WorkFlowy Review 2024: App Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Monday, February 5, 2024

In the fast-paced digital world, organization is key to productivity. That's where WorkFlowy comes into the picture - a sleek, intuitive tool designed to declutter your mind and workspace.

In this WorkFlowy review, we closely examine the popular note-taking app designed to streamline your day-to-day tasks. From its innovative bullet-list system to its powerful tagging and filtering capabilities, we'll dissect each aspect that makes WorkFlowy a top contender in the realm of organizational tools.

So whether you're a busy professional seeking a better way to manage tasks or a student looking for a smarter way to outline notes, keep reading to see if this tool suits your needs!


WorkFlowy review 2024: Is the WorkFlowy app any good?

In our WorkFlowy review, we found the app to be a compelling contender in the note-taking space. It's innovative, intuitive, and for many, could be the best to do list app, competing fiercely with others like Todoist and TickTick. Read on to find what features make WorkFlowy excel!

WorkFlowy makes organizing your tasks easy with endless bullet lists and updates that happen right away. While there are many apps for taking notes and making to-do lists, WorkFlowy shines for being simple and smooth to use. Its clean, no-fuss design helps you stay focused. Features like live copies make it different from other apps. 

We've talked about top to-do list apps like Todoist and TickTick before, and they're great. But WorkFlowy keeps getting better and offers something special. It's more than just another app – it's becoming a strong competitor in the market.


WorkFlowy pricing plans

First of all, how much does WorkFlowy cost? Let’s first review WorkFlowy Pro price:

WorkFlowy offers a paid plan called Workflowy Pro. You can choose to pay $4.99 each month or $49 for a whole year. If you decide to pay for the year all at once, you'll save 20%, which adds up to $10.88 saved in a year. There’s an additional Teams subscription. 

Workflowy plans

Monthly price

Annual price

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Workflowy Free




Workflowy Pro




Workflowy Teams





How much does WorkFlowy cost for nonprofits?

WorkFlowy provides special pricing for nonprofits and university-level students and faculty. For non-profit organizations, WorkFlowy offers a 50% discount on all subscriptions.

Students and faculty members can get a free 1-year WorkFlowy Pro subscription by applying with their @edu email address. This offer doesn't apply to personal non-@edu emails. 

To get these benefits, you'll need to email WorkFlowy with the specific request, whether for education or a non-profit discount.

Are there any WorkFlowy coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and there are no WorkFlowy coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


WorkFlowy free vs WorkFlowy Pro: what’s the difference?

WorkFlowy Free and WorkFlowy Pro offer different levels of functionality. The Free version is designed for casual use, providing access to all basic features but with a monthly bullet limit and a 100MB cap on file uploads. Sharing options are basic, and support is community-based.

WorkFlowy Pro, at $4.99 per month, is aimed at professionals needing more power and flexibility. It offers unlimited bullets, unlimited file uploads, full sharing options, automatic backup to Dropbox, and premium support. Essentially, the Pro version removes the constraints found in the Free version, offering a more robust experience for extensive users.


WorkFlowy overview: what is WorkFlowy & what is WorkFlowy used for?

WorkFlowy is a user-friendly app designed for jotting down ideas, creating to-do lists, and organizing tasks. It's unique for its infinite bullet list system, where tasks can be expanded to reveal sub-tasks in an unlimited hierarchy. 

Available on various platforms, WorkFlowy is used by individuals for personal planning and professionals for collaboration. Its simplicity and adaptability make it suitable for anything from daily planning to complex project management. Whether you're a student or a business professional, WorkFlowy offers a minimalist approach to keeping track of your tasks and ideas.


WorkFlowy features list

The main features of WorkFlowy are:

  • Global Search

  • Tagging

  • Kanban Board

  • Live Copy 

  • Infinite Nesting

  • Expand + Collapse

  • Backlinks

  • No-Login Editing

  • Simple Sharing Permissions

  • Quick-Saving

  • Mobile and Desktop Apps 

1. Global Search

This function lets you quickly find specific words, tags, or dates across all your notes. As your list of tasks grows, the global search becomes essential for efficiently locating specific information within your extensive notes.

2. Tagging

By using hashtags, WorkFlowy allows you to categorize and organize notes. This feature enhances searchability and navigation, enabling quicker access to related tasks and notes. Customizable tag colors add a personalized touch.

3. Kanban Board

This view organizes tasks into columns, allowing for a visual representation of workflow stages. It aids in tracking the progress of various tasks and can be particularly beneficial in a team collaboration environment.

4. Live Copy 

Unlike traditional copy-paste methods, live copies allow you to duplicate a piece of text; if you update it, every other copy gets updated in real-time. This real-time mirroring is super fast and enhances consistency across your notes.

5. Infinite Nesting

WorkFlowy enables users to create an unlimited hierarchy of tasks and sub-tasks. This allows for detailed organization and categorization, providing a versatile structure for managing everything from simple to complex projects.

6. Expand + Collapse

This feature allows you to minimize distraction by collapsing sub-tasks and expanding them only when needed. It's useful for focusing on specific tasks while still maintaining a streamlined view of the entire project.

7. Backlinks

Backlinks in WorkFlowy help you easily navigate between related tasks. By linking different parts of your notes, you can create a network of interconnected ideas, aiding in understanding and navigation.

8. No-Login Editing

This feature enables people without a WorkFlowy account to view or edit shared notes via a link. It enhances collaboration, especially when working with individuals outside of your organization.

9. Simple Sharing Permissions

WorkFlowy provides easy options for sharing notes with others, either by creating a view-only link or inviting others to edit. This simplicity promotes collaboration within teams and with external partners.

10. Quick-Saving

All changes in WorkFlowy are saved automatically and quickly, ensuring that your work is always up-to-date and reducing the risk of losing any information.

11. Mobile and Desktop Apps 

WorkFlowy is available across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This ensures that users can access their notes and tasks on the go or from any device, providing seamless integration into daily life and work routines.


WorkFlowy pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of WorkFlowy:

WorkFlowy advantages

  • Versatility across platforms: WorkFlowy apps are available for many devices, including Android, iOS, and even a dedicated WorkFlowy Mac app. This makes accessing your notes and tasks convenient wherever you are. There’s even an app for Linux devices. 

  • Infinite nesting: The ability to create unlimited levels of tasks and sub-tasks helps organize complex projects more efficiently.

  • Real-time collaboration: Features like live copy and simple sharing permissions enable smooth collaboration with team members or external partners.

  • Quick search and tagging: Global search and tagging functionalities enable quick navigation and categorization, saving time and enhancing productivity.

  • Visual workflow management: With the Kanban board, you can visually track progress, making project management more intuitive and engaging.

  • User-friendly interface: WorkFlowy’s clean and distraction-free interface ensures a smooth user experience, even for those new to task management tools.

  • Auto-backup and quick saving: Your data is safe with automatic backups to platforms like Dropbox, and quick-saving ensures that your work is always up-to-date.

  • Accessibility for non-users: The no-login editing feature makes it possible to collaborate without requiring others to have a WorkFlowy account, which broadens the potential for teamwork.

WorkFlowy disadvantages

  • Limited free version: The basic free version comes with restrictions such as a monthly bullet limit and a 100MB file upload cap. This might be an issue for users with more complex needs.

  • No integration with other tools: WorkFlowy doesn't offer built-in integration with popular third-party tools and services, which might limit its functionality in complex workflows.

  • Lack of advanced features: While WorkFlowy's simplicity is a strength, it might not offer some of the advanced features found in other task management or note-taking platforms.

  • Potential learning curve for nested lists: Infinite nesting, although a unique feature, might become confusing for some users, especially those new to organizing information in this manner.

  • Limited customization: The interface, while clean and user-friendly, offers limited options for customization, potentially hindering users who prefer a more personalized workspace.


WorkFlowy complaints & praise (WorkFlowy reviews from real customers)

According to reviews of WorkFlowy, people like how simple and useful the app is. They love the clean design that doesn't have too many buttons or icons, making it easy to organize thoughts and tasks. Users praise it for daily note-taking, to-do lists, and even capturing quotes from books. They find the features like tagging and searching very helpful. 

Some also use WorkFlowy for links, pictures, and more, calling it a one-stop place for everything they want to remember. While the mobile app is good, some feel the web app is the best way to use WorkFlowy. Overall, reviews show that users appreciate WorkFlowy's balance between simple and powerful.

According to negative Workflowy reviews, people don’t like how the app lacks certain features and design aspects. Some users are frustrated by the inability to easily log into multiple accounts, as they have separate personal and work accounts. 

Others have expressed annoyance with the constant prompts to upgrade or downgrade their subscription, feeling pushed away from the free version. There's also dissatisfaction with the pricing for the premium option, with some finding it too expensive, especially for individual use. 

Review of WorkFlowy support

If you run into problems with the WorkFlowy app, there are two main ways to get help. 

First, there's a direct support email you can reach out to for assistance. Secondly, you can visit the official Resources page, where you'll find guides, tutorials, help documents, and the WorkFlowy blog. Check the Resources page first before seeking direct support, as you may find the answers you need there.


Are the WorkFlowy apps worth it? Key takeaways

Are the Workflowy apps worth it? The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

Opt for WorkFlowy if:

  • You appreciate a minimalist design with powerful functions

  • You need an app that's easy to use and comes with a free plan

  • You want seamless syncing across devices

  • You find value in features like tagging, infinite nesting, and Kanban boards

Don't go with WorkFlowy if:

  • You are looking for a more budget-friendly premium option

  • You need many customization options to make documents look different

  • You need integration with other tools

If WorkFlowy doesn't fit your needs, explore WorkFlowy alternatives like Evernote and Google Keep. Whether WorkFlowy is worth it for you or not, assessing these considerations should guide you to a decision that aligns with your requirements.

Our final WorkFlowy rating



WorkFlowy FAQs

What does WorkFlowy website do?

The WorkFlowy website provides the main platform for creating and managing infinite nested lists, while the WorkFlowy apps for mobile and desktop offer similar functionality tailored to specific devices. The website and apps provide the same core features, but the apps may offer a more convenient experience on the go.

Is there a WorkFlowy Mac app?

Yes, there is a WorkFlowy Mac app. It's designed to provide Mac users with a streamlined experience of WorkFlowy's core features, allowing them to organize their thoughts, tasks, and projects seamlessly on their macOS devices. App offers similar functionality to the WorkFlowy web platform but in a native Mac application.