journal ideas to track in your habit tracker:

  1. Call family members

  2. Get in touch with a friend

  3. Go out for coffee

  4. Plan a date night

  5. Send a thank-you note

  6. Attend social events

  7. Volunteer together

  8. Share a compliment

  9. Offer emotional support

  10. Schedule quality time

  11. Birthdays

  12. Anniversaries

  13. Addresses 

Hobbies and pastime

This category is all about habit tracking ideas that help you focus on your favorite pastimes. Monitor the time and effort you dedicate to your hobbies, ensuring you maintain a balanced lifestyle and continue to enjoy your leisure activities. Whether you want to start a new hobby like cooking or track the artistic TV shows you have watched over the years, here are 15 hobby-related ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Movies to watch

  2. Movies watched

  3. TV shows to watch

  4. TV shows watched

  5. Recipes to try

  6. Restaurants to try

  7. Restaurants visited

  8. Books to read

  9. Books read

  10. Creative projects to try

  11. Creative projects completed

  12. Music listened to

  13. Concerts attended

  14. Podcasts to listen to

  15. YouTube videos to watch

Personal growth

Introducing the Personal Growth category, which focuses on things to keep track of as you progress in self-improvement areas. By monitoring your growth in learning new skills, reading, and personal development goals, you'll ensure you're continually evolving as an individual. Here are a few personal growth ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. New skills learned

  2. Online courses or workshops attended

  3. Personal development books read

  4. Inspirational quotes or insights collected

  5. Goal-setting and progress tracking

  6. Time spent on self-reflection

  7. Affirmations and positive thinking

  8. Language learning progress

  9. Professional certifications or qualifications

Environment and sustainability

In this category, you'll find the best habits to track for living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. When you track every green habit, such as recycling, reducing waste, and conserving energy, you contribute positively to the environment and make a meaningful impact. Here are 10 environmental and sustainability ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Recycling efforts

  2. Waste reduction

  3. Energy conservation

  4. Water usage

  5. Plastic-free swaps

  6. Sustainable product purchases

  7. Composting activities

  8. Eco-friendly transportation methods

  9. Supporting local and environmentally responsible businesses

  10. Participation in environmental initiatives or clean-up events


This category includes a range of bujo habit tracker ideas focused on your adventures and journeys. By tracking your trips, destinations, and travel experiences, you'll create lasting memories and plan future excursions with ease. Here are several travel-related ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Travel bucket list

  2. Destinations visited

  3. Upcoming trips

  4. Trip itineraries

  5. Travel expenses

  6. Travel highlights and memories

  7. Local attractions to visit

  8. Cultural experiences

  9. Travel tips and recommendations

Home organization 

In the Home Organization category, you'll find a variety of journal tracker ideas focused on maintaining a clean and well-organized living space. By tracking decluttering efforts, cleaning schedules, and home improvement projects, you'll create a comfortable and welcoming environment. Here are a few home organization ideas to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Cleaning schedule

  2. Decluttering checklist

  3. Room-by-room organization

  4. Seasonal home maintenance

  5. Home improvement projects

  6. Pantry and fridge inventory

  7. Laundry routine chore

  8. Gardening tasks

  9. Household supply shopping list

  10. Furniture arrangement ideas

  11. Storage solutions

  12. Emergency preparedness plan

  13. Pest control measures

  14. Energy efficiency upgrades


Key takeaways on using our bullet journal tracker ideas

Our bullet journal tracker ideas list provides a comprehensive guide for organizing various aspects of your life. By implementing these good habits to track, you'll develop a more balanced, efficient, and fulfilling lifestyle. Don’t forget to:

  • Personalize your bullet journal to match your needs and preferences.

  • Prioritize habits that contribute positively to your well-being, relationships, and personal growth.

  • Regularly review and update your habit trackers to maintain focus on your goals.

  • Celebrate your progress and achievements as you build and maintain these habits.

  • Experiment with different tracker layouts and designs to keep your bullet journal fresh and engaging.

With these bullet journal habit tracker ideas, you're well-equipped to take control of your life, build healthy habits, and experience the benefits of a more organized and mindful lifestyle.

You can opt for an alternative to traditional pen-and-paper journaling by utilizing a digital habit tracker app. The best habit tracker app will boast impressive features, such as reminders, daily quotes, cross-platform compatibility, and sharing options. 


What is a good number of daily habits to track in a bullet journal?

A good number of daily habits to track in a bullet journal depends on your personal preferences and capacity. Generally, tracking 3-5 habits daily is manageable for most people, as it prevents feeling overwhelmed. Experiment with tracking habits and adjust the number to find your optimal balance.

Should I track habit ideas in a weekly habits or monthly habits format?

Choosing between weekly trackers and monthly tracker ideas depends on your personal preferences and habits. Weekly trackers work well for habits that require more attention, while monthly trackers are ideal for habits with a longer-term focus. Experiment with both to find what works best for your specific habits and goals.

Are there any bad bullet journal tracking ideas that shouldn’t be used?

A bad habit tracker might not always be the most effective approach, as focusing on negative behaviors can sometimes reinforce them. Instead, consider tracking positive habits that counteract the undesirable ones. By concentrating on building good habits, you'll naturally reduce bad habits while promoting a healthier mindset and lifestyle.