HubSpot Inbound Conference

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Jenni Stablein

HubSpot's INBOUND Conference started today, Tuesday, September 4th bringing a host of incredible speakers to Boston.

One of the Keynote speakers was the legendary Deepak Chopra, talking about birth, atoms, DNA, storytelling and the conspiracy of the universe. You can watch his full presentation below:

Several other amazing speakers to look out for:

- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Award-Winning Novelist & Writer

- Reid Hoffman Co-Founder: Linkedin & Partner, Greylock Partners

- Anjali Sud: Ceo, Vimeo

- Payal Kadakia, ClassPass Founder

Tobi Lütke, Shopify Founder & Ceo

The sales and marketing software of tomorrow is today. Software produced, above all, for people who believe empathy, passion, and inclusion is integral to business. HubSpot, a software marketer at the forefront of this movement, hosts the INBOUND Conference annually, bringing together an eclectic range of speakers to inspire hundreds and thousands of people to learn, get inspired, and make the future of work better. 

Discover the entire list of speakers and the full agenda.