Amazon Customer Service

Monday, April 1, 2019

If you’re like most modern humans, you’re very into buying stuff online. A lot of said stuff is probably purchased via Amazon.

Most of the time, everything goes like clockwork. The order is placed and processed. The thing arrives in good shape, more-or-less according to the estimated delivery time. But sometimes you need to contact Amazon.

With 164 million+ customers, Amazon is one of the world’s biggest brands. They seek to be a world-class customer-centric company offering great customer experience.

True to form, Amazon customer service has a pretty decent rep.

But their contact info is slightly unclear. A quick Google search might not turn up what you need.

Here’s the lowdown on how to contact Amazon support.

Amazon Customer Service Information

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number:

+ 1 (888) 280-4331 (Amazon phone support is available 24 hours)

This is the main Amazon contact center. From here, you can ask about all things Amazon.

Yes, that includes your Amazon Prime subscription. You can ask about TV shows and Prime Video. Anything to do with Prime Membership, and Prime Now deliveries as well.

Inquiries about gift cards are handled on this number as well. As are Kindle, Fire TV, and Fire tablet questions.

Amazon Chat:

Go to the page below to open a chat with customer service:

Amazon Email:

Amazon on Social Media: You can get @Amazon on social media too.

- Twitter -

- Facebook -

- Instagram -

Amazon Mailing Address:, Inc. Customer service

PO Box 81226

Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Amazon Web Services Customer Support:

The support page for Amazon’s cloud computing is below:

Amazon Alexa Customer Service Phone Number:

Have questions about the Amazon Echo or any Alexa device? You can call one of the following numbers:

+ 1 (877) 375-9365 (If calling from inside USA)

+ 1 (206) 922-0197 (If calling from outside USA)

Amazon Rewards Visa:

Do you have an Amazon Rewards Signature card for Amazon and Whole Foods Market? 

You can call this number for support:

+ 1 (888) 247-4080 (available 24 hours)

As always, whenever entering your credit card on the phone, make sure you’re the one calling out. Don’t take any incoming calls. And double-check the number is correct.

When accessing credit card info online, make sure the page is secure. If you’re using Chrome, just look for the lock icon to the left of the website URL.

Amazon Privacy Notice:

Are you concerned about how Amazon uses your customer support communications? You can view the privacy notice from Amazon here.

How to Return an Order from Amazon

Log onto your account and navigate to the Customer Service page. Then click on ‘Return and Refund’ to submit a return request. You can also go to the Returns page.

Amazon recommends hopping on live chat with Amazon Customer Support. From there, you can check out return options.

Looking to return a big bulky item? You can contact the Amazon customer service number for Large Item Pickups. Call +1 866-423-5353 (toll-free) to make arrangements.

Missing Delivery of Amazon Package

If 36 hours have passed since the posted delivery time, and your Amazon package still hasn’t arrived, you should contact Amazon directly.

Log onto your Amazon account and navigate to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us. Find your recent order on your screen and click on it to report a problem with the delivery.

How to get a Refund for an Order from Amazon

You can use the same form as for returns. Log onto your account and go to the Customer Service page. Select ‘Return and Refund.’

Amazon suggests using live chat with Amazon Customer Support to sort out refund options.

If you’re trying to refund (and return) something big, call Large Item Pickups at:

+1 866-423-5353 (toll free).

How to recover my Amazon account?

Go to the Account Issues page.

The Amazon customer service number for Account Issues is +1-800-388-5512. (USA and Canada.)

If you’re outside of North America, use this number instead: +1-206-922-0880. (Beware that international charges may apply.)

Amazon Customer Service Jobs

Say you’re not looking for service, but rather a job with Amazon Customer Service. You can check out this page:

Here are some of the roles available:

  • Customer Service Specialist

  • Customer Service Associate

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Customer Service Team Lead

The job search has a range of handy filters for role type, full-time/part-time, and many more criteria. That includes a location filter.

For example, you live in Florida. You can choose to only see positions in that state. Or in the specific city you live in.

Amazon Customer Service Philosophy

Amazon was launched, way back in 1995. Its lofty goal was being “Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

Indeed, if you’re looking for a job with them, this is the first thing they tell you about their corporate identity.

The company’s mission is built on CEO Jeff Bezos’ idiosyncratic business philosophy.

Early on in the company’s existence, he would drag an extra chair into meetings to represent the customer. The “most important person in the room” that the company was ultimately serving.

Bezos is certainly a complex character. And some aren't his biggest fans. But one must admit he is very effective at running a customer-centric business.

He's publicly acknowledged and apologized for many mistakes his company has made. Rather than hiding behind the usual corporate damage control.

While scaling up the company, Bezos was aware of how peeving one person can cause a chain reaction.

On the internet, someone can write negative reviews that reach thousands of viewers. So it’s important to treat each customer interaction with the utmost care.

Bezos wants all Amazon team members to get into the mindset of customers. He’s even obliged thousands of managers at his company (and himself) to do two days at an Amazon call-center.

The company survived the bust of 2000. Then went on to become a global force in retail. As work-from-home gets more popular, Amazon's deliver-to-home does too.

To put it lightly, the strategy seems to be paying off.