Google Tasks Review 2024: Google Tasks List App Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Thursday, February 8, 2024

Organizing your day is the first step in getting more done in a limited time. While there are many digital options for easily organizing tasks, this Google Tasks review will spotlight how good gTasks is.

Beyond a free day planner, there are a couple of other interesting and valuable features you can find on Google Tasks that will boost your productivity. 

Want to find out more about this work tool? Stick with us as we take a deep dive into Google Tasks.


Google Tasks review 2024: Is Google Tasks any good?

Google Tasks is a simple tool within the Google ecosystem that’s good at carrying out its simple tasks. This Google Tasks review sheds light on how you can enjoy the tool and boost your productivity. This gTasks review is also straight to the point on the details.

Google Tasks review 2024

Google Tasks is a simple productivity tool that always makes it to most of the best free to do list apps around. You might ask what's so special about Google Tasks; the answer is quite simple. It’s a Google app that has finally been able to harmonize a level of interconnection.                             

While Google Tasks may have fewer robust task management features than some other task managers, it excels as a simple to-do list app. 

Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming Google Tasks and Google Keep are the same, but that is not the case. While they might share similar features, our Google Keep review sheds more light on how Google Keep stands out from similar productivity apps.


Google Tasks pricing plans

First of all, how much does Google Tasks cost? Let’s first review Google Tasks prices:

Google Tasks stands out from many task managers as it’s a completely free app. As long as you have a Google account, you can use Google Tasks for free on your PC and mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

You are also permitted 50,000 Google Tasks API requests every day. Once you've reached your quota, you can send a request via the Google APIs Console's Quotas window.


Google Tasks overview: what is Google Tasks & what is Google Tasks used for?

Google Tasks is a task management application developed by Google, designed to help you create, organize, and manage your to-do lists and tasks efficiently. Accessible through the web or mobile apps, Google Tasks integrates seamlessly with other Google apps like Gmail and Google Calendar.

You may easily add tasks, set due dates, make subtasks, and categorize them using lists with Google Tasks. You can manage tasks easily while on the go, thanks to its clear and simple user interface. Additionally, Google Tasks is immediately synced with tasks added to Gmail or Google Calendar, ensuring that all your critical reminders and to-dos are always at hand.

You may manage your daily, weekly, or long-term tasks using Google Tasks for both personal and professional purposes. Google Tasks gives you a simple and accessible platform for being organized and productive, whether it's for managing business assignments, creating reminders for personal chores, or working on tasks with others.


Google Tasks features list

The main features of Google Tasks are:

  • Recurring Tasks

  • Adding Attachments 

  • Search Functionality 

  • Google Integration 

  • Google tasks widget

  • Multi-platform

  • Reminder

1. Recurring Tasks

With Google Tasks, you can set tasks to repeat at specific intervals, making it easy for you to manage recurring responsibilities like weekly meetings or monthly bills.

2. Adding Attachments

You have the option to attach files from your Google Drive to your tasks, allowing you to keep relevant documents, images, or notes right alongside your to-do list.

3. Search Functionality 

Google Tasks offers a powerful search feature that lets you quickly find specific tasks, even if you have a long list of items.

4. Google Integration 

As part of the Google ecosystem, Google Tasks seamlessly integrates with other apps like Gmail and Google Calendar. This integration ensures that your tasks from emails and events automatically appear in Google Tasks, keeping everything organized in one place.

5. Google Tasks widget 

You can add a Google Tasks widget to your home screen or workspace, providing instant access to your to-do list without opening the app. This was not available on iOS, but with the newer iOS versions, the widget feature has been added.

6. Multi-platform 

Google Tasks is available on multiple platforms, including the web, desktop, Android, and iOS devices. This means you can access and manage your tasks and edit your tasks from anywhere, ensuring you stay on top of your responsibilities no matter where you are.

7. Reminder 

Google Tasks allows you to set reminders for your tasks, ensuring you never miss important deadlines or appointments. The reminders can be set for specific times or locations, ensuring you stay on track with your schedule.


Google Tasks pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Tasks:

Google Tasks advantages

Google Tasks offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to organize their tasks quickly.

As part of the Google ecosystem, Google Tasks seamlessly integrates with other apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing for a smooth workflow and automatic synchronization of tasks.

Google Tasks is available on the web and as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, ensuring you can access and manage your tasks from anywhere, on any device.

The ability to set tasks to repeat at specific intervals helps you manage regular or repetitive responsibilities efficiently.

Google Tasks allows you to set reminders and due dates for tasks, ensuring you never miss important deadlines or forget crucial tasks.

Google Tasks disadvantages

While Google Tasks offers simplicity, it may lack some of the more advanced features found in dedicated task management apps, which could be a limitation for users with complex organizational needs.

Google Tasks provides basic lists and subtasks, but it may not be suitable for users who require a more sophisticated hierarchy or task dependencies for complex projects.

Google Tasks review

Google Task is also quite weak in collaboration. You cannot easily link your list for other users to work on, but this is easily remedied. TasksBoard allows you to share your list with five people at most for collaboration.


Google Tasks complaints & praise (Google Tasks reviews from real customers)

The commonest praise that Google Tasks receives is its simplicity. This is something we also emphasized in our gTasks Pro review. It does the work of a to-do list on the go without stress.

Regarding negative Google Tasks reviews, two major issues are its limited feature set and lack of collaborative features. While Google Tasks aims for a simple to-do list form, it falls short in comparison with some other task management apps on the market.

So many reviews of Google Tasks also highlight its reminders and recurring task features and how it seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar.

Review of Google Tasks support

Google Tasks has a couple of support options as it’s part of the Google ecosystem. 

For information regarding navigating Google Tasks, there are a lot of helpful resources, including articles, guides, and FAQs to make it easier. The Google forum also allows users to ask questions about their issues and receive answers from other community members.


Is Google Tasks worth it? Final points

Having gone through our review, the question "is Google Tasks worth it?” might still linger in the hearts of people considering their options. The answer depends on your needs entirely. 

Google Tasks offers a simple and effective task management solution, especially for individuals and teams who are already integrated into the Google ecosystem. 

The ease of use, cross-platform accessibility, and integration with other Google services make it a valuable tool for basic task organization and collaboration. 

If you require more complex functionality, task hierarchies, or dependency tracking, look into Google Tasks alternatives like Todoist, Microsoft To Do, Asana, or Trello.

Finally, it's critical to evaluate your workflow and requirements to determine whether Google Tasks is a good fit for your task management needs or whether looking into alternative products would be a better fit. 

Our final Google Tasks rating

Our final rating for Google Tasks is 3.9.