Tech and human society, and how they shape each other. Tracking the ever-evolving conversation about our conceptions of work, ethics, nature, and the future.

Setting high standards for ourselves is essential to earn the respect and trust of others and to create a quality life. However, in recent years, we may have become too obsessed with making every single aspect of our lives perfect.

Are you reaching 30, and realize you have not accomplished much? Many top psychologists warn today's 20-somethings to stop damaging their future career and relationships by treating critical years as “downtime”  before real life begins.

A new breakthrough could make your smartphone and electric vehicle (EV) battery last 8 times longer and could be the first big event in the clean energy revolution.

Physical activity produces endorphins (chemicals in the brain) that synchronize pleasure, mood and pain. An elevated mood can motivate students to overcome past failures and adopt new approaches to tackle challenges.

Amid an heightening global food crisis, Sir Richard Branson's involvement in futuristic solutions generates growing hunger for a more responsible food system.

Many are wary of AI and what it could mean for their livelihood and future. Could it bring fairness or oppression in the workplace? What does it really mean for you and I?

Despite a relatively healthy economy, empty storefronts, dead malls and shops being shuttered keep foreshadowing the imminent demise of retail as we know it. 

The increased efficiency and reduced costs achieved by robotic devices can create uncertainty regarding the labor market in a society focused on productivity.