Leadership and vulnerability aren’t mutually exclusive. Opening up can be powerful. Being present and courageous with your team can motivate and inspire.

Human attention spans are dwindling. According to new research, that might not be a bad thing. Here’s how to work and chill in the multi-screen era.  


Life moves fast and relaxin’ doesn’t come easy. With distracting devices cumulating a significant amount of stress who knew they could be a place for meditation and focus too? Over 1 million people supposedly – all subscribers of popular meditation app, Headspace. 

An increasing amount of research points towards utilizing stress to combat stress. It’s all about perspective and ok, some balance and good health too. 

Ari Meisel runs a 7 figure business on 5.5 hours of work a day, oh yeah, and he also beat Crohn's Disease. How? With the Art of Less Doing. 

Think of your career as an epic journey. It’s never too late to learn essential career lessons most people don’t learn until too late in life.

How do you make the right decisions? Jeff Bezos relates decisions to doors. Richard Branson advises to uncover and remove any decisions' "hidden warts", and Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth, believes there are three key attributes of good decision-making: impact, complexity, and reversibility. 

Every person has an innate ability that is unique to them. That ability is like a fingerprint -- lots of people can carry the same ability but the way they use it is what makes them unique.