Covve: An Intelligent Personal CRM for Managing Contacts

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Michael Scheiner


Covve brings all the power of professional CRM networking to the individual and personal level. With its strong reliance on AI technology, constantly scanning the digital airwaves, Covve keeps your contact profiles fresh and relevant.

The platform was co-founded by former banking consultant Yiannis Gavrielides and former Deloitte management consultant, Alex Protogerellis. According to Gavrielides:

“Social networks are getting colder and more impersonal than ever.” 

This cold space presented Gavrielides and Protogerellis with an opportunity to create a new kind of CRM—one based on deeper relationships, expanded networks, “warmer introductions,” and more promising opportunities growing out of collaborative partnerships.

So Covve was born—a personal CRM, or as the founders dub it, your “intelligent contacts book.” 

Top tech sans fuss

Under the hood, Covve is an incredibly smart platform thanks to its leveraging of top-shelf proprietary AI. And yet, on the slick surface of things, Covve looks and functions like nothing more complicated than a basic address book.

But basic it ain’t.

Aside from keeping your contacts organized, and making readily available all your past engagements with each contact (some of the more basic CRM tools), Covve is dedicated to expanding your network. 

Covve’s powerful search function helps you find people in your existing contacts who can refer you to new leads plus Covve’s interactive contact mapping gives you the ability to explore your contact list by country and industry to discover new insights. 

How Covve works

Covve is accessible almost everywhere: on mobile, tablet or desktop; you can download the app, or log in through a web browser.

Sync up

Getting all your current contacts into Covve is easy, as Covve syncs with your phone’s address book as well as Google Contacts, Exchange, iCloud, Outlook and Yahoo. Any updates made into Covve will get synced back onto your phone’s apps.

In the news

This one feature is pretty singular: Covve’s AI web trawler constantly scans the online news scene. If any of your contacts, or their companies, are in the news, Covve sends you a notification with the news article, pointing out who in your network might be part of that story.

Say, if a company won an award, you can be among the first to reach out and congratulate your contacts who work there.

Always updating

Using similar methods, Covve is always checking to make sure your contact info is up to date. 

Every so often, you can get a notification saying how many of your contacts have made changes to their online profiles regarding information like location, industry, company, seniority, profile image, and other social profiles details. You then review and approve these updates.

Covve can also automatically update a contact’s information on your end if they are a friend (presumably a close contact). It also picks up on duplicate details among contacts to help keep your network clean. 

Keep in touch

Relationships aren’t one-time deals, they require upkeep. 

Covve sends you reminders to stay in touch with contacts. You specify whether a contact should be reached by email or phone, as well as how frequently: monthly, yearly, quarterly, etc. 

At the beginning of each week, Covve intelligently suggests a list of all the contacts you should be hitting up and through which channel. Meanwhile, other contacts who may have been neglected for too long will also pop up in your reminders.

Scan down

There’s a business card scanner that plugs new contacts right into your list. Covve’s AI uses proprietary algorithms and searches external sources to fill in any missing details, like social profile links, pictures, and profile images.

And no more carrying cardboard for you. One single click of a button sends your own e-business card right back to that new contact whose card you just acquired. 

For the record

Any CRM worth its digital weight in bits should keep a backlog of all engagements with each contact. Covve goes one step further by letting you record conversations, whether by email, phone call, text, or even face-to-face.

You can add notes to each record, and schedule follow-ups in these notes which will sync over to your reminders. When it’s time to make that follow-up, Covve lets you review your notes and past conversations so you go into that important call or meeting fully prepared. 

See it all

If you want a different kind of perspective of your network, Covve also offers an interactive visual contact map.

You can use this option to get quick access to your contacts broken down in a pie chart by country and industry, making it instantly salient where the bulk of your contacts work.

There is also custom tagging, categorization, and even a favoriting option, all of which can be used as search terms or dynamic filters to drill down into specific fields and get quick access to the contacts or details you’re looking for.

The great expansion

Saving some of the best for last, it’s time to talk about meeting new people and growing your network with Covve Maps.

Say, you want to find someone working at a specific company, perhaps even with a specific title. Without divulging to you anyone’s real name or contact info, Covve can tell you who among your current contacts knows someone that fits your bill. Then, it’s up to you to ask your contact for a warm intro.

Example: “Your contact Tony G. knows somebody at Company X.”

After Tony makes that successful introduction, Covve can unlock that somebody’s profile and add them to your list.

Likewise, you can share contacts you have with people you trust. At first, they’ll only see surface details (company, industry, role, location), but if the intro goes well, they’ll get the full profile.

Respecting privacy

Not sharing personal details is part of Covve’s larger dedication to anonymity, respecting privacy and maintaining a totally secure system.

By only making visible general details of your contacts in your network, it allows everyone to peruse contact lists without gaining any sensitive personal details. If you care to go a step further, you can even make some of your contacts totally invisible to the rest of your network.

Covve never shares or sells anyone’s personal or network data, and you can delete anything from their records at any time. To speak to their advanced security, their servers make use of 256-bit SSL encryption, which is pretty much on par with bank or military-grade encryption. 

Getting personal

While Covve clearly has got the chops to help a professional enterprise grow and evolve, its clean interface and simplicity definitely make it a tool for anyone hoping to manage their personal relationships.

Gavrielides himself knows a thing or two about a good work/life balance between personal interests and professional endeavors. Before Covve, and after banking, he started a few companies in industries he personally loved, like Stagedoor, an app to discover theatre productions across London, and Blend, a team management app for bars and restaurants. As each endeavor is closely linked to building networks and managing relationships, Covve fits in perfectly within Gavrielides' expanding project portfolio. 

With Covve keeping your relationships fresh, relevant and always at your fingertips, you’re that much more ready to convert that killer connection into the next big business deal.