Zyro Review 2024: Is Zyro Website Builder Any Good?

Last Updated:Thursday, January 11, 2024

Sometimes, the thought of building a website from scratch can feel daunting and time-consuming. But, our Zyro website builder review will show you that building websites can be easy and enjoyable.

Zyro comes to the rescue to help you create a professional-looking website without much hassle. 

In this Zyro review, we'll discuss what makes Zyro a good website builder, examine the most notable features, and compare the pricing options to help you determine if Zyro is the ideal choice for your needs. We'll also look at what real customers say about their experience using the software.

Let’s get started!


Zyro review 2024: is Zyro a good website builder?

In our Zyro.com review, we address the question: how good is Zyro? Zyro is an affordable, stable, and user-friendly website builder. It's a solid choice to quickly get your business online, as it offers a good range of features such as eCommerce functionality, and AI and marketing tools.

It has a library of over 130 simple and customizable templates. To top that, it has a great ease of use. Even complete beginners can create an online site swiftly and painlessly without writing a single line of code. 

Zyro stands out as one of the most cost-effective options compared to other website builders, with pricing plans ranging from $3.99 to $14.99 per month. All plans include unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for one year, and free web hosting.

We’re such fans of Zyro that we have included it on our list of 15 best website builders for small businesses, along with website builder companies like Wix and Squarespace. 


Review of Zyro website builder pricing plans

First of all, how much does Zyro cost? Let’s first review Zyro prices:

Zyro plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current Zyro price









How much does Zyro website creator cost for nonprofits?

Zyro does not offer specific pricing plans for nonprofits. However, the software can be a great option for organizations on a tight budget as the monthly plans are very affordable, making Zyro cheap yet effective solution. The cost becomes even more attractive if you choose to pay one or two years in advance.


Are there any Zyro coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and it seems there are no Zyro coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


Zyro free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Unfortunately, you can’t create a Zyro free site. But the good news is the paid plans are very affordable. For example, if you opt to pay annually, the Website plan will cost you only $3.29/month, and the Business $4.99/month. 

The price drops to $2.99/month for the Website and $3.99/month for the Business plans if you pay two years in advance. The month to month price of the Website plan is $11.99/month and the Business plan is $14.99/month.

To compare, Wix's plans range between $8.50 - $35, Weebly's $10 - $29, and Squarespace's $16 - $49. 

Now let's briefly discuss the difference between the Website and the Business plan. The major difference between the two plans is that the Website is better suited for creating websites like portfolios, resumes, landing pages, and blogs. 

The Business plan opens the door to eCommerce functionality. If you're planning on creating an online store, you must subscribe to this plan, as the Website plan doesn't support online sales. 

So, with the Website plan, you'll get unlimited storage and bandwidth, SEO and marketing tools, a free domain for one year, free hosting, an SSL certificate, templates, blogging tools, and more. You'll get all of that with the Business plan, plus eCommerce tools.


Zyro overview: what is Zyro website builder & what is Zyro used for?

Zyro is an intuitive website builder that aims to simplify the process of creating and managing websites, particularly for small business owners and professionals. So, what does Zyro do exactly? 

It offers an all-in-one platform where you can create various types of websites, such as portfolios to showcase your work, blog sites to share thoughts and ideas, and an eCommerce website to sell physical or digital products. You’ll manage to establish a strong online presence without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Why use Zyro? There are several compelling reasons to choose Zyro as your website builder. 

First, it’s designed with user-friendliness in mind, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are new to website creation or who prefer a hassle-free experience. There’s an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and an extensive library of customizable templates that make it incredibly straightforward to create a visually appealing and functional website.

Second, Zyro is an affordable solution compared to hiring professional developers and designers, which can be quite expensive. Its pricing plans cater to various budgets so that even small businesses or individuals can create a professional-looking website without breaking the bank.

Not to mention that Zyro comes equipped with various features that can help improve your website's performance and online visibility. These include SEO tools, marketing integrations, and AI-driven business tools that can provide valuable insights to optimize your site further.

How does Zyro work?

Here are a few simple steps you need to take to create a Zyro site:

  • Pick a template: Browse through the selection of 100+ professionally designed website templates and choose one that suits your needs. 

  • Customize the template: Using the drag-and-drop editor, easily edit elements like fonts, images, and text to make the template uniquely yours. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless customization without any coding knowledge.

  • Take advantage of the AI tools: Enhance your brand by creating a professional logo with Zyro's free AI logo maker. This feature helps you design a visually appealing and memorable logo to represent your business or project.

  • Connect a domain: To make your website easily discoverable, you can either connect an existing domain or choose a new free custom domain provided by Zyro. This step is crucial for establishing your online presence.

  • Publish: Once you're satisfied with your website's design and content, hit the publish button. Your website is now live and ready to attract visitors. You can boost your online presence with Zyro's SEO and marketing tools, which can help improve your site's search engine ranking and drive more traffic.

By following these steps, you can create a Zyro site that is visually appealing, functional, and tailored to your specific needs.


Zyro features list

Now, let’s check out features of Zyro that make Zyro website building tools one of the best you can currently find on the market.

  • Drag-and-drop editor

  • Zyro templates library

  • eCommerce functionality

  • Analytics and reporting

  • SEO and marketing tools

  • Blogging tools

  • AI business tools

1. Drag-and-drop editor

Zyro website building tools include an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with which you can create professional websites with ease. You’ll be able to design the website you have imagined by choosing a template and populating it with pre-designed content blocks. 

With Zyro, you can add pages, titles, buttons, text, images, videos, and more. You can also add eCommerce tools, marketing tools and other elements, all by using the drag-and-drop editor.

To create a website, simply choose your desired features from the top of the page and drag them to the desired location. You can then click on the elements to edit and customize your unique website.

Zyro's editor also lets you edit the mobile view separately from the desktop view, if you want to make sure that your site looks great on all devices.

2. Zyro templates library

In the Zyro templates library, you’ll find 100+ minimalist-looking and SEO-friendly templates that you can fully customize to fit your style or business. They’re divided into categories like eCommerce, photography, portfolios, resumes, landing pages, etc.

You can choose a template and start adding new elements such as pages, images, text, photos, videos, customer testimonials, contact forms, or even an online store to showcase your brand and create a distinctive website.

What’s more, Zyro's templates are mobile-responsive. In other words, your clients will enjoy the same user experience whether they’re logged from a laptop or a mobile device.

3. eCommerce functionality

The eCommerce functionality is one of the most praised features of Zyro. You can sell all kinds of products, including physical, digital, service-based products, and even recurring subscription boxes. You can upload as many as 500 products. 

The Business plan allows you to connect to Stripe and accept online payments through PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even offline transactions.

Zyro also features comprehensive order tracking so that you can manage customer orders from placement to delivery. You can track the entire shipping process on your business website and automatically generate shipping rates from carriers like UPS and FedEx. 

What’s more, the software offers robust inventory management functionality for categorizing products and monitoring stock levels. You can even offer your customers gift cards and discount coupons to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

4. Analytics and reporting

All Zyro plans let you integrate your site with Google Analytics to monitor your site's performance.Additionally, Zyro supports integration with Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel if you want to optimize your website for conversions. 

These tools will help you identify what's driving traffic to your site, understand visitor preferences, and evaluate the effectiveness of your content, products, and marketing strategies.

5. SEO and marketing tools

Zyro offers a good deal of SEO and marketing features designed to enhance your website's online presence and performance. 

Zyro's SEO and marketing suite includes heat maps, Facebook Pixel integration, Facebook Messenger integration, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. These tools help you gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, improve your site's search engine ranking, and streamline your marketing efforts for better results.

6. Blogging tools

Zyro's blogging platform is relatively simple. You can add and edit your blog posts, categorize them, and schedule their publishing, but that’s pretty much it. Although the blogging features are limited, you’ll still be able to create an attractive blog that seamlessly integrates into your website.

7. AI business tools

Both Zyro plans come equipped with a suite of AI-driven tools that can help you get creative and save time. 

For example, there’s the AI heatmaps feature that helps you identify the most attention-catching spots on your web page, so that you can strategically place important elements for maximum visibility and engagement.

The AI writer tool can generate high-quality content on any topic. You can use it to help you generate informative and engaging copy for your site.

The logo maker is another useful tool that enables you to create a custom logo that reflects your brand identity.

The slogan generator can produce unique and catchy taglines for your website to help you create a memorable brand image and effectively convey your site's core message. The AI business name generator can come in handy if you’re starting a business but don’t know how to call it. 


Zyro pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Zyro:

Zyro advantages

Some of the most notable benefits of Zyro include:

  • Ideal for smaller businesses: Zyro caters to the specific needs of small businesses, giving them access to tailored features and tools.

  • Affordable monthly plans: Zyro offers budget-friendly pricing and makes professional websites accessible to various users.

  • Useful AI tools: The good selection of innovative AI-driven features streamline website creation and enhance overall functionality.

  • Great ease of use: Zyro's intuitive interface simplifies website building for users with varying expertise.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Zyro has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can easily get your money back if you're not happy with the premium plans.

  • Advanced protection: All Zyro plans come with free SSL certificates.

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth: All plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth, so that your website can grow without limits.

  • Included Hostinger Web Hosting: Zyro comes bundled with reliable Hostinger Web Hosting for a seamless experience.

  • Excellent uptime: Zyro ensures high uptime, which means your website will be accessible and reliable for visitors 24/7. 

Zyro disadvantages

Let’s briefly mention some of the cons of Zyro:

  • Not ideal for large stores: Zyro is better suited for smaller businesses, as it may not accommodate larger stores' extensive requirements.

  • Template limitations: Just like with Wix, once you've selected a template, you cannot change it.

  • No free version: Zyro doesn't offer a free version, which means you must subscribe to one of the paid plans without the option to test try the software first.

  • eCommerce plan cap: Zyro's eCommerce plan supports up to 500 products, which can be limiting for some businesses, especially those in the retail industry.


Zyro website generator complaints & praise (Zyro reviews from real customers)

According to positive Zyro.com reviews, the software makes website building incredibly easy and user-friendly. Users appreciate the seamless domain merging, helpful customer service, and the intuitive drag-and-drop editor for adding text, videos, and photos. 

The platform's ease of use, mobile-friendliness, and quick website creation are also praised. Some of the key selling points that convinced users to try the software are affordability, responsive design, and local payment options. 

Overall, users found Zyro to be a competitive alternative to other well-known website builders.

According to negative Zyro website builder reviews, the software has some limitations that users have an issue with. These include a lack of integrations and limited SEO features. 

Users also say Zyro has a shortage of plugin options and free widgets compared to platforms like WordPress. Some users find the builder too simplistic and want more customization options for layering, sizing, and placement. 

Lastly, the inability to change the template once started is mentioned as a major drawback.

Review of Zyro website builder support

While Zyro doesn't offer phone customer support, you can always email the team for inquiries or concerns. Additionally, you can chat with Zyro's support team, but first, you must log into your Hostinger account.

If you want to find answers on your own, there’s a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base that contains hundreds of help articles. 


Is Zyro worth it? Key takeaways

After writing this comprehensive review, we can safely conclude that Zyro is an easy-to-use and affordable website builder with a good range of features. 

But the question remains: Is Zyro.com website builder worth it? 

In a nutshell, Zyro is a solid choice if you’re a smaller online store on a budget that doesn't require scalable marketing tools. It's well-suited for novice website creators or small businesses that aim to establish an online presence or sell products. The drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly, and its features come at a competitive price.

However, if you’re a larger eCommerce store, you may want to consider more powerful website builders like Shopify or BigCommerce that offer more advanced capabilities. 

Remember that you can take advantage of Zyro's 30-day money-back guarantee and request a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. This is a great option to try Zyro risk-free and make an informed decision about whether it meets your needs.

Our final Zyro rating



Zyro FAQs

Is Zyro the best website builder?

For some users, especially small businesses or novices looking for an affordable, easy-to-use website builder, Zyro is an excellent choice. Users with more complex requirements, such as larger eCommerce stores or those needing extensive customization and scalability, may find other website builders like Shopify and BigCommerce more suitable.

Is Zyro safe from hackers?

Is Zyro secure? Yes, Zyro prioritizes website security by employing advanced protection measures to safeguard your site from hackers. However, it's essential to follow best practices for website security and regularly update your site to minimize risks further. All in all, your website will be safe with Zyro.

Is Zyro free to use?

Is Zyro really free? No, Zyro doesn't offer a free plan and there are no free Zyro sites. But, users can start with a free domain for a year. However, it provides affordable monthly plans, which makes it an accessible option for users seeking cost-effective website building solutions.

Is Zyro site builder easy to use?

Yes, the Zyro site builder is easy to use. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that simplifies website creation for users with minimal technical expertise. Its user-friendly interface makes it a popular choice for beginners. If you’ve never used a website builder before, Zyro is a good choice for you.

Is Zyro good for small business?

Yes, Zyro is an excellent choice for small businesses, as it offers affordable plans. In addition, it features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and various features tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking to establish an online presence or set up a small online store.