Top 15 Best Webinar Platform Software Tools Compared (2023)

Last Updated:Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Webinar software is incredibly useful for businesses that want to draw in highly interested prospects, engage with their viewers, obtain immediate feedback, and take advantage of captivating guest speakers.

Looking for the best webinar platform to host your online events? In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best webinar platform software tools available today.

We'll review each tool based on general features, such as ease of use and functionality, as well as pros and cons. Additionally, we'll cover pricing so that you can find the perfect live webinar platform for your business needs.


Best webinar platform comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)

What is the best webinar platform currently available in the market? Check out our top ten list! Then, keep scrolling to find the top webinar platforms for your specific business needs.



Best for




Large businesses

Starts at $29/month



Product sales for small businesses

Starts at $39/month



Small businesses looking to increase sales

Starts at $22/month



Hosting live and automated events

Starts at $34/month


Zoho Meeting

Businesses on a budget

Free or $12 per host/month



Trainings and classes

Starts at $30/month



Corporate events and marketing campaigns

Starts at $499/month



Hosting engaging live events

Starts at $12,000 billed annually



Engaging webinars and meeting

Free/starts at $99/month



Large-scale events

Starts at $59/month



Email & webinar marketing

Free/starts at $19/month



Live and automated events

Starts at $78/month



Large virtual events

Price available upon inquiry


My Own Conference

Small businesses on a budget

Free/starts at $29/month



Screen recording and video tutorials

Starts at $8 per creator/month



What are the different types of webinar platforms?

In general, webinar platforms can be divided into the following categories: 

  • Video webinar platforms: These tools allow you to host online video conferences, where attendees can view the presenter's screen and interact with each other in real-time. Popular examples include GoToMeeting and Zoom.

  • Desktop sharing software: This type of tool allows users to share their desktops with others during an online meeting, which can be useful for teaching or presenting new ideas. Common examples include WebEx and

  • Q&A software: This type of tool allows you to set up an online meeting where attendees can submit questions in advance, and the presenter can use the tool to answer them during the event. Some examples include Crowdcast and MeetingBurner.

  • Polling software: This type of tool allows you to solicit audience feedback during your webinars, such as by conducting polls or surveys to collect information about your attendees' preferences and needs. Common examples include SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang.

There are many different types of webinar platform software tools available, depending on your specific business needs. These include tools for large-scale events with hundreds or thousands of attendees, as well as tools designed for smaller events with only a few participants.

So which webinar platform is right for you? It all depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you're looking for a powerful webinar platform that can handle large-scale events with hundreds or thousands of attendees, then a video webinar platform might be the best choice for you. However, if you're planning a smaller event with only a few participants, then you may want to consider using desktop sharing software or Q&A software instead. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be a webinar platform that can meet them.

With so many great options available, there's sure to be a solution that fits your business's unique requirements. But with so many choices out there, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you. So let's explore some of the best webinar software platforms on the market today and see how they stack up against each other.


What are the best webinar software tools & services? Here’s our top 15 list:

What is the best webinar platform currently available? And, what are the trending video conferencing tools? We list our 15 favorites based on in-depth research, testing, and real user reviews. We prepared various different webinar solutions, so you’ll definitely find software that will suit your organization’s conferencing and streaming needs.

1. WebinarNinja (best webinar platform overall)

WebinarNinja is one of the most powerful and feature-rich platforms available for large businesses. With this platform, you can create live, on-demand, automated, or hybrid webinars that engage your audience and boost your sales.

The importance of customer journey optimization is crucial for business success. The WebinarNinja team recognized this and concentrated on making its tool development simple to track and adapt in accordance with a prospect's location in the funnel. 

This app’s webinar features we love the most are:

  • Integration with CRMs like HubSpot so that lead tracking is simple.

  • Excellent landing page option that can be used for webinar registration and charging for events.

  • Can be used for virtual events such as an online conference.

  • Enables more precise, tailored tracking of webinar attendance using a Facebook Ad tracking pixel.


  • Fully customizable platform and sophisticated analytics tools

  • Engagement features like live chat, polling, and downloadable handouts are available

  • Great looking landing page templates

  • You can embed sales offers in presentations

  • Strong customer support and training materials


  • The backend can be challenging to navigate


WebinarNinja pricing plans are based on the number of attendees:

  • Basic plan - $29/month (up to 50 live webinar attendees)

  • Pro plan -  starts at $99/month for 100 live webinar attendees

  • Business plan - starts at $199/month for 100 live webinar attendees

Users who opt for annual billing get two months for free.

Visit WebinarNinja

2. WebinarJam (top budget-friendly webinar platform for small businesses)

WebinarJam is an incredibly easy-to-use software that does a great job at product sales. Easy-to-use webinar software WebinarJam is particularly good at product sales. Pop-up CTAs that show during the webinar make it simple for attendees to make a purchase.

In addition, WebinarJam is an excellent choice for large webinars with thousands of attendees. The Enterprise plan allows for up to six presenters and 5,000 live attendees.

WebinarJam features we loved the most are:

  • Customizable templates, including emails and waiting room graphics.

  • The ability to add up to six co-presenters, which makes it easy to give a high-quality, collaborative presentation.

  • Automatic recording makes it easy to get in touch with people who signed up but missed the live webinar.

  • "Replica Replays" lets you play back your webinar exactly as it was. For example, comments from attendees will appear at the same time as they did in the original.


  • Access a 14-day trial for just $1

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Pop-ups that alert attendees to buy a product or service right from the webinar

  • Easily incorporate polls and surveys during the webinar


  • Automated on-demand webinars require you to purchase EverWebinar

  • Occasional video/sound delay


WebinarJam offers four different plans:

  • Starter - $39/month (billed annually)

  • Basic - $79/month (billed annually)

  • Professional - $229/month (billed annually)

  • Enterprise - $379/month (billed annually)

Visit  Webinar Jam 

3. WebinarGeek (best webinar software for small business)

WebinarGeek is a powerful platform that offers everything you need to engage your audience, optimize lead generation, and increase sales. With this user-friendly platform you can conduct live streaming, on-demand, hybrid, and automated webinars.

WebinarGeek allows you to draw visitors to your content and then convert them into buyers on the same platform by using its clever marketing tools. WebinarGeek has a number of excellent solutions that are affordably priced for small enterprises.

What makes WebinarGeek one of the best webinar platforms for small business? It also has plenty of other excellent features, such as:

  • Your audience doesn't need to download anything, making it simple for non-technical audiences to participate.

  • You can create a webinar channel to showcase all of your past, present, and upcoming webinars in one location.

  • Excellent customer service that will assist you in setting up and conducting smooth webinars.

And most importantly, WebinarGeek is reasonably priced for small businesses.


  • Easy to use interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users

  • 14-day free trial.

  • Create a live, on-demand, evergreen, or hybrid webinar

  • Different pricing options, making it affordable for businesses of any size


  • Some users find the initial setup takes a long time


WebinarGeek pricing plans are based on the number of attendees:

  • Starter plan - $22/month (up to 25 attendees)

  • Premium plan -  $58–$294/month (100–2,000 live attendees)

  • Advanced plan - custom pricing (500–4,000 live attendees)

Visit WebinarGeek 

4. Demio (Great online webinar platform compatible with various devices)

Demio is a great webinar platform that works well on both PCs and mobile devices. features a sleek design, an intuitive user interface, and it is easy to use. It's a good live video tool for marketers who want to host live or automated events that can help them reach their goals of getting leads and increasing demand.

Demio does a great job of combining marketing tools for lead generation with webinars that don't require audiences to download anything. It offers HD streaming video in real-time on a platform that looks good. Almost everything can be changed to fit your brand.

Our favorite features are:

  • Automatic lead management that allows you to easily and quickly qualify leads based on the information you collect from your attendees.

  • Material sharing (e.g., slides and videos) while streaming.

  • The ability to let people use their microphones and webcams to make the meeting more interactive.

  • You can engage with your audience by adding polls, handouts, and calls to action to the platform.


  • Highly customizable webinar pages

  • Engagement features such as live chat, document handouts, and CTA pop-ups

  • Easy to use and navigate

  • Automatic lead management that allows you to qualify leads in real-time.

  • Robust integrations with other marketing tools


  • Price is on the higher end for more than 50 live attendees

  • No registration page conversion analytics


Demio offers three different plans:

  • Starter - $34/month (single host, paid annually)

  • Growth - $69/month (per host, paid annually)

  • Premium - $250/month (per host, paid annually)

Visit Demio

5. Zoho Meeting (best free webinar platform)

Looking for a powerful and free webinar platform? Look no further than Zoho Meeting. This easy-to-use platform features top-of-the-line recording, broadcasting, and marketing tools that can help you effectively engage your audience and increase your sales conversion rates.

Zoho Meeting is a simple, browser-based video conferencing and webinar tool and one of the most user-friendly webinar platforms available today. Its intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to host and participate in webinars, regardless of their technical experience. 

Plus, the platform's robust features make it a great marketing platform that helps you leverage your webinar content to get leads and increase sales conversions. Talk about one of the best video conferencing software...

Some features unique to Zoho Meeting include:

  • Discreet moderator controls, including the capacity to lock meetings, smoothly change presenters, and appropriately delegate control of screen presentation options to various contributors.

  • Dial-in and online attendance options for attendees using various devices or media.

  • Include co-branding in meeting invitations and email reminders for attendees.


  • Easy to use and navigate, even for non-technical users

  • Browser-based and compatible with various devices

  • Robust marketing features that can help you boost your sales conversions

  • Free plan available for those on a budget


  • Lacks some advanced features found in more expensive webinar platforms, such as live chat or screen sharing tools


Zoho Meeting pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free plan - for up to 100 meeting participants and 100 webinar attendees

  • Meeting - $12 per host/month for 100 participants

  • Webinar - $35 per organizer/month for 100 attendees.

Users who opt for annual billing receive a 15% discount.

Visit Zoho Meeting

6. ClickMeeting (best webinar software for trainings and classes)

Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use webinar platform that can help you host engaging training and classes? Look no further than ClickMeeting. This top-rated webinar software offers all the features you need to create successful virtual events, including customizable templates, integrated marketing tools, and seamless video streaming capabilities.

With ClickMeeting, you can easily and quickly plan and host webinars, online meetings, trainings, and classes. The platform's intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to join a meeting or webinar, regardless of their technical experience.

What makes ClickMeeting an excellent choice for training and classroom-style presentations is:

  • Waiting areas with customizable agendas, file distribution, and presenter details.

  • A complete toolkit for webinars, including extra rooms, whiteboards, and polls.

  • With the ClickMeeting mobile apps, it is possible to attend and conduct webinars while on the go.


  • View a live webinar on Facebook or YouTube

  • Seamless sharing of screens, videos, and files

  • Use live chat and Q&A sessions to interact with your audience

  • Unlimited landing pages for webinars


  • Can’t schedule recurring meetings


ClickMeeting pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free trial - for up to 25 attendees; available for 30 days

  • Live - $30 per month

  • Automated - $45 per month

  • Custom plan

Users who opt for annual billing receive a discount of up to 20%.

Visit ClickMeeting 

7. WorkCast (excellent interactive webinar platform for marketers)

WorkCast is a powerful, reliable webinar platform that brands itself as “created for marketers.” This top-rated webinar marketing tool offers all the features you need to engage your audience, including customizable templates, integrated marketing tools, and seamless video streaming capabilities.

With WorkCast, you can easily and quickly plan, host, and promote your corporate events or marketing campaigns. The platform's intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to join a meeting or webinar, regardless of their technical experience. Additionally, the platform's robust features make it an excellent choice for boosting sales conversions and increasing attendees'  engagement.

WorkCast features allow you to:

  • Integrations with popular CRMs, so you can track your leads and send follow-up emails.

  • Host, participate in, or present at webinars, with no downloads or plugins necessary.

  • Have simulative webinars that combine pre-recorded video with a live Q&A session or presentation.

  • All the advantages of viewer interaction without the hassle of setting up a live webinar.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Robust features that can help increase engagement and boost sales

  • Manage your events and marketing campaigns efficiently

  • Integrations with numerous CRMs


  • The platform is very expensive.


WorkCast has four plans available:

  • Solo - a three-month license priced at $2,199  

  • Lite - a 12-month license priced at $499/month

  • Pro - a 12-month license priced at $999/month

  • Enterprise - price available upon inquiry

Visit WorkCast 

8. Zuddl (best webinar platform for live events)

Looking for a webinar platform that can help you easily host engaging live events? Look no further than Zuddl. This powerful and reliable tool offers all the features you need to create successful virtual events, including customizable templates, integrated marketing tools, and seamless video streaming capabilities.

With Zuddl, you can quickly plan and host your webinars, seminars, conferences, and other live events. The platform's intuitive interface makes it simple for anyone to join a meeting or webinar, regardless of their technical experience. And with features like instant polls and automated email notifications, you can easily keep your attendees engaged and informed throughout the event.

Speaking of features, here’s what makes Zuddl unique:

  • You may design unique registration pages and distribute paid or unpaid event passes via automated emails thanks to Zuddl's built-in ticketing and email features.

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android that enable participants to join the event while on the move.

  • 50+ pre-built 3D themes for more intuitive sessions can help your webinars achieve their goals.


  • Easy to use and navigate interface

  • Powerful, reliable platform for live events

  • Robust features for boosting engagement and increasing event attendance

  • Available on iOS and Android devices


  • The software is very expensive


Zuddl has three plans available:

  • Webinar - $12,000 (billed annually)

  • Virtual - $24,000 (billed annually)

  • Enterprise - price available upon inquiry

Visit Zuddl 

9. Livestorm (best platform for product demos and video conferencing)

Livestorm is a modern, powerful webinar platform that offers all the features you need to host successful virtual events, including customizable templates, real-time survey tools, and seamless video streaming capabilities. It works exceptionally well for product demos and training sessions.

With the help of Livestorm, you can organize all of your meetings and webinars in one location. The intuitive platform makes it simple for attendees to join the event – all they need is an internet connection and a web browser. And with features like instant polling and automated follow-ups, you can keep your audience engaged throughout the event.

Some of the most prominent Livestorm features are:

  • You may quickly personalize your registration page by creating it straight on the platform.

  • Add a Livestorm form or customize the form fields on a HubSpot landing page.

  • Send email cadences to remind your applicants of the upcoming webinar or use follow-up email marketing with them afterward.

  • Use breakout webinar rooms, virtual whiteboards, emoji reactions, live answer notifications, timers, polls, Q&As, and more.

  • Utilize Livestorm's statistics to track your contacts' participation and attendance immediately.


  • There is a free version (but it comes with limitations)

  • Run fully automated, on-demand, or live webinars.

  • With tools like voting, Q&A sessions, and upvoting, you can engage attendees.

  • It's browser-based, so it can be used on any device and doesn't need to be downloaded or installed.

  • People who have registered can receive automatic email reminders via integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and other widely used tools.


  • Browser-based software can result in reduced video quality due to the host’s internet connection


Livestorm has four plans available:

  • Free plan - for up to 30 live attendants and 20 minutes per session

  • Pro - $99/month (20% discount available for annual billing)

  • Business - price available upon inquiry

  • Enterprise - price available upon inquiry

Visit Livestorm 

10. GoToWebinar (best platform for product demos and video conferencing)

If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable platform to host your next virtual event, look no further than GoToWebinar. With its intuitive interface and robust features, GoToWebinar makes it easy to create professional meetings and webinars that engage attendees and drive results.

A top-tier choice that makes conducting a live webinar feel incredibly easy, GoToWebinar goes above and above by providing the best of live webinar management, including interaction features, automatic recording, and exceptional connectors.

Features that make GoToWebinar stand out are:

  • 24/7 customer service is crucial during stressful live webinars.

  • To help identify the most successful sign-up tactics, source tracking is used.

  • Excellent metrics that let you keep modifying and become better.

  • Flexible pricing tiers to suit a variety of budgets.

  • Advanced video streaming capabilities and HD quality content, so attendees can see every detail no matter where they are.


  • Great audience engagement options such as polls and surveys

  • HD video and excellent audio quality

  • Tools for lead management and reporting

  • Use conference rooms to segment your audience


  • The software seems a little antiquated.

  • Participants are required to download software


GoToWebinar has four plans available:

  • Lite - $59 per organizer/month (billed annually) - up to 250 participants

  • Standard - $129 per organizer/month (billed annually) - up to 500 participants

  • Pro - $199 per organizer/month (billed annually) - up to 1,000 participants

  • Enterprise - $399 per organizer/month (billed annually) - up to 3,000 participants

One great thing is that GoToWebinar often offers great discounts, so you may be able to grab this webinar platform for a lower price.

Visit GoToWebinar 

11. GetResponse (excellent platform for webinar marketing)

If you're looking for a powerful webinar platform that offers all the features you need to create compelling and engaging events, then GetResponse is an excellent choice. This webinar software is also an email marketing platform that will help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

With GetResponse, you can quickly create professional-looking landing pages for your events, run automated follow-up campaigns to boost conversions, and engage with attendees in real-time using chat features. 

This popular tool makes it simple to host live or pre-recorded webinars, track user attendance and participation levels, and send follow-up emails automatically. Whether you want to use it for product demos, customer support sessions, or marketing events, GetResponse has the features and tools you need to succeed. 

Some of GetResponse key features include:

  • Free plan for up to 500 contacts.

  • Easy-to-use interface that doesn't require any special technical skills.

  • Fully automated email notifications and reminders, so attendees never miss your events.

  • Real-time analytics so you can track attendance and engagement levels throughout your event.

  • Customizable webinar registration forms so you can capture all the information you need.


  • GetResponse features integrated email marketing tools because it is primarily an email marketing platform

  • You can customize the URL of your webinar’s page

  • Enables visitor retargeting for your webinar page

  • Surveys, polls, and promotions are included to draw in viewers


  • The software setup is slightly confusing


GetResponse has four plans available:

  • Free - up to 500 contacts

  • Email Marketing - starts at $19/month (up to 1,000 contacts) 

  • Marketing Automation - starts at $59/month (up to 1,000 contacts) 

  • Ecommerce Marketing - starts at $119/month (up to 1,000 contacts) 

Visit GetResponse  

12. EasyWebinar (best software for live and automated webinars)

Looking for a powerful and flexible webinar platform that can be used for live and automated events? Look no further than EasyWebinar. EasyWebinar takes pride in being a user-friendly platform for live and automated evergreen webinars. This software makes it easy to create engaging, professional-looking events with minimal hassle or technical know-how.

This webinar software offers all the features you need to host live or automated webinars, engage with attendees in real-time, and track user participation levels throughout your event.

EasyWebinar offers both live and automated webinars, and you can easily create custom landing pages for your events using its built-in builder tools. Plus, EasyWebinar has advanced reporting features that allow you to track your webinar performance and measure user engagement levels. 

Some of the key features included in EasyWebinar are: 

  • Free plan for up to 100 attendees.

  • Customizable registration pages for your events so you can collect all the information you need from potential attendees.

  • Integrated email marketing tools that allow you to promote your events and track engagement levels easily.

  • Real-time analytics so you can see attendee participation levels in real-time. 


  • Live and automated webinars are included in even the most affordable plan

  • Offers the option of screen sharing for multiple presenters

  • Features that engage the audience, such as live chat and Q&A

  • Has a WordPress plugin


  • Viewers have to install a webinar app to see the webinar on a mobile device

  • Not the most affordable option, particularly with large audiences


EasyWebinar has four plans available:

  • Standard plan - $78 per month (up to 100 live attendees)

  • Pro plan - $129 per month (up to 500 live attendees)

  • Enterprise plan - $499 per month (up to 2,000 live attendees)

Users who opt for annual billing receive three months for free.

Visit EasyWebinar 

13. BigMarker (best customizable webinar software for virtual events)

BigMarker is known as one of the most customizable platforms for webinars and online events. The software is browser-based, so there is no need to download anything in order to use this webinar app. In addition, it offers numerous third-party app integrations.

This webinar platform is one of the best choices for hosting large virtual events, as it allows unlimited presenters and up to 10,000 attendees.  It also offers several built-in collaboration tools, such as online chat and whiteboards.

What makes BigMarker an excellent choice for virtual events:

  • Engage up to 10,000 viewers at once with a webinar.

  • No limits to the number of presenters in a discussion.

  • Contains all the tools you'll need to promote your content, earn money from your webinars, and track your audience growth.


  • Browser-based webinar tool that requires no downloads

  • Engagement features include lead forms, polls, offers, and Q&A

  • Allows you to stream multiple camera feeds to Facebook live or YouTube live

  • Over 15 different landing page types are available


  • Video may lag when the connection is slow


BigMarker multiple packages available:

  • Webinar plans

  • Event packages

  • Media hubs,

However, the pricing is available only upon inquiry.

Visit BigMarker 

14. My Own Conference (cheapest webinar platform for small businesses)

Looking for a cheap webinar platform that gets the job done without breaking the bank? My Own Conference is a great option for those on a tight budget. With plans starting at just $29 per month, this platform is one of the most affordable options out there. And let's not forget that this software has a forever-free plan that allows you to host webinars for up to 20 attendees.

But don't let this low cost fool you - this webinar software still offers all the features you need to host a successful event. From customizable registration pages and built-in email marketing tools to real-time analytics, My Own Conference has everything you need for a successful webinar. 

My Own Conference features that we love are:

  • Browser-based software compatible with every device.

  • Creating landing pages and forms is very easy with a user-friendly interface.

  • Automated email invites and reminders to ensure maximum attendance.


  • Forever-free plan allows up to 20 attendees — better than most free versions

  • Records webinars in HD

  • Broadcast up to 10 presenters simultaneously

  • The platform is available in 16 languages


  • You can only record up to 20 minutes on the free plan


My Own Conference has two plans available:

  • Forever-free plan - for up to 20 attendees

  • Paid plan - starts at $29/month for 60 attendees (billed annually)

Interestingly, this webinar platform also offers daily plans that start at $12 for 60 attendees.

Visit My Own Conference 

15. Loom (top screen recording software platform)

Looking for a webinar platform that can also act as screen recording software? Loom is a perfect choice. With its intuitive user interface, simple screen recording tools, and extensive library of integrations and plugins, Loom is one of the most popular webinar software options on the market today. 

Whether you need to capture screenshots or create videos, Loom makes it easy to record and edit your content quickly and easily. With features like instant playback, screen annotations, and real-time collaboration tools, Loom is an ideal choice for businesses that need to create high-quality video content in a variety of situations.

With more than 14 million trusted users, Loom is definitely one of the best screen recording software. Popular Loom features are:

  • Webcams and speakers' screens can both be recorded for a more personal experience.

  • While asynchronous, viewers can respond to videos with emojis, time-stamped comments, and interactive features to keep your team in touch.

  • Receivers can access your Loom recordings with a link without having to log in or remember a password.


  • Free 14-day trial is available

  • Paid pricing plans are quite affordable

  • Wide range of integrations and plugins

  • Easy to use and navigate interface


  • Limited functionality for advanced editing or recording options

  • Some users may find the screen annotations a bit clunky or difficult to work with. 


Loom has three plans available:

  • Starter - free for up to 50 creators and 25 videos per person

  • Business - $8 per creator/month (billed annually) 

  • Enterprise - price available upon inquiry

Visit Loom 


Which of the top 15 best webinar tools & services is right for me? Key takeaways

What are the best webinar services for your business? The ideal webinar platform will differ based on your objectives, target audience, budget, and other aspects.

For instance, a conferencing solution like Zoho Meeting could work if you're just beginning with webinars and only expect a few attendees. Even better, free solutions such as My Own Conference will help you get the hang of using a webinar platform without spending a penny.

But what if you routinely anticipate dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of attendees? (and you want to repurpose the content to keep generating more leads). The best option in that situation is a fully integrated turnkey system like Livestorm, Demio, or GoToWebinar.

There are so many different webinar platforms available that will help you reach your audience. We hope this post helped you find the one you were looking for because, in the end, choosing the best webinar app for your needs depends solely on your goals, plans, and budget.