Lattice Review 2024: Software Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Date:Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Human Resources (HR) departments are a critical part of many organizations. They perform important functions, including recruitment, onboarding, administration, and employee management. 

As it is with virtually every sector today, there are HR software applications that can help streamline these processes. One such application is Lattice. 

Our Lattice review examines the Lattice HR software closely, with particular emphasis on its key features, pricing, and pros/cons. This will help you make an informed choice regarding whether or not you should incorporate this software into your HR department. Let's get started. 


Lattice Review 2024: Is Lattice HR Software Any Good?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. Lattice HR software is a very good application that does a great job of increasing the productivity of any HR department. Our Lattice review will show how the system can help you get more HR work done in less time. 

Lattice boasts a plethora of features, many of which are designed to enhance employee engagement and uphold a healthy workplace culture. Its goal-tracking feature is very intuitive and certainly earns it a mention among the best goal tracking apps on the market right now. 


Lattice Pricing Plans

Before we go too far, let's take a second to find out how much Lattice costs. Below is a review of the pricing plans:

Lattice Plans

Monthly Price

Annual Price

Check price

Performance Management 



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OKRs and Goals



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Performance Management, OKRs, Goals (Bundle)



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How Much Does Lattice Cost for Non-Profits?

Lattice currently offers no special pricing plan for non-profit organizations and advocacy groups. The pricing plan above applies to all organizations. 


Are There Any Lattice Coupon Codes or Promo Discount Vouchers?

Lattice regularly offers coupon codes to customers who are looking to sign up. You can easily reach out to their sales team and ask if they are offering any coupon codes or discount vouchers.  

You can also lobby for discounts while negotiating a custom pricing plan. 


Lattice Free vs Paid: What's the Difference?

First of all, there's no free version of the Lattice software. All you've got are multi-tiered pricing plans, and interestingly, none of these pricing plans offer free trials. 

The closest thing to a free trial from Lattice is the "request demo" option that allows you to schedule a free demo. To get the demo, you'll be required to fill in your name and email address. 


Lattice Overview: What is Lattice Performance Management & What is Lattice Software Used for?

The Lattice HR software is a cloud-based solution designed to help employers and HR professionals manage employee relations and productivity. It's often called performance management software because it helps HR professionals develop high-performing employees in any organization. 

It is essentially a mix of several employee management tools that can be used to boost productivity and strengthen your business as a whole. 


Lattice Features List 

The main features of Lattice are:

  • Performance Management

  • Goal Setting And Tracking

  • Feedback Management

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Merit/Bonus Management

  • Organizational Charting

  • Integration Capabilities


1. Performance Management

The performance management feature is a foremost Lattice tool that serves to monitor productivity in an organization. It comprises other sub-features, including performance appraisal, progress tracking, and a formidable feedback system. 

With this tool, you also get access to customizable review templates that you can tweak to suit your organization's needs. 


2. Goal-Setting And Tracking

The platform's people management software allows organizations to set clear objectives, track goals, and monitor their progress. Management officials and employees get to collaborate seamlessly, thereby improving engagement and fostering a culture of accountability. 


3. Feedback Management

Lattice also offers excellent feedback management capabilities. This includes engagement surveys, pulse check-ins, and continuous feedback. 

That way, organizations can gather insights about engagement levels and employee satisfaction and then use their findings to make improvements across the board. 


4. Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-Peer recognition is another Lattice program feature that allows employees to acknowledge and thank one another. 

It provides a platform for employees to dish out uplifting compliments about one another regarding their skills, timeliness, and talent, thereby promoting a healthy work environment. 


5. Reporting And Analytics

The system can also generate comprehensive reports and analytics that allows HR teams to stay on top of employee trends, performance, and engagements. 

The analytics explorer is pretty detailed and allows users to choose a data point and filter by age, gender, race, and ethnicity. 

And, let’s not forget to mention the adoption dashboard, which allows HR teams to measure the success of people strategies and programs and how they've impacted employee performance. 


6. Merit/Bonus Management

Lattice has a comprehensive compensation tool that allows users to integrate performance ratings and pay guidelines into the compensation process. That way, companies can confidently make pay decisions that will allow them to stay competitive and right on budget. 

The benchmark data also allows HR teams to identify and reward the top performers by way of bonuses and promotions. This is one of the more impressive features of the Lattice people management software. 


7. Organizational Charting

The system can automatically create org charts based on manager assignments. That way, users can view the positions of employees within the organizations, as well as their current goals and reports. 


8. Integration Capabilities 

Lattice's integration feature provides for seamless integration with other employee management software. This includes Zenefits, UKG, Slack, Rippling, Okta, Salesforce, OneLogin, Outlook Email+Calendar, Bamboo HR, Gmail+Google Calendar, Personio etc. 

This eliminates any fears or challenges you might have with engaging your employees from anywhere. 


Lattice Pros and Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Lattice:

Lattice Advantages

1. Excellent Goal-Setting Feature

One of Lattice's best features is its goal-setting tool, which comes standard with different templates. There is the smart goals template, 30-60-90 days template, and quarterly OKRs template. 

You also have a goals review template that helps managers identify hassles, take note of success factors, celebrate achievements, and make plans for the future. 

2. Comprehensive Analytics

The system offers robust performance analytics that helps employees and managers make optimal business decisions backed by data. 

3. Employee Engagement

Not many HR software boasts better employee engagement tools than Lattice. The system allows for employee feedback by way of surveys and pulse check-ins. This enables managers to gather data about employee sentiments and how things can be better at work. 

To make things even better, there's an anonymous feedback feature that gives employees the chance to give feedback and be fearlessly honest while at it. 

4. Intuitive User Interface

Lattice has a user-friendly interface; it's a mix of intuitive and alluring, making it easy for managers and employees to navigate. 

5. Seamless Integrations

The system allows for smooth integration with other software in order to keep employees engaged from anywhere. 

This includes Slack, Rippling, Microsoft Outlook, G Suite, and Okta. It also works well with HR software like Personio, Namely, ADP, and any other HR solution with an SFTP integration. 

6. Very Customizable

Lattice is also very customizable as it allows companies to fashion it to their individual HR processes, needs, and workflows. 

So, you don't have to pull down your structure while incorporating the system; the system is happy to fit in and make things easier and faster with automation. 


Lattice Disadvantages

1. Overly Technical Installation

While the system itself is very intuitive, setting it up effectively requires some technical skills and expertise. 

In addition, users who aren't very familiar with data management tools may struggle to navigate the system at first. 

2. Late Customer Support Responses

While the Lattice help center channels are always available, their agents sometimes respond late, which can be very frustrating, especially for people looking to get urgent answers. 


Lattice Complaints and Praise (Lattice Reviews from Real Customers)

We scoured the internet and found negative and positive reviews of Lattice. It's worth mentioning that the reviews were overwhelmingly skewed to the positive angle. Let's take a look!

Positive Reviews

Many users praised Lattice for its 360-degree feedback feature, which also allows for anonymity. It gives employees the chance to express themselves honestly and provides managers with ideas on how to make things better. 

The peer feedback feature is also a top favorite. Many users appreciate the chance to compliment their colleagues on their talents, skills, and achievements. The feature fosters a sense of camaraderie and boosts productivity in its own way. 

A ton of users also love the goal-setting feature that essentially enables them to set goals while the system holds them accountable. One user sees this feature as a pathway to growing and leveling up within the company. 

The system's integration with other software like Slack also garnered lots of praises, with many users commending just how seamless it is. 

Negative Reviews

We also found a few negative Lattice reviews from users who were displeased with some of the features. 

Some users have taken to the internet to complain about the system's cost when compared to other performance management tools. One particular user bemoaned the minimum annual contract requirement of $4,000. 

Many users also had trouble navigating the system and getting a hold of important features. While it gets better with time and experience, the interface could be kinder to neophytes. 

Review of Lattice Platform Support

For the most part, the Lattice customer support is pretty great. Users can email the customer agents at any time of day. However, the live chat feature is only available during normal business hours. 

Some users have taken to the internet to complain about the slow response rate when they send in complaints through email. However, we only found a few such complaints, which means it's not something that happens often. 

To make up for any customer support lapses, there is a Lattice blog filled with tons of troubleshooting articles. You'll also find product documentation articles covering Lattice performance reviews, employee feedback, compensation, etc. 


Is Lattice Human Resources Software Worth It? Our Conclusion 

The Lattice software is an incredibly excellent human resources software. It's packed with an extensive list of features designed to streamline HR processes and help managers make data-driven decisions. 

The system also boasts top-notch employee engagement features that can help managers gauge sentiments and foster chumminess between employees. 

Proper integration of the feature results in a healthy workplace culture and increased productivity, among other benefits. 

Admittedly, a few things could be worked on to make the system more accommodating, but on the whole, Lattice is simply stellar. 

So, our answer to the question, "Is Lattice worth it?" is a definite yes. We would, however, recommend exploring Lattice alternatives if you'd like to widen the range of your options. 


Our Final Lattice Product Rating

Per our appraisal, the software merits a 4.6 out of 5.0