Covve Review 2024: Covve App Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Thursday, February 22, 2024

Have you ever met with an old friend or acquaintance only to think to yourself "How long has it been?"

Meet Covve. The app that will keep on poking you until you make contact with the people you're supposed to. 

And get this:

It's the first app that's bringing A.I. to the contacts book.

In this Covve review, we'll look at some of the app's best features that make it among the finest address book apps to download on your smart devices. We'll also look at the pricing plans and discuss its pros and cons. Finally, we'll take a look at user reviews from real customers and see what they're saying.

Let's get right into it!



Covve review 2024: Is Covve app any good?

Let me guess:

You arrived at this Covve app review just to get an answer to the following question:

Is the Covve app any good?

Well, let's get down to answering the question right away.

In a nutshell, Covve is a great solution if you want to build and maintain relationships with the most important people in your work and personal life. It does a fine job at helping you keep track of your interactions with people by sending a gentle reminder now and then.

Another scenario where Covve might be a suitable solution for you is if you're after a more lightweight CRM system. There are tons of business-oriented CRMs out there that are overkill for some people and companies, not to mention pricey if your budget is tight. Covve is an affordable CRM in your pocket. 

The app has also received a number of awards, which further supports our claim that this is an advanced contacts app. It's been voted the Best Contacts App by Tom's Guide in 2021 and Best Address Book App for iPhone by NewsExaminer. It's also the winner of the T-Mobile and Nokia program "disrupting the world of communication."

To sweeten the deal, it comes with a range of fantastic features, like digital business card scanner, smart reminders, news alerts affecting your contacts, and contact notes and activity logs. All of these features will enable you to segment and easily navigate your contacts network, create and share your digital business card, and stay more deeply connected with people that matter to you. 

All you need to do is download the app and start using it. As simple as that! 


Covve pricing plans

First of all, how much does Covve cost? Let’s take at Covve prices:

Covve plan

Monthly price

Annual price

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Are there any Covve coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and it seems there are no Covve app coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


What is Covve app?

Covve is a contact management software powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps you build authentic relationships and upgrade your life and career.

Unlike heavyweight CRM systems that are ideal for large teams, Covve satisfies the needs of today's small businessman. It offers all the perks of using an advanced personal CRM in your palm and lets you explore your options more thoroughly. 

With its strong reliance on A.I. technology, Covve scans your network constantly and keeps updating your contacts with the most relevant information. 

In a world shifting towards shallow business relationships, the Covve app aims to help people foster real and warm relationships. 

It does so by sending you reminders when it's time to reach out to a contact. The app scans over 150+ news sources to notify you of news affecting your contacts. Additionally, it lets you create, manage and send your electronic business cards. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

You can use it on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Or, if you prefer, there's also a web-based SaaS app that you can use on your computer.


Covve free vs. paid: what’s the difference?

covve free vs paid

When it comes to choosing a plan, the choice is simple:

You either go with the free plan or upgrade to Covve Pro.

Covve Free is ideal for new users just starting to use a contacts app. You'll get all the app's basic features, like Contact and relationship Management, News & updates on your contacts, Smart auto-reminders, and Contact notes and activity logs. However, there's a limit to the number of relationships you can manage with the free plan. You can't manage more than 20 relationships at the same time. 

Subscribing to the paid plan will give you access to specialized functionality. The plan stands at $9.99/mo paid yearly, or $12.99/mo paid monthly, and it's perfect for professional relationship management. It includes all the features from Covve Free, plus more advanced features like Weekly & custom auto-reminders, Unlimited business card scans, Unlimited relationships, Multiple digital business cards, Exclusive business card designs, Daily contact backups, and Contacts export.


Covve features list

Covve doesn't disappoint when it comes to features. In the following chapter of this Covve review, we'll glance at the app's best features and see how they work so you know what to expect. 

The main features of Covve are:

  • Powerful contact management

  • Intelligent relationship management

  • News and updates on your contacts

  • Smart auto-reminders

  • Digital business cards

  • Business card scans


1. Powerful contact management

covve contact management

One of the most powerful features of the Covve app is the two-way syncing functionality. In other words, the Covve app syncs with your phone's contacts, enabling you to manage everything from one place. 

A friendly tip: 

The two-way syncing function means that if you delete a contact from the Covve app, that same contact will be deleted from your phone's address book. The good news is the system sends you an alert every time you want to delete a contact from Covve. You'll see a message that says, "This contact will be deleted from your Covve account and your synced address book. Are you sure?"

Let's say you want to add a new contact. You can do it in a heartbeat through basic input or by scanning a business card. Covve's search and smart tags let you quickly find who you need. Heck, you can even export your contacts to Excel/CSV for further processing.

Adding notes and logging calls against each contact is also possible. Spouse's name? Kids? Sports team? How did you meet? All this info can be added to a contact as a note, so it doesn't slip your mind. You can perform all kinds of actions directly from the app, like calling a contact, sending them a message or email, and finding them on social media (Linkedin, Twitter).

2. Intelligent relationship management

The Covve app helps you manage all kinds of relationships. Whether it's a close relative you haven't talked to for a while or a business acquaintance you met at a conference, the app will remind you to reach out and build warm relationships. 

This intelligence relationship management starts from the moment you download the app. You'll be asked to choose nine contacts from your address book with which you want to follow-up more regularly (you can add more people later on). The app will then remind you to get in touch with one or two people every week to say hello.

You can tell the system how often to remind you to reach out to contact. There are several options, including monthly, quarterly, yearly, weekly, or twice a year. If you upgrade to the paid plan, you can access custom auto-reminders. 

Tap on a relationship on your contact list, and you'll see all the options you have at your hand. You can call them directly from the app, send a message or email, write a note, and even call them on Facetime. The activity log reveals your entire relationship with this person, so you don't forget a thing.

3. News and updates on your contacts

covve contacts updates

Another highlight of the Covve app is the patented News Engine that is constantly working to inform you of news affecting your contacts and their companies. 

The engine scans more than 150 news sources and provides you with relevant stories based on your contact's location or interests.

Let's say you're looking for a conversation starter. You can tell Covve what topics might interest a contact and the system will search for the latest news on each topic. If a contact lives in Ireland, for instance, and is interested in cryptocurrencies, the system will come up with the latest news about cryptocurrencies in that area. You can then use this info to kickstart a conversation. 

And if any one of your contacts or their companies are in the news, you'll get a notification with the news article. Let's imagine the company of one of your contacts wins an important award. You can be among the first people to send their congratulations. 

4. Smart auto-reminders

The smart auto-reminders won't let any of your relationships go cold. Covve's powerful InTouch Engine lets you know when's the right time to reach out and when you're losing touch with your contacts. You'll get a notification at the start of the week to remind you of your schedule. 

You can even set your own reminder to reach out to a contact when you think it's most convenient. Even better, you can sync that reminder to your phone's calendar. You can also add a note for what to discuss. 

Simply tell the system how often to remind to get in touch. There are several options, including monthly, quarterly, yearly, weekly, or twice a year. If you upgrade to the paid plan, you can access custom auto-reminders.

5. Digital business cards

covve digital business cards

Covve enables a contactless exchange of details. What does this mean? It means that you can create, manage, and send your business card electronically. This is a great feature to impress your network, not to mention that it's also safer for the environment. The best part? You'll save up to 50% in business card costs. 

You can personalize your card by picking a card color and adding your name. Covve Free gives the option to choose between two card designs, while the Pro plan offers three additional card designs.

But that's not all. In addition to personalization, you can create your very own custom card with your branding.

Once you create your digital business card, you can send it to a contact via SMS or email. The person will receive your business card, along with your other contact details like your website, address, and phone number. 

6. Business card scans

The business card scan functionality is a great feature if you need a way to scan all business cards you have collected so far from networking. 

Covve can convert paper business cards to digital with a tap of a button. It does so with the power of its proprietary A.I. engine, which is accurate in 30+ languages. The A.I. searches external sources to fill in any missing details, like social profile links, pictures, and profile images.


Covve pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Covve app:

Covve app advantages

Helps you maintain both personal and work relationships. 

If you're after a professional networking app that can also be used for personal relationships, this is your app. You'll be reminded when to reach out to a contact to keep the relationship warm. Instead of meeting a person only to forget everything about them, you can quickly add their info to the app to stay in touch and nurture the relationship. 

Scan business cards to easily add contacts. 

You'll love the ability to scan business cards instead of adding them manually. Let's say you have a big pile of business cards you've collected over the years. Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can scan them with Covve and import all the data into the system. 

It can be your personal CRM system.

Covve acts as a personal CRM system that you carry in your hand. There's no need for expensive systems that come with a myriad of features you'll never use. Covve offers all the benefits of an agile system, offering all the essential tools for networking and communication. 

The app's UI is minimalistic and clean.

Another area where the app shines is ease of use. Everything is intuitive and works flawlessly, from the second you download the app to scanning business cards. You'll find that everything is well organized, and you won't have any struggles finding your way around. 

You'll finally get rid of paper contact cards.

The app removes the need to print paper business cards. You can create your digital business card and send it to your contacts with one click. You'll save on printing costs, and on the plus side, you're also helping the environment. 

Covve app disadvantages

The free version is limited in features.

The good news is there's a free plan. The bad news is the free plan is limited in features. Some of the features available with the Pro plan are missing from the Free plan. These include unlimited business card scans and unlimited relationships. If you want to manage up to 20 contacts, then the free plan is ideal for your needs. But if your network is bigger than 20 contacts, then you'll have to upgrade. 

The security incident in May 2020.

In 2020, the security team at Covve noticed unusual activity on the platform. It was discovered that the security on the platform had been compromised. An authorized third-party actor stole data belonging to around 90,000 users of the web app. The company released a statement saying the contact data such as name and contact details were accessed but no user passwords were compromised. The web app is now retired, and the platform has undertaken significant measures to safeguard user data. 


Covve complaints & praise

We looked at online Covve reviews to see what customers are saying about the platform. Although positive reviews are more prevalent, we noticed a few negative Covve reviews. 

People seem to love the ability to scan business cards to add contacts easily. Some people praise the generous storage space that lets users keep over 4,000 contacts. One user goes on to say that Covve is essentially a “contact book on steroids."

According to business owners, the app doesn't disappoint when it comes to helping them stay in touch with clients and expand their network. The ease of organization and the business card import feature makes it incredibly easy to make connections and stay on top of professional relationships. College students also praise the app, saying how it helps them develop their careers. 

On the downside, some users say they would like to see the app expand and add more features. Others users find the Android app to be laggy and often unresponsive. Another common complaint is the lack of a Zapier integration.


Review of Covve support

  • "Customer support is nothing but helpful."

  • "The customer service team is beyond belief. I had an issue, and Alex and their team went right to work finding my issue and fixing it (it was me that was the issue, not the app)."

  • "First and foremost - their team is both responsive and takes your data seriously. I've been working through some issues with my setup, and they've been nothing but helpful."

  • "Alex and the team at Covve have been supportive and responsive, and they're continually improving the app."


Is Covve worth it? Our conclusion

Our final conclusion is this: yes, Covve is a great contacts app. The perks of using the platform are just numerous, and we believe anyone who wants to expand their network will love the app.

The best thing about the Covve app is that it comes with a free plan. In other words, nothing prevents you from downloading the app on your device and taking it for a spin. You don't need to spend a dime. If it doesn't meet your expectations, you're free to move on without regretting you've wasted a great deal of money.

If you want to foster deeper relationships, start warm introductions with people, and gain more promising opportunities from collaborative partnerships, this is the app you need.



Is there a Covve desktop version?

At the moment, there's no Covve desktop version. The app is only available on Android and iOS devices. Covve is a mobile app first and foremost but according to the company's website, they are in the process of designing a new web app.