Kustomer Ups Its Omnichannel Powers With Instagram Messaging

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Michael Scheiner

Kustomer is the customer service CRM that emphasizes communication and customer satisfaction over impersonal ticketing systems. Now, Kustomer users can add Instagram Messaging to their platform to help keep brands, customers, and influencers more connected.

As omni as it gets

Omnichannel communication is one of the cornerstones of providing an excellent customer experience. When a customer needs to get in touch with a company or brand, there should be as few limitations as possible. They should be able to communicate any time, anywhere, and above all, on any platform. 

One of the most impressive CRMs for customer service recently has been Kustomer. Kustomer has always had a unique customer-first approach to CRM and support, emphasizing more natural conversations over administrative ticketing. And… Kustomer is continuously expanding the avenues where those conversations take place.

So in October 2020, the CRM world just got another Kustomer news flash: A new integration with Instagram Messaging. 

When your Insta is out in the cold

This is huge, as there are actually quite a small number of CRMs that allow reps to interact with users over Instagram through a third-party platform like Kustomer. Typically, the simplest way for other customer service agents to communicate over Instagram was by picking up a mobile phone and opening the Instagram app. Not very professional indeed.

On top of that, when a team of customer support reps had to work through the Instagram platform, they were burdened with all sorts of limitations. Firstly, Instagram has no tools to let companies track things like SLAs and other KPIs. This meant squandered data, opportunities lost, and potentially dissatisfied customers. 

Secondly, there is simply no feasible way to scale up a customer service operation like this. There are only so many reps operating so many mobile devices before one has to wonder, is there not a better solution?

Well, there is now, and it's with Kustomer.

The Kustomer-Instagram connection

One dashboard to talk with them all

Customer support departments using Kustomer can now see and interact with their brand's Instagram followers using the Kustomer dashboard. It follows the intuitive single timeline view, where Instagram interactions are neatly filed in order with interactions from other platforms. 

Brands can see all interactions with their content. Reps can respond to direct messages, @mentions, and even Instagram stories from within the Kustomer dashboard.

Smarter support, better CX 

It's more than a smooth integration of one messaging and chat service among others. Kustomer lets service departments turn Instagram into a productivity and efficiency machine. 

It brings in AI automation to perform things like intelligent routing, which can reduce the number of steps in connecting an Instagram user with the information, agent, or solution they need. 

With Kustomer, Instagram can also be leveraged into a robust quality control and analytics tool. You can set and manage service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure each customer gets the attention they need without delays. Other key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tracked and analyzed for insights, like complaint spikes or average resolution times. 

The ol' Kanopy breakdown

On top of this big Instagram announcement, it's worth going over the core features of Kustomer.

Basic communication

Kustomer has always aimed for omnichannel communication. Before the big Instagram news, it already unified most of the main communication channels into their single comms dashboard. These already included: email, web and mobile chat, SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.

The dashboard is a single timeline view. It shows all engagements and communications in chronological order, no matter from which platform they originated. It can also include things for ecommerce stores like purchase orders, payment information, and shipping details. Otherwise, it can display details like website visits.

Then there are what Kustomer calls Insights Cards. These cards can be tacked on, so to speak, to a customer profile, company profile, or a conversational thread. They do more than simply display extra information about a customer or a deal. They can be used as buttons that take specific actions, like send a follow-up, refund credit, or reship an item.

The AI advantage

Kustomer leverages AI to give reps insights into their customers. Natural language processing can read and understand customer communication. With this, it can do sentiment analysis, route the customer to the right agent or department, or offer predictions as to a customer's future actions.

Everything that takes place within the Kustomer platform creates data for analysis and reporting. Combining data from all channels, Kustomer can give instant insights into customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). It can also track the performance of individual support reps or whole teams. 

When it comes to AI-aided self-service, Kustomer has some useful tools. You get a natural language chatbot that streamlines complaint triage. These chatbots can recognize common issues and redirect customers to the self-service knowledge base, which can resolve up to 40% of incoming issues.

There is an interactive voice response (IVR) tool. It's like a chatbot but for the telephone. Customers can speak in ordinary language and based on their answers, the automated phone response will present some options. This also speeds up the triage and narrows down the possibilities of the next steps.

On top of all the added efficiency that Kustomer's tech brings to support, the use of AI, NLP, chatbots, and IVR all lighten the load on the human customer support staff. This only further helps them do their job in assisting users with more complicated problems, leading to more satisfied customers.

Kustomer's Insta Access

The inclusion of Instagram solidifies Kustopmer's position as one of the best omnichannel customer service CRMs. The truth is, without Instagram in the mix, brands will always be missing out on a massive slice of the public's attention.

As Brad Birnbaum, founder, and CEO of Kustomer, puts it, Instagram has "more than a billion active users worldwide, a thriving influencer community, and the ability to instantly engage with consumers," adding that this integration will be "a real opportunity for companies to significantly boost revenue and cement stronger relationships." 

Remember, not every CRM or communication dashboard with aspirations of maximal multichannel abilities has yet to earn the keys to Instagram's castle. Birnbaum points to Kustomer's now privileged access: "We are honored to be one of the premier CRM partners to deliver seamless messaging integration on Instagram."

We're sure it's more than good fortune that landed Kustomer that Instagram integration. The real reason behind this news is likely Kustomer's clean, easy, but powerful platform for delivering premium customer service. Now, why wouldn't Instagram not want to be a part of that?