amoCRM Boosts Sales With Messages

Thursday, April 23, 2020
Michael Zunenshine

Step aside email and phone conversations, there’s a new form of communication in town and you’re probably already aware of it, it’s called messaging. Already the new normal for most, texting and chat-based forms of communication is where more and more of the action is happening. 

It’s now more important than ever for businesses to adopt the messenger communication channel as an improved method for spreading brand awareness and connecting with more leads.

amoCRM is the first messenger-based sales CRM software that helps reps utilize smart, timely, and personalized messaging to gather and nurture new leads through the sales funnel to ultimately close more deals. This marketing automation SaaS is well-suited to the needs of small business, but also has the potential to help organizations of any size leverage texting as the new hot space of marketing.

Delivering valuable content

Despite most people abandoning email and phone as their main forms of communication, not every brand is running full steam ahead into message-based sales. Why not? There are some good reasons for that—perhaps the biggest deterrence is this notion of yet another invasion of the commercial into personal life. Yet, if examined closer, the real fear is not the war of commercial vs personal but the war against unwanted spam.

The reality is, brands are a part of our lives and the separation between commercial and personal is slim to none, to begin with. If we can ensure the messages we receive are valuable to us, this fine line between commercial and personal can in fact be what is making modern commerce more personal, relevant, and simply better in terms of providing individuals with valued products and customer experiences. 

So the worries of the commercial versus the personal are perhaps misplaced. The real barrier should come between relevant content versus unwanted spam.  

This is what makes amoCRM a pioneer in the messenger app field. With the platform’s heavy focus on providing sales teams with the best message communication platform, reps can leverage all the personalized data from a CRM system to network in the most common and least cluttered space, while ensuring that no outreach attempt falls to the lowly levels of unwanted spam.

amoCRM features

While amoCRM’s message-based approach is what sets it apart from the crowd, the platform covers all the basic CRM and business features too—like pipeline management, team communication, and sales analytics. 

The platform works off the cloud, and there’s also a mobile app for Apple and Android (the mobile app also includes a handy business card scanner). 

The look and feel of amoCRM are incredibly simple, with an equally simple onboarding process. And yet the tools are anything but simple in their capabilities.


Your inbox and outreach

The platform brings together almost every major instant messaging platform, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, and more. All incoming messages to any of these channels arrive in one unified inbox inside the amoCRM dashboard from where they can be sorted and answered. New contacts can also be turned into amoCRM leads through integrations with sites like LinkedIn and Unbounce.

With integrations, you can also use amoCRM to make phone calls, use a VoIP app, do call recording, manage lead and web forms, and even process payments.

As soon as a new lead begins a chat, amoCRM automatically creates a contact card for them in the CRM. The platform grabs as much available data to fill out their card. Afterward, you can always access a total activity history with each contact from a single feed.

Message-based communication may be the focus for amoCRM but good old-fashioned email hasn’t been totally pushed aside. The platform does email integration two-way syncing with any provider, starting with (but not limited to) Microsoft's Outlook and Google's Gmail—capturing more details from email signatures too. There is also integration with MailChimp and other email apps to manage email marketing campaigns, which helps gather and log data from email interactions into amoCRM.


Lead management through the pipeline

Of course, message-based marketing alone might make amoCRM a single solid tool, but this is still a more total platform with other advanced features.

amoCRM’s pipeline and task management toolset are fully automatic-ready. When leads have begun a chat, they are entered into the pipeline, which is set to trigger responding actions to their behavior.

For example, if a lead clicks through a link, a trigger sends an auto-chat response or will notify a rep to reach out. If a lead has gone silent for a number of days, a targeted social media ad—like on Facebook—can be triggered to land in their feed.

amoCRM’s digital sales pipeline can automatically move leads through stages, which then notify the responsible rep. The pipeline further saves reps time by displaying instant overviews whenever they log on as to where each lead is, and what steps need to be taken next to move each along.



A big part of making the most out of message-based communication comes from efficiency, and the chatbot is a fantastic tool to help out here, especially with customer support. Chatbots field the easier-to-respond incoming messages, leaving room for humans to deal with the tougher stuff.

The amoCRM chatbot builder requires zero coding knowledge. It is built on natural language processing (NLP) which is a core component of what we call AI, which helps the computer recognize human communication and can quickly find relevant pre-written responses to match customer questions.

Aside from serving as a customer support help-desk and FAQ tool, the amoCRM chatbot can also take on simple tasks, like scheduling an appointment, freeing up more rep time from secretarial work. Finally, these chatbots are smart enough to know when they are out of their league and will pass to a human rep without missing a beat.


Internal communication

amoCRM has a built-in internal messaging tool too. It’s for teams and companies to communicate with each other inside the same platform, right alongside their client outreach. The idea is to keep as much day-to-day action inside one dashboard and app.

When you send a message, your teammate can get a notification on their mobile device and answer from there, or within the amoCRM platform. This tool also makes it easy to invite a teammate to jump in with you on a case, for example, if you think your coworker has the right tools to help resolve an issue or make a sale.


All about stats

amoCRM shows you how many leads were won and lost within a given time period, including the average lead life-cycle plus the ability to see how quickly your team responds to incoming messages from new leads.

Analytics can drill down into the pipeline, showing how many leads are in which stage at a given time, or which stage sees the most dropouts. Regarding your internal team, you can check out stats by individual rep (like how many leads they have at the moment), by group or team, or even by a specific field (like product type or volume). 

amoCRM sales analytics even offers features for sales forecasting and expected revenues.



Just because amoCRM puts its niche-foot forward with its message-based sales tool (and other specific features) doesn't mean one should discount its capacity to handle the bulk of CRM and workflow automation tasks. 

That just makes its price tag all the more enticing. There are three tiers going for $15, $25 and $45 per user/per month, billed annually. Depending on your company's size and needs, it's not hard to pick the plan that offers the best value for money.

The main difference between packages is the number of contacts and the amount of storage one gets, as well as various customization features. There are a handful of other specific tools available to the more premium packages, like lead scoring, KPI plans, and sales forecasting.

To boldly message where no rep has messaged before

Message-based forms of communication are faster to write and send, and quicker to be opened and read. They combine the ease-of-use of an email with the instantaneousness of a call. It’s a place many people consider free of useless content and annoying spam—where only trusted and worthwhile communication takes place.

Soon every single outreach platform will rush into the messenger zone, but for now, amoCRM is ahead of the curve. By leveraging contact management data, smart automated workflow triggers, and a bunch of other collaborative and analytical tools, it helps guarantee reps will use messaging wisely and efficiently.