Polymail Turns Email Into a Smart and Efficient Business Tool

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Michael Scheiner

The many pros of Polymail

Somewhere between a free Gmail account and a paid Outlook email there’s a need for something else. Polymail is a modern email app that meets this need. 

Polymail is an email client application with a focus on maximum organization. It’s got more than the usual features. Polymail has powerful email productivity tools like tracking, automation, collaboration tools, and more.

Polymail makes syncing easy. You can sync it with multiple mailboxes with Google Apps like Gmail, Microsoft tools like Office 365 and Outlook, iCloud, and other IMAP providers. It syncs in real time. Any activity on one platform automatically updates with Polymail. 

Right now, Polymail is available as a desktop app for Mac. There’s also an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. As for Windows, there’s a desktop app in beta. Polymail is working on an Android app too. For this you can sign up for the waiting list.

The Polymail feature set

Email tracking

Email tracking is a great tool to keep up with your recipient. You see the date and time of when they opened your email. It can show you which device they use. 

If you’re doing an email marketing campaign and send out a blast email, you  get more stats on the numbers of people who opened the email. The same goes for the numbers who click a link in an email or download something.

You can look at these stats as they update in real-time. Itb also lets you drill down your searches by using filters.


Polymail gives your emailing the power of automation. They do this with two toolkits. They are Sequences and Calendar.

Sequences lets you create automatic emails for follow ups. This saves a lot of time for the individual reps. These sequences can triage issues, get information, and direct the emailer to the right department. Sequences also does reports on their successful click rates.

Calendar automation is another great time-saver. It sends recipients a simple calendar with available slots for them to pick. This makes booking meetings very fast. It also prevents double booking with calendar integration to other calendar apps. You also get a shareable link to the event.  


Polymail is a great email app for teams, startups and small businesses. This is because of their collaboration features.

You can easily take any conversation and share it with your colleagues. From there you can set permission levels for who can read or share it.

Polymail lets you add comments to the email conversations when sharing among your team. You can put @ mentions to people who will get a notification.

For further collaboration power, Polymail easily integrates with other platforms. These include Slack, Asana and Salesforce.

Other features 

You can use Polymail email templates to craft the most effective emails and reuse them. You can share these templates among your team.

With contact profiles, Polymail serves some basic CRM functions. You get a much more detailed profile of your contact. It’s also easy to view your entire conversation history.

Polymail has a reminder feature which lets you put something on the backburner and not forget it. You also get a send later tool and a snooze tool.

Here’s a unique feature. Polymail has a one-click unsubscribe tool called Unsubscriber. It identifies all your subscription emails and lets you unsubscribe to them easily and quickly.

Finally, Polymail gets you analytics. This goes beyond the data from email tracking, like who opened the email, when and how. You also see stats on your team’s activity. This goes for as a group and individuals.

Polymail Outlook

For those using Gmail, the upgrade to Polymail will seem practical if you need email for more professional purposes. But what about Outlook? 

Fortunately, for those with robust Microsoft Outlook accounts, you don’t have to make a choice. Outlook integrates very smoothly with Polymail. You get to keep all the robust professional features of Outlook. But with Polymail you can use them through a much better interface. Polymail makes Outlook easier and faster to use.

Any email activity that happens in either the Outlook platform or on Polymail has two-way syncing. This means everything gets updated in real time from one platform to the other.

What’s more, you can sync your calendar scheduling between Polymail and Outlook. You can do this with Gmail too, but not other IMAP email clients.

Ease of Use

Polymail may require a learning curve slightly bigger to something simple like Gmail. It’s likely easier to use than Outlook. 

What makes Polymail great is the ease of use of tools like email tracking and calendar bookings. These are some of the tools that make Polymail a great business application.

On the negative side, some user reviews from sites like Product Hunt have commented on the user interface. They say it’s not very intuitive. Some features may be difficult to find. 


When it comes to support and customer service, Polymail has a few options to help you.

There is an extensive help center and knowledge base. Here you can ask questions with natural language and often get clear responses. This is good for basic setup and troubleshooting issues.

After that, all Polymail users can email their support team for further help. Premium subscribers get priority support via email. Enterprise subscribers get phone support as well as live training.


There is no Polymail free version. There are three price buckets. The cheapest plan is the Basic. It’s $10 per user per month billed annually. With this you can sync only two email accounts. You do get some great features, like calendar page and email tracking.

The next two plans are Premium at $24 per user per month billed annually, and Enterprise at $49 per user per month billed annually. 

Polymail offers a 14-day free trial. It also has deals for educational institutions and non-profits. 

Conclusion: Expecting ever more from email

Whether you’re looking for a new email app or your first mail app, Polymail is worth a good consideration. 

It looks and feels as easy as any free email client on one hand. On the other, it gets you loads of professional tools like tracking, automation and collaboration that no free platform effers. On top of everything, the basic price is just right. And those with bigger budgets will benefit from Polymail’s premium plans.

It’s fine time we demand more of our emailing. Polymail hears that need and has the answer.