BuddyCRM Now Supports Touch ID

Monday, July 30, 2018
Catherine Morin

Image Credit: Discover CRM

Imagine if you could access your CRM records faster, while protecting them better. CRM software provider BuddyCRM makes it possible by enabling Touch ID in its iOS application. Users can now access their data on the go with the touch of a finger.

BuddyCRM is a cloud-hosted CRM solution designed for medium-sized sales teams. It allows users to manage sales, contacts, customer interactions and marketing  on a single interface. It was created to be customizable and easy to use, without the need for extensive training and third-party consultants. The solution is accessible online or via an iOS mobile application.

Earlier this year, BuddyCRM enabled Touch ID in the BuddyCRM iOS application, letting users access their records faster and more securely.

This fingerprint recognition feature designed by Apple Inc. allows users to unlock Apple devices, make purchases in Apple media stores and sign into applications. With the touch of a finger, a sensor quickly reads the fingerprint and automatically unlocks the device or application.

The sensor uses advanced capacitive touch sensing to take a high-resolution image from small sections of fingerprints. The Touch ID system then intelligently analyzes the information and maps out individual details in the ridges that are smaller than the human eye can see.  

Image Credit: Macworld UK

Since every fingerprint is unique, this system is considered as one of the most secure ways to authenticate users within iOS applications.

The probability of having two fingerprints that are alike enough to register as a match for Touch ID is 1 in 50 000 with a single finger, according to Apple Inc. By comparison, the odds of guessing a 4-digit code are 1 in 10 000. Touch ID allows only five unsuccessful match attempts before users must enter their password.

In addition to reinforcing security, the Touch ID function makes the login experience more convenient and user-friendly. This falls within BuddyCRM's key principle of simplicity of use.  

BuddyCRM founder Philip Mayling, who also serves as director of MKG Foods, created the CRM solution in 2009 after getting frustrated with finding a simple software package to manage his sales team. He thinks that a simple, well thought out and easy to use CRM system is a critical part of a successful sales organization.

BuddyCRM is therefore built from the ground up from the salesperson's perspective to ensure its components are easily manageable. As far as possible, no action in BuddyCRM  should take more than 3 clicks.

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Hundreds of sales people from various sectors rely on the United Kingdom-based company on a daily basis to maximize the time they spend selling.