Review 2024: App Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Tuesday, January 9, 2024

If you want to get your productivity levels into overdrive, a great personal task management tool like is a great place to start. 

In this review, we'll explore not only the app's excellent to-do list features for basic personal use, but also its functionality for teams and businesses. review 2024: is the app any good?

According to our review, as well as many other online reviews, is a very good system for managing daily tasks, more in-depth projects, and for helping teams communicate and collaborate. This 'software as a service' has general positive overall ratings. Read on to find out why!

Of course, is not alone in the task and project management solution market. You could find it included in many best to do list app articles among other names like Todoist, TickTick and ClickUp. pricing plans

First of all, how much does cost? Let’s first review prices: plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current price







$3 per month billed annually




$5 per user per month billed annually



How much does cost for nonprofits?

As of now, there are special prices for students, educators or for people working at an NGO. Contact directly through their web form for more information.


Are there any coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

After doing the research, one does not find any special coupon codes or promotional vouchers for You can still possibly find third party sites that offer discounts, but always check directly with to ensure they are valid. free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Here are some of the main differences between the free plan and the paid plans. Firstly, the free plan gets you task and list management, but not recurring tasks. What's more, you can only get WhatsApp notifications with the premium option, and the same thing goes if you want to create color tags and local reminders. Finally, you need a paid plan to access's integration library that includes over 5,000 separate business SaaS.

If you aren't completely sure about getting the paid version of right away, you can look into a 14-day free trial. todo list overview: what is & what is used for? is a task manager system. It exists to help create and run through to-do lists. You can use as a personal tool, but it also has more advanced features for teams to use as a communication and collaboration platform, with shared workspaces being ideal for team project management. 

It should be added that also takes security seriously, meaning your sensitive data and other privacy issues won't be compromised as you upload your personal tasks and daily events to their system. features list 

The main features of are:

  • Task management

  • Daily planner

  • Project management

  • Reminders

  • calendar

  • Collaboration

  • Integrations

  • Mobile app

1. Task management

It all starts with task management. Create new tasks with minimal steps. Set colors for tags to easily tell priority level or category. Tasks can also get added data like notes and subtasks. You can also add attachments to tasks. Set due dates to keep track of deadlines, and add reminders in case you need a nudge. 

Finally, you can also share your tasks among your team, with the useful addition of task assignees, built-in chats, and progress tracking.'s task management toolkit works pretty decently on the mobile phone as well.

2. Daily planner

The next tool is the daily planner feature. This one is included within the free package. You get a daily good morning message that clearly numbers everything on your plate for that day. From there, you can sort and pick the tasks that are either fastest to get done, or the issues that are most pressing. 

If you need help, offers smart suggestions to help plan your day. If you have video calls or meetings, you can have that data on your daily planner and join those meetings with just one click. There is also great syncing between the daily planner and the calendar.

3. Project management

Project management is where graduates from a simple personal planner to a proper business tool. It all begins with Kanban styled views. Kanban dashboards, for those who don't know, are ideal ways of managing a number of tasks across a team for a whole project. What's more, project tools allow for easy workflows. This allows users to create automated business processes to speed up work and reduce employee fatigue. 

One more thing, when you get started with a new project using, the best way to go about this is to begin with a template. These are customizable and can be saved and shared. 

4. Reminders

We've already mentioned reminders briefly above in the task management section, but they require a bit more detail. You can set up recurring reminders to be daily, on a per week basis, or monthly, alongside easy one-time reminders. 

There are also location reminders, meaning you will get the notification to complete a task when you are geographically near the place where the task must get done. For example, if you can't forget to verify a document that is physically located in the office. Location reminders can also be set for when you arrive or when you leave a location. 

5. calendar

Task management tools should always sync up with calendars and does this very well, putting tasks and events on a neat dashboard. 

It also seamlessly shares data with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, and other calendar apps. Many users adore the calendar interface design. 

6. Collaboration

As is clear, is a good personal tool, yet when combined with chat and collaboration features, it is also a solid team platform. You can set up collaborative workspaces for projects and group tasks, as well as keep outside stakeholders in the loop. 

Chat functions let you mention other team members which will alert them. Many remote teams owe a big thanks to

7. Integrations

Here are some nice integrations. Get notifications directly on WhatsApp. Sync your email up with a Gmail connection. Or use with a personal digital assistant like Siri or Google Assistant. With Zapier you can add new connections as well.

8. Mobile app has mobile phone apps for iOS and Android, available at the App Store and Google Play store respectively. The apps sync data with the web browser and desktop versions. 

These apps work well for simple to-do lists, notifications and reminders, and basic team communication. The calendar is also a powerful feature of the mobile apps. pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of advantages

The first benefit of is how simple the basic tools are, especially when you compare it to alternatives. You can get this program up and running very quickly.

The next pro is that the interfaces have pleasant and intuitive theme designs, making the user experience that much less dull or complicated.

Finally, the Calendar gets a special mention for being effective. disadvantages

One drawback is that the free plan is very limited if you want to use this to run a business, though it's fine for limited personal use.

Another con to is that not all versions work equally well, for example, the web browser versions are excellent, but the mobile or desktop versions could use some improvement. complaints & praise ( reviews from real customers)

When you read any app review, you’ll notice that the users mostly talk about the ease of use and the speedy learning curve. Other glowing reviews of single out the fact that you can integrate this with other calendar apps like Google Calendar, or that you can access your to-do list from any device.

The negative reviews are much more tight-lipped. But if you scour the review sites long enough, you can come across some complaints, such as the fact that recurring tasks are not available in the free option, despite being so important to anyone using a task management solution. 

Review of support

To get started, tries to direct its new users to a resource and support center, where you can find tutorials and a blog. There are also more serious video tutorials and a help center. You can reach out to with questions or concerns via a website form. It does not seem like there is much more in the way of customer support, although you might receive some extra service in the premium and team plans.


Is worth it? Our conclusion

So we come down to the moment of asking, is worth it? Well, as a free personal day planner and task manager, yes, is well worth it. Even the premium plan is very affordable. 

So, the next question is, is worth it for teams and for businesses to run their project management? This SaaS can indeed hold its own against many similar alternatives. So the short answer is also yes. However, it does not hurt to wallow through a more in-depth comparison if you have time and will. 

But remember, the will is yours, but time is money, and a good task tool like is all about putting extra time back in your pocket—every minute counts.

Our final rating

No need to wait any longer for our rating. Here it is: 4/5.