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After talking to many small businesses, Diego Sanchez, the Product Manager at Buffer, realized there's a common issue among companies trying to engage with their customers on social media: the struggle to stay on top of comments.

Customer service CRM app Kustomer has just added Instagram Messaging to its platform, now letting brands, customers, and influencers stay closer than ever.

More conversations shift online with each passing day. Every day, roughly 175 million people already get in touch with a business via WhatsApp to ask questions and get helpful information.

From planning that first post to gauging the success of entire campaigns, Falcon is a multipurpose social media management and marketing powerhouse.

By sticking to core company values, Buffer sets new standards and demonstrates a deeper understanding of what makes for excellent social media management.

With social listening, analytics, and marketing, Audiense helps build serious growth through consumer insights and engagement.

Buffer has always been great for Instagram management. Now they’re that much better with IG Stories control.

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