Startups are built to grow. Stories and strategies from tech and beyond help you refine your offering into a must-have.

Kaizen stands for iterative improvement. It’s a sustainable, context-driven way to grow your business, streamline processes, and stay competitive. Who wouldn't want to Kaizen? 

In the 21st century, disruptive technologies threatened the core business of both Kodak and Fujifilm. As both companies faced the change, different mindsets determined their ultimate fate.

Don’t rely on outdated, impractical legacy workflow models. Go Kanban, a lean and effective method for improving workflow.

We’re more irrational and less in control of our decisions than we think. But there’s hope—becoming aware of our thought processes can bring reflection and change.

WeWork’s built an empire on the trend towards flexible workplaces. Now they’re aiming to disrupt life itself. Work’s changed, big time—will everything else follow suit?

User churn and retention are two metrics determining user behavior,  customer engagement, and the overall health of your business.

User onboarding is key for customer success. From initial walkthrough to every stage of the customer lifecycle, it’s all about showing value.

According to Clayton Christensen, when you bought a coffee this morning, you hired that beverage to help with the important task of waking up. Christensen's Jobs-to-Be-Done theory was unleashed nearly 30 years ago, yet its relevance is arguably even more significant today.