The Done App Review 2023: Is Done Habit Tracker Worth It?

Date:Thursday, September 21, 2023

Have you ever thought: "I've tried to build better habits, but I don't think I have the organization to do so." Well, have you heard of the Done habit tracker?

In this article, we'll provide a thorough Done app review, looking at pricing, features, pros and cons. So get ready to switch over your bad habits for some good ones, and go beyond the limits of what you thought you could accomplish on your own once you start using a habit tracking platform like Done.


Done app review 2023: Is Done habit tracker any good?

The Done habit tracker app is very good, and after reading our Done app review, you’ll know exactly why. It features a clean and intuitive interface, easy-to-use tools, and is highly effective at helping you build better habits. Now, let’s get into the features and details.

You'll regularly see Done make it onto many of the best habit tracking app lists, and it deserves its spot there. If you want to compare Done, go ahead and read some of those articles. 


Done pricing plans

First of all, how much does the Done app cost? Let’s first review Done app prices:

Done app free plan

Done app premium plan

Check current Done app price


Starts at $24.99



How much does the Done app cost for nonprofits?

There are no special offers for nonprofits.

Are there any Done app coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and it seems there are no Done app coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


Done app free vs premium: what’s the difference?

Done is everything you might want out of a free app. However, there is a premium version with some added extras.

Firstly, you get lifetime access to Done if you shell out for the paid plan. You can also add unlimited habits with the premium subscription model. 

Next, there are many more personalization and customization options with the paid versions. And finally, only in the premium plan do you get the reminders feature.

Normally, the paid plan is a one-time fee of $499.99, which seems quite steep. However, Done is having promotions very often, and you can get the app for as cheap as $99.99 for an 80% discount, or even as low as $24.99 for a 95% discount. Check directly with Done for current special offers.


App overview: what is the Done app & what is Done app used for?

Say, you want to develop a new habit, and you need a system to track how often you do it: every day, or twice to three times per week, or per month. This is what Done is used for. It's an app that lets you create, personalize, organize, and track your habits based on tasks. It's that simple.

Maybe you want to remember to learn a new Chinese vocabulary word every Tuesday and Thursday, and to see the longest amount of time you go without missing the task. Or, you simply want to develop a habit of reading a book before bed. With Done, you’ll be able to work on any habit you want to develop or perhaps even quit.


Done app features list 

The main features of Done app are:

  • Habits

  • Custom habits

  • Dashboard

  • Advanced settings

  • Streaks

  • Trends

  • Widgets

1. Habits

Obviously, the first feature we should begin discussing is how this app lets you create and track habits, monitor progress, and meet your goals.

When you create a new habit with Done, you are presented with some options right off the bat. For example, you can select from the ready-made popular habits, like working out, drinking water, making your bed, brushing your teeth, reading more books, and remembering to eat breakfast. 

You also have the option to choose from preset Apple habits, as in habits that are like ones offered with your Apple Health app. Some examples include hitting your daily steps goal, exercising more, getting better sleep, meditating, and burning those calories.

Finally, you can put a bunch of related habits together into a group. For example, if you want to set a goal to be healthier, you can create a group that includes workouts, eating salad, and sleeping 8 hours per night.

2. Customizing habits

You can always customize the habits that the Done app offers or you can create totally new custom habits from scratch.

Firstly, you get to name your new habit. Then, you can select an icon from your emojis, as well as choose a color to code your habit. This will help keep your habits dashboard organized. The next choice you get is related to the frequency or how often you want to tackle this habit-forming activity. It can be daily, weekly, or you can set it for any number of specific days of the week. 

After that, you can set that habit ratio, as in, how many times per day to meet that daily goal or how often per week, for example, if you want to read two books per week. Following from there, you can choose what time of the day you'll get to those habits, like morning, afternoon, evening, or set it for all day.

No habit building app is worth it if it can't send you reminders. With Done, you can set reminders to do your habits to be daily, weekly, or opt for no reminders. You can also select specific days for reminders, and exact times to get them. All in all, you got enough customization to satisfy your needs.

3. Dashboard

When you open up the Done app, you are presented with your habits dashboard. This is great for a quick overview of whatever daily habit you need to do, or any habit that was scheduled for that day. It can display all the upcoming habits for the day and week as well as give you some stats as to how you are doing with your habit-building techniques. 

4. Advanced settings

For the complete set of tools and features, let us go over some of Done's advanced settings for deeper focus and to better motivate you to raise the bar and reap your rewards.

Not all habits are good. There are bad habits too that you want to quit, like smoking, drinking, or not calling your parents. So, Done distinguishes between habit building and habit breaking. You can choose between these options.

As a habit tracking app, it's great that Done lets you log your activity. For this option, you can set it to fixed count or custom count, depending how you like to track your habits, whether by quantity of use, or number of times per week or day.

You've also got the option to have a badge show on the app icon on your home screen. The point of this is to show you that there is an activity for you to do that day, so at a glance, you automatically know if you need to work on that habit or not.

Finally, there is an advanced tool that allows users to add notes to their habits. This is a great way to track progress, remind yourself of added details that are necessary for undertaking your habits, or fill in other important habit data.

5. Streaks

Done's streaks let you track how many times in a row you have completed your habits.

What this looks like is that you get to put a big circle on the calendar for the goal you completed. When you see that unbroken row of circles, you are on a winning streak. Likewise, an x means you missed that goal and broke that streak. The streaks feature relies on the calendar, which looks similar enough to the iOS or Google calendars.

It's hard to keep streaks going, but if you don't want to fall off the habit wagon, then this is a solid visual way to keep up that motivation.

6. Trends

Done comes with a trends graph, it is clear and intuitive and extremely excellent to see how you're doing and boost your satisfaction levels with your awesome habit-building work.

You can view your trends on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, as well as toggle through past weeks and months to make comparisons. These graphs are clean and clear and color-coded, too. You can also export your trends graph to CSV files for deeper reviews. Finally, when personalizing your trend graph, you can opt to have your week begin on a Sunday or Monday.

7. Widgets

Done is great for many reasons as an app to track better habit building and chart your progress. Our final feature is about the Done widget. You can add a Done widget to your home screen, which would be nice for getting a visually striking reminder every time you open up your phone. I'd also consider adding a widget to the Apple Watch if you wear one.

Done app pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Done app:

Done app advantages

  • Plan: The free version is great for a limited number of habits

  • Simplicity: It's easy to use, and it has a great look and feel

  • Personalization: Creating custom habits makes this twice as effective

  • Widgets: The home screen widget is a great feature

Done app disadvantages

  • Cost: Premium plan is costly if you don't get a deal

  • Social sharing: Not so easy to share your habit stats on social media

  • Reminders: The free plan does not come with reminders


Done app complaints & praise (Done app reviews from real customers)

Positive reviews of Done app online rise to the top of most search results over any negative Done habit tracker review results by actual users. That's because nearly zero online reviews are overtly critical, as most real customers think Done is a very good app.  

Review of Done support

There are customer support options within the app. You can basically go there to open up an email to the Done team with any support issues. You can also request a feature.


Is Done app worth it? Our key takeaways

And so, the final question - is Done app worth it? Yes, Done habit tracking app is a very worthwhile tool to build healthy habits and quit bad habits. In case you are curious about Done app alternatives, there are plenty of resources for you to check out.

Otherwise, get started building a life around positive habits. Do it. Now!

Our final Done app rating

4 out of 5 stars