Post-Cyber Week CRM Shake-Ups

Last Updated:Wednesday, February 14, 2024

This week on Funnel Frontier: Don't miss's event & Salesforce's Big Wins


crm post cyber week shakeups

This week, we’re going to be talking about:

  • Hold the fort, the Marketing Automation Report just dropped

  • aims to “elevate”

  • Salesforce struts, as is their custom


Stat of the Week 

Salespeople saw productivity gains of 14.6% from mobile CRM and 11.8% from social CRM, for a combined gain of 26.4%. (Nucleus Research)


Marketing automation market to 2x by 2030

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(Source: Liana)

Here comes a new report on the global market for marketing automation. 

The forecast? A vertigo-inducing $9.1 billion market size by 2030, up from an estimated $4.5 billion in 2022. That's a CAGR of 9.3%. 

TL;DR: Digital advertising is taking over the playground. And everything—from pandemic-accelerated e-commerce growth to the snazzy world of voice-based marketing and chatbots—is choreographed by data. 

As personalized UX and customer engagement demands increase, marketing automation steps up. Meanwhile, social media marketing has gone mainstream.

Some interest-piquing stats from the report:

  • The USA currently has a cool $1.3 billion piece of the pie, but China is hot on its heels with an 11.2% CAGR over the 2022-2030 forecast period (which would take it to $1.4 billion by 2030).

  • Germany’s forecasted for 8.8% CAGR, and Canada’s no slouch at 8%, nor is Japan (7.7%)

CRM vendors are featured among the key players in the report. 

You can skim highlights here.


Big Wednesday for 

On December 6th (that’s tomorrow),’s in for a big one. 

Wednesday’s the day the vendor’s Elevate NYC bash happens at Spring Studios in Lower Manhattan. 

They’ve got masterclasses, the requisite keynote, and cocktails—not a bad way to while away a wintry Wednesday. Registration for the masterclasses is full, but the rest of the event is free to customers who received an email invitation. 

Select sessions will be live-streamed on Elevate Online, hosted by monday presents. You can register for that here (yes, it’s free). 

In sync with the conference, the work management app invites all thee invested to Investor Day.

Tune in, for the webcast promises childlike enchantment and possibly a PowerPoint spell or two. Replay is included for the latecomers. 

You can register for Investor Day here (the event starts at 9:30 EST, Wednesday, December 6th).


The Week @

crm news


Voice Recognition Software. The best of speech-to-text—why type when you can talk? 

Evernote Alternatives. The OG of note-taking may not suit everyone.

Best Farm Management Software. Where tractors meet tracking apps, and soil analysis goes SaaS.

Odoo Alternatives. The Odoo-averse universe.

Goal Tracking Apps. Dreams into deadlines—because “I wish” should be “I did.”

Weekly Bloom 

Emotional Intelligence @ Work. Turns out emotional IQ might trump smart-smarts on the ladder of success.


Salesforce smiles at handsome Cyber Week + Q3 results

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The Force is basking in a double dose of pretty good news. 

The Cyber

In the digital shopping Thunderdome, Salesforce has declared record-breaking Cyber Week sales, up 6% globally YoY. 

Shoppers worldwide smashed that ‘buy’ button till it got sticky and broken, with a whopping $298 billion in sales. 

US consumers, not to be outdone, chipped in the lion’s share of $70.8 billion (up 5% YoY). 

And it turns out AI isn't just plotting to assimilate humanity—it also convinced customers to splurge $51 billion on AI-adjacent products.  

The Q3 

Capping the fiscal frenzy of Q3, Salesforce announced a better-than-expected $8.72 billion revenue. That’s a flex of 11% year-over-year growth, while subscription and support revenues pumped up to $8.14 billion. 

Some other highlights:

  • Professional services were down, dropping 4%

  • GAAP operating margin played it cool at 17.2%; the non-GAAP margin was a beefy 31.2%—all this despite restructuring nibbling at margins

  • Earnings per share? GAAP said $1.25, and non-GAAP boasted $2.11, both taking tiny hits from strategic investment losses

  • The cashflow game was strong, with Hulk-smashing 389% year-over-year growth and free cash flow bulking up by an eye-popping 1088%

*Sigh* Sorry to the haters, but this Force ain’t spent.


Tasty Tidbits

CRM blips from around the web

Pipedrive gets a new General Counsel. They’ve gone with Phillip Mellet, formerly SVP and General Counsel at digital insurance broker Healthpilot. 

Salesforce gives new time for Q3 Fiscal Year 2024 Results. One day early—after markets close on Wednesday, November 29th. 

Salesforce gives employees equity awards. The CRM behemoth, which acquired last month, granted them restricted stock units.

B2B event marketing platform Vendelux gains $16 Million+ in new venture capital. FirstMark Capital led the way, injecting $14 Million in Series A investment. 


Stocks of the Week

Significant Moves (11/27-12/01)



Close Price

HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS)

+50.33 (10.79%)

516.97 USD

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM)

+34.70 (15.40%)

260.00 USD

*Figures are for the previous week (11/27/23-12/01/23); price calculated at the close of markets on Friday, December 1st. We look at publicly listed CRM-related vendors only. This is not financial advice, and we make no claims on the accuracy of these figures.


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