Maximizing Companies' Performance and Customers' Experience

Last Updated:Saturday, February 17, 2024

Last month, leading provider of CRM solutions Maximizer Software Inc. launched a new feature called Custom Tab. This tool enables businesses to personalize their Maximizer Address Book view for better and faster access to  critical information.

Maximizer CRM features sales management, customer service and marketing automation. It integrates with Microsoft products like Word, Excel, Outlook and Sharepoint. This software is mainly used by retailers and distributors, but it is suitable for organizations in any industry, including real estate and financial services.

The Address Book page allows businesses to manage their daily activities with other corporate entities, partners and customers. In addition to basic information like email addresses and phone numbers, they can record other relevant data, such as relationships between companies or customers' habits.


maximizer crm
Image Credit : Maximizer CRM

This tool includes a “Date Last Contacted”  field below each entry to ensure users always have a history of their interactions with customers. Employees can also use that section to search for entries that have not been contacted recently and are due for follow-up. The information is updated automatically when performing certain actions with an Address Book entry such as making a call, sending an email or scheduling an appointment.

With the new Custom Tab, companies can bring together Address Book details into a single clear view. Users now have the opportunity to compare different types of data at a glance, without having to switch windows and tabs. For example, an employee can look for information about a customer and examine the sales objectives on the same screen.

maximizer crm custom tab
Image Credit: Maximizer CRM

Maximizer Software directors think this new feature will lead to more effective interactions with customers and improve businesses' productivity and revenues.

They believe that a personalized customer experience makes all the difference toward winning customer loyalty. Having relevant data close at hand to provide accurate information on the fly is, according to them, one of the best ways to deliver outstanding service.  

The new Custom Tab is the first of several important innovations planned by Maximizer to make users' experience even more personalized and effective. “The Custom Tab is symbolic of further enhancements we plan to roll out in the near future, empowering companies of all shapes and sizes to personalize their experience to match how they work,” Head of Product and Development Jan Carter explains on Maximizer's website.

Founded in 1987, the Canadian CRM pioneer currently has five offices worldwide. Maximizer Software Inc. has worked with more than 120 00 companies, including Hallmark and National Bank.